Premature Ejaculation and The Evolution of Sex

In the animal world, sex is purely for reproductive purposes.

Most animals have intercourse that only lasts a few seconds. Our ancestors the chimpanzees – that share more than 98% of our DNA – have 3 second intercourse! All right, so maybe some porn-star chimps make it to 5 seconds, but it’s still pretty quick. Isn’t it?

Perhaps the reason why many men can’t have sex for more than a few moments is in some way linked to this. You know, it’s a natural thing. Nature wants you to survive and thrive, it wants your species to procreate and evolve – basically, it wants you to f**k .

Premature Ejaculation in Prehistoric Times

But in prehistoric times the environment was full of dangers; a lion could have ambushed you at anytime, or you could have noticed that your prehistoric girlfriend was really hairy… There were wild animals and no Brazilian wax , things were complicated and you needed to be quick if you wanted your genes to be transmitted to the next generation.

Our environment has changed since then, there aren’t lions around (unless you decide to get down and dirty at the zoo ) and we now enjoy sex in the comfort of our own homes, but our bodies are still the same as those of the prehistoric men and women.

So, have homo-sapiens stopped evolving then?

No. They haven’t.
Comparing our bodies to the people that lived thousands of years ago,
you might not notice many physical differences, but there is an evolution process going on, even if an invisible and subtle one. This evolution is taking place within our consciousness and mind.
Human beings are awakening to the power they have to turn their lives around using their minds, they are becoming conscious of themselves as living species on this planet and some of them are becoming aware of the power that sexual energy has to transform their lives.

But Deon, how is all of this connected to sex?

The evolution of our consciousness and inner power has given us the choice of having sex purely for pleasure. You can’t choose if you are unconscious because your unawareness makes you blind to the possibility of choice .
Awareness and choice go together like two perfectly toned ass cheeks; no awareness, no choice.

Thousands of years ago we started making love for pleasure, now we wear condoms or take birth control pills and 99% of our sex is just for the fun of it rather than for procreation. Imagine if every time you’ve had sex in your life you had procreated someone… Geeeez! How many kids would I have by now?

So let’s start with this in mind. Given that you’re not having sex to procreate, you’re having it for pleasure. Sex is not a means of impressing your partner – whether you are a man or a woman. And I know that for a man it’s quite easy to fall into this trap. Sex is about pleasure. That’s it.

The Future of Premature Ejaculation

If you happen to meet Doc from “Back to the Future” you should definitely ask to be taken for a trip to prehistoric times.
As a quick ejaculator, you’d have a few advantages living back then.

1) You would be able to fertilize a woman quickly

2) You could fertilize many women

3) You could fertilize a woman even if a leopard was around the corner

4) You could quickly fertilize a woman at the second attempt if the first hadn’t “gone through”

5) You could quickly fertilize someone else’s woman

Your genes would be safe and you’d be a happy man.

Men used to envy quick ejaculators because they were the ones with the largest amount of offspring, biggest tribe and the most power, and maybe because they used to screw all the women so quickly that no one was ever able to see them doing it!

If instead you’re curious and can’t help yourself but ask super Doc to be taken to the future you’d find your quick ejaculation skills quite out of place.

In a world where kids become a less and less popular option, your quick ejaculation is only useful to clean your prostate.

You’d have the cleanest prostate in the world, but nothing more.

As a consequence of the evolution you’d notice that everyone in the future is naturally able to consciously control their ejaculation.
You’d be out of place, super jealous and unable to learn a skill everyone instinctively masters.

If you meet Doc from “Back to the Future”, just ignore him and look straight ahead, because the best moment for you is not the past or the future, it’s now. Now we are in a transition phase when men are adapting to their environment and going from being quick ejaculators into being conscious ejaculators.

You were born in the right time.

Now is the moment.

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