18 Best Rabbit Vibrators – Knee Melting Sex Toys

Technology can be fascinating, complicated, and terrifying, to be honest. Every once in a while though, modern ingenuity steps up for the betterment of all humanity. I’m not talking solar panels or cancer-fighting drugs, people. This is much, much more important.

I’m talking rabbit vibrators.

Stick with me here. Everybody needs orgasms. Science backs this up– people who climax strongly and regularly get sick less, are less depressed, and have a more positive outlook on life. Sex is vital to our health! More and better sex is key to a joyful life- and getting a little help can be fun.

Rabbit vibrators are cleverly designed devices that stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, and allow for phenomenal release in even the most difficult to climax. Test drive one of these sleek little wonders and it’ll leave you questioning why you haven’t done this ages ago. Rabbit vibrators- so named for the sleek paired ‘ears’ that caress your clitoris- are an effective solution to a harrowing problem. And so much fun!

They’re hot for couple play too. Putting on a show for your partner with a rabbit vibrator is erotic in the extreme- you get to show them your inner porn star, and they get to be the hot, dirty voyeur.

A good partner will drool at the sight of you in the throes of passion, and men in general love the idea of tools. What’s not to like about this? Bonding, theatre, and multiple orgasms galore! Better have pizza delivery on speed dial, because rabbit vibrators will make you build up an appetite again and again…and again!

In the interest of the greater good of humanity, we’ve sussed out the 18 best rabbit vibrators in the world. All are fantastic in their own way, so you’re sure to find your perfect Cinderella slipper match. Three cheers for fireworks and better health!

Tip: For more creative ways to incorporate one of these beauties into your love life, check out our free and easy guide: How to Use a Vibrator – The Lifesaving Guide We Were too Lazy to Sell.

18) Eve’s Sexy Things Rabbit

A ribbed shaft in sturdy yet soft TPR crowns this powerful and pleasurable tool. Dual motors power a 7 speed rabbit and a 5 speed rotating shaft beads. SO much fullness, with so much stimulation all at once, everywhere! Whoa. This baby can be extremely strong and a little noisy, but so is the Incredible Hulk. It’ll leave you as devastated as New York City after an alien invasion (but a lot happier, and with less structural damage).

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eves sexy things rabbit

17) Wild G-Spot Vibrator

So very, very hot. With a mind bending twist on regular rabbit vibrators, this one has an extra ‘ear’ for super-intense clitoral stimulation. Designed specifically to maximize internal contact with your G-spot, the rotating shaft features delightful shifting pleasure pearls and a slickly angled tip. If you’re looking for a great time and loooove clit play, this is definitely the vibrator you’re looking for. It’s a little loud, but you will be too.

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wild g spot vibrator

16) My First Jack Rabbit Vibrator

My First Jack Rabbit Vibrator is a nice, solid performer if you’re looking for those good vibrations and simple controls. The jelly ears are particularly luxurious when slicked up with lube, and the easy to use controls make multiple orgasms a reality! Pack a snack…you might be holed up with this rabbit longer than you ever expected.

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california exotic my first jack rabbit vibrator

15) Wet Wabbit Vibrator

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet…we’re hunting wabbits! In this case it’s a clever combination of waterproof jelly and quiet power. A pretty standout in rich blue, the Wet Wabbit fills your empty spaces with three phases of rotation and three vibration speeds. Prepare for naughty bath time fun with this upgraded tub toy. It’s a little hard on batteries, but I bet that you’ll be hard on it too.

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wet wabbit vibrator

14) Intensifi Bendable Rabbit Vibe

What’s not to love about a toy that can tailor to your precise anatomy? The flexible shaft on the Intensifi gives you new, delicious angles to experiment with on your way to heaven. Silky-soft silicone ears caress your nub irresistibly while you explore the ten vibration functions. Very, very well named indeed: this is a toy that will intensify everything you feel, and make you feel it over and over again.

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intensifi bendable rabbit vibe

13) Jack Rabbit Vibrator

One of the original models made popular by Sex and the City, the Jack Rabbit is a classic good time with a fantastic price. Sleek, sturdy, quiet, and reliable- if only everything were this dependable! Ready for a realistically veined shaft and lots of intense stimulation? Pour yourself a Cosmo and slip on your Jimmy Choos, because you’re about to hit the big time. Power, power, power! With three C batteries, Jack can deliver the goods no matter what.

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jack rabbit vibrator

12) Pipedream Classic Rabbit Pearl 7” Waterproof Vibrator

Sleek, with a wider shaft and rotating pleasure pearls, this vibrator is a hard working miracle. Perfectly balanced and with a glorious rotating jelly head, this vibrator is a glorious ride and an awesome investment in your own pleasure.

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pipedream classic rabbit pearl vibrator

11) Joplin Lust L16

If modern art and primal desire had a love child, it would be the Jopen Lust L16. Smooth and sleekly shaped, this rabbit is designed to deliver the goods every time. Five functions with incremental controls can build you up at whatever rate you wish, for endless ecstasy! Featuring a USB charge lasting over two hours, you can explore every sexy combination possible. Prepare to experience a new favorite way to cum, because this is toe-curling technology at its best.

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jopen lust l16 usb rechargeable rabbit vibrator

10) Posh Silicone Bounding Bunny

Upping the ante with variations and options, the Bounding Bunny’s dual motors pleasure you with ten modes each. Ten! That’s enough variety of vibration, pulsation, and patterns to later you up and put you away wet every day of the week, with adventures to spare! Satiny silicone warms quickly to skin temperature and coats a shaft perfectly angled for merciless, toe-curling pressure on your G-spot. A particularly good choice if you have hand or wrist issues, this sweet indulgence is especially lightweight and easy to use.

