3 Tips to Choose the Best Premature Ejaculation Treatment for You

Looking for the perfect premature ejaculation treatment for you? This article will show you three things you may want to consider before making your purchase.

I think that to really but really help people you gotta make things clear and don’t use difficult words when things can be told in much easier ways.

That’s my style, straight to the point like my premature ejaculation treatments. No fluff, just powerful methods that really works in the real world with real girlfriends.

I know how crap premature ejaculation feels…

There’s nothing good about feeling embarrassed in front of your partner (if you’re lucky enough to have one with that condition!) or even your date.

It feels like deep shit.

I remember that when talking to a girl it was like I could already see the failure in my mind. It was like if an annoying voice inside me would say: “you know you’re gonna disappoint her, just forget about it…”

I worked my ass out to cure my premature ejaculation and learn how to last longer, I tried all sort of premature ejaculation treatments, from pills to exercises and I found that in a way… no cure was perfect.

If I were to brag I could tell you that “The 47 hour premature ejaculation cure” is a miracle cure for premature ejaculation and that when you finish reading it, you’ll feel so confident you can easily chat up hot girls anytime anywhere and give your girlfriend or date multiple screaming orgasms that will put you in the hall of fame of boyfriends…

Now, listen to me, you don’t need to buy my premature ejaculation cure, maybe it isn’t the best option for you, so at least even if you don’t buy it, keep in mind those tips when choosing a premature ejaculation treatment.

1) Speed: How long does it take?

You’ll hardly find premature ejaculation treatments that will specifically tell you how long it will take for it to permanently cure your premature ejaculation.


First of all because it’s too risky!

If someone would tell me their treatment would cure me in 5 days and then the 6th day at 00.01 I’d still have premature ejaculation, I would certainly send them a polite email saying: “Dude, what the f*** is going on?”

Second reason why you’ll hardly find a premature ejaculation treatment that tells you exactly how long it takes to overcome premature ejaculation is because most of these people have got no clue whatsoever how long it’ll take! Or if they do, it’s probably in the order of 9-10 months and they know you’ll run away from their product when you realize that.

Even though, honestly 9-10 months to permanently stop premature ejaculation is not too bad. I wish it took me that little time…

In my case, a mix of exercises, pelvic floor treatment and self-confidence program took me a total of 18 months.

Did you say 18 months? That’s a lot!

Yes, if I calculate how long it took me from when I would come in my pants by kissing my girl to when I was able to thrust fast and hard no stop for 30-40 minutes in total control.

Why did these premature ejaculation treatments take me so long?

It’s all due to the fact that most premature ejaculation books are not organized in an incremental way, but they’re simply a salad of old school exercises and you gotta create your own program by yourself.

Creating my own program by myself??? Yes, that’s right!

Most “authors” have got no idea how to sincerely help you: “hmm I can’t give you a program because everyone’s different….”


Everyone is different and can adapt the program to their needs, feedback and results but the deep fundamental principles are the same for everyone and work for everyone!

It’s all about knowing the physical and mental principles that give you control in bed…

the 47 hour premature ejaculation cureIf my training program “The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” is now able to help men permanently overcome premature ejaculation in only 3 months (for a total 47 hour training) it’s just because with years of practice and experience I’ve figure out shortcuts and found those crucial exercises that build the blocks of your stamina, and even more importantly I’ve put them in a unique sequence that accelerate results.

Most premature ejaculation treatments will probably be able to give you this kind of mastery only after a long time.

2) How do they attack the problem?

Most premature ejaculation books don’t consider the mental aspect of premature ejaculation and give you no inner game at all.

Imagine to feel confident in your mind when you’re with her in the bedroom. Wouldn’t that make a big difference? Touching her with confidence, breathing deeply, and stand like a man while she explores down there…

Yes, that’s possible, that is in fact my reality now.

