Dry Vagina? Here’s why!

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A dry vagina is depressing, and it doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes you can be in the mood, everything has gone right, you’ve got the place to yourselves, and suddenly, BAM! You’re hung out to dry – quite literally.

It’s not good news for you, and it’s not good for your partner either. It’s undermining and frankly upsetting to think that you don’t do it for your partner. Whether you’ve been together a few days or a few years, the signs that you are not getting turned on can lead to a storm in your relationship. Sex keeps you close, and when that intimacy is gone, it can affect other parts of your life.

Well, don’t panic. A dry vagina doesn’t mean your relationship is at an end, or that sex will be forever painful. There are physical reasons why your lady parts can be drier than a thousand year old Egyptian mummy. So let’s take them one at a time.

A Dry Vagina Can Be A Sign Of Illness, Medicines Or An Unhealthy Lifestyle

No part of you is going to be healthy if you lead a lifestyle that involves zero vitamins, liquid or exercise. A dry vagina beckons the couch potato. If you base your diet around junk food, and your exercise involves sitting on your backside with an occasional reach for the TV remote, you are going to see it in your body’s output. An unhealthy lifestyle makes itself known on your skin. It breeds spots, greyness, and wrinkles. Don’t forget that your vagina is made of skin!

That said, you can be as healthy as a horse, but if you are taking medicines a dry vagina can be a side effect. Cold and flu remedies are known to dry you out, as do hay-fever cures. There’s a dry vagina for all seasons. Get some lube!

Shower Gel Can Cause A Dry Vagina

Chemical irritants, such as harsh shower gel, kill off all the healthy stuff, leaving an imbalance on the skin’s surface. Try to avoid antibiotic ingredients, such as tea tree or lavender, which are renowned for causing dry skin.
You might find that that your laundry soap is causing a problem too. All kinds of allergies exist, because cleansing chemicals are not friendly to intimate body areas.

Changes In Your Cycle Cause A Dry Vagina

And we’re not talking bikes. Most women suffer some form of hormonal shifts during menstruation. One symptom of this shift is, you’ve guessed it, a dry vagina. It happens, but you can’t always tell when it will leave you red-faced and chafed.

Menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding all take their toll too. It’s hard being a girl! These life events cause low levels of oestrogen, which means less lubrication and more vaginal dryness. It’s probably your body’s natural way of saying ‘do not procreate!’ but we can ignore that with decent contraception.

The Chameleon Dry Vagina – Who Knows When She’ll Change.

Sometimes a vagina has a mind of her own, and it can feel like she’s harbouring a grudge. ‘I did everything right’ you say ‘and I’m not taking any medicine?’ ‘Tough luck’ your vagina replies.

Sometimes psychological reasons can cause a problem. Perhaps you’re worried that your vagina will be drier than a parched skeleton. You know when you’re nervous and your mouth goes dry? It’s the same thing down there! Nervousness leads to, yep, vaginal dryness. Take the worry out of sex by investing a decent lube such as HerSolution Gel which lubricates you with natural ingredients. It even claims to increase blood-flow to vaginal and clitoral regions. Perfect for when you’ve had such a long day that you fall asleep during foreplay. We’ve all been there, don’t be embarrassed! HerSolution Gel may get you in the mood, fast. A bedside drawer addition you’ll be thankful for!

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