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posh silicone bounding bunny

9) 50 Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

A sinful vision in matte black silicone, this rabbit vibrator will inspire you to write your own steamy novels. With better grammar. Like Christian Grey himself, this large, insatiable toy doesn’t come cheap – but it’s probably worth the investment. No worries about batteries here, a two hour USB charge ensures at least 60 to 90 minutes of constant hot action. Hold on for dear life, the vibrations are immensely strong on all three bunny speeds.

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fifty shades of grey greedy girl g spot rabbit vibrator

8) Adam & Eve’s G3 Massager

This is a premium vibrator: USB charging, waterproof, and in velvety soft silicone. Describing the ride on this beauty is like watching race car reviews on Top Gear. Words like ‘torque” and “horsepower’ should potentially be involved, perhaps even a five-point harness. It charges unbelievably quickly and cycles through 7 speeds on each of its 3 motors incredibly easily. The speeds on this toy will blow your mind.

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adam eves the g massager

7) Rabbit Habit

The pride and joy of Vibratex, Inc, and for damn good reason. Quiet but oh so effective! Between the perfect vibrating clit stimulator and the slickly smooth rotating beads in the shaft, this will finish you off and bring you back to life again. Not only mind blowing for the multiple rotation and vibration settings, this bad boy doubles down with five different earth shattering patterns. Maybe you should book some time off when this beauty arrives on your doorstep. You might need it to catch up on your sleep!

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rabbit habit

6) The Very Wide Rabbit Vibrator

Want an experience that’ll leave you weak in the knees? Look no further, insatiable size queens! Here we go, somebody has reached into your wildest fantasies and pulled out a truly massive specimen for your pleasure! The Very Wide Rabbit Vibrator has a toe-curling 2.5” diameter and a motor that’ll rock your world and rattle your teeth. This is an outstanding toy and a delicious challenge!

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the very wide rabbit vibrator

5) Evolved Wild Orchid Vibrator

For long-lasting pleasure, you can hardly go wrong with this intense and luxurious vibrator. USB rechargeable, it’ll hold a powerful charge for 1 to 2 hours straight…you’ll be completely finished before it is! Take it into the bath or shower for some glorious upgraded personal time, because it’s completely waterproof. With an amazing smooth silicone finish, the Wild Orchid is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an uber-premium toy built to last. Almost silent and utterly deadly!

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evolved wild orchid vibrator

4) Thrusting Jack Rabbit Vibrator

The Thrusting Jack Rabbit is the sexy epicenter of a whole lot of personal earthquakes. Three independent motors combine vibration, rotation, and a knee-melting thrusting action. It’s practically a workout on its own! With 7 independent speeds for each action, it’s a delightful fantasy with never-ending combinations of sensual stimulation. Though quietly efficient, this perfect wet dream can be a challenge for smaller women.

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california exotic thrusting jack rabbit

3) The Kinky Bunny

Sweet swooping curves and tooth rattling power galore here! Seamlessly smooth silicone caresses your clit and G-spot with two motors and 12 vibration patterns. With a zippy USB rechargeable power source you’ll never have to worry about scrambling for batteries at the worst moment. This toy is hot, slick, and It. Wants. YOU.

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kinky bunny

2) Rose Petal Rabbit Vibrator

Uniquely shaped, this insatiable number not only rotates and vibrates- it has an intoxicating sucking action on your clit thanks to the special attachment. With deeply powerful vibrations and smoothly luxurious silicone, the Rose Petal Rabbit Vibrator will leave you shaky in the knees. A little dab of lube on the rose tip is your ticket to endless orgasms!

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the rose petal rabbit vibrator

1) Vanity Rabbit Vibrator

And our winner… Jopen has produced a high quality luxury ride of pitiless pleasure. Incredibly powerful and sleek, this vibrator has quality written all over it. Realistically soft in peachy-smooth silicone, the flexible shaft is customizable to just about any body type. Even better, this model needs no batteries- a USB charger lets this insatiable toy to chase your fantasies for almost 2 hours straight without recharge.

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vanity rabbit vibrator

These are fantastic voyages into intense pleasure, so give them a try and take a trip down the rabbit hole. You may end up as mussed and flustered as Alice in Wonderland herself! That being said, if you’re looking for a specific delight, check out our three picks for specialty interests:

Best Rabbit Vibrator For An All Over Experience

At #2, the Rose Petal Vibrator completely knocks you off your feet. Yummy enough with incredible vibrations and sensual rotation, the slick clit sucking action will blow your mind!

Best Rabbit Vibrator As First Time Investment

Look no further than #13 on our list, the classic Jack Rabbit. It’s been on the market since 1998 and has a proven track record of hot, consistent action.

Best Rabbit Vibrator For Intense Sensations

Vibratex takes this prize with their Very Wide Rabbit Vibrator (#6 on our list). This is a delightfully thick tool that you’ll need to work up to- but the incredibly intense orgasms are so worth the effort!

Given the wild versatility and toe-curling power of these rabbit vibrators, it’s hard to make a bad choice.

All you have to do is find a comfy spot at home, break out the lube, and go wild with these sweet, fierce little tools. They do all the hard work for you- and really, that’s what technology is for, right?

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