But there’s no way you can get that control with only physical exercises. Geez man, your mind is much more powerful than your body! You gotta build a confident image of yourself in your head and practice a few other simple tricks that will allow the physical part of the workout to actually generate results.

I don’t know mate, maybe I’m a dreamer.

But I really think every man should have the right to enjoy sex for as long and as hard as their “heart” desire.

Let me tell you a story…

When I was living in Europe I met a great pelvic floor specialist. This guy was a genius. He really helped me cure my premature ejaculation with a set of pelvic floor exercises I’ve never heard of.

Sure, everyone has heard of kegels. I’m sure even my grandpa knew about them, but thing is that this guy showed me how kegel exercises, in the way they are usually taught are only the tip of a huge iceberg.

This specialist’s approach speed up my improvements and following his exercises I found myself cured much faster.

I’ve re-organized these pelvic floor training in “The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” and put it in the same order I’ve been taught them.

No matter what you won’t find this pelvic training in any other book, at least in English.

Most premature ejaculation treatments are purely based on physical edging, recognizing your point of no return and squeezing glans, perineum or whatever.

Honestly, I prefer use my hands to squeeze her body instead of squeezing my penis, that’s so 1998.

Make sure the premature ejaculation treatment you choose attacks the problem from both a physical (hands-free pelvic floor mastery), arousal (all possible types of edging can help with this) and mental (beliefs and confidence) point of view.

Let’s look at pills for example.

There are premature ejaculation pills that surely help you give a better performance, but the problem is that of course you don’t want to get addicted to pills, do you?

You can use supplements just as a temporary solution while you teach your body how to last longer, but then you gotta drop them man. You can’t keep buying them for 40 years, at the beginning it’s fine, if they make you feel more confident and help you fill the gap of the training period, but you need to slowly use less pills and more natural exercise.

Pills of course have a chemical approach to premature ejaculation. It’s the kind of treatment that doesn’t involve any mental improvement of any kind.

By taking pills sure you may experience quick results that in turn will make you more confident for the moment but the confidence you experience is linked to the pills and not to your body, which is not cool dude.

So make sure you get a premature ejaculation treatment that involves empowering your mind (by making you mentally stronger, tougher and self-confident) and empowering your body (by raising your ejaculatory threshold, create awareness of your arousal patterns and balancing your pelvic floor).

3) Do they guide you?

One of the reasons that motivated me to write “The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” was the fact that people kept emailing me asking for day by day exercises…

No one else in the world gives you a day by day program. And if by the time you read this article you’ll find one, it’s because they have copied me.

I created the first ever training program to permanently cure premature ejaculation and when I mean training program, I’m talking about:

– Training: dead easy mental and physical tasks organized in a unique optimized sequence designed and tested to guarantee results.

– Program: day by day instructions. The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure tells you exactly what to do for 90 days of training. Note that it’s really common for people to stop before 90 days because they achieve their goal along the way.

Now, of course the program I give you is flexible and you can adapt it to your needs, to the feedback your body gives you and to the results you get, but imagine the sense of comfort and security a daily program may give you.

I built it this way to give you more confidence and even motivation to persevere during those tough days while you don’t feel like practicing. So make sure that whatever premature ejaculation treatment you decide to buy it guides you from premature ejaculation to total stamina and control.

In the end it’s all up to you

We hear these stories all the time, women cheating on guys that don’t satisfy them in bed. Try to see things from their point of view… there are so many guys out there very skilled in bed, there are men able to give your girlfriend orgasms with intercourse… and maybe take her for so long she comes two, three times…

We can’t blame it on our girlfriends, they want pleasure and feel like a woman. It’s our responsibility to make them feel as such and get them so happy in bed they can’t even think of any other men.

Buy a premature ejaculation treatment today, you don’t need to buy mine, but take action my friend, really take action today.

To permanently stop premature ejaculation with my powerful training program check The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure (which comes with full 24/7 support if you have questions and need advice with specific exercises)

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