Female Aphrodisiacs: Boost Your Inner Sex Goddess

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Want your sex life to be hotter than the fire of a thousand suns? Of course you do. Everyone does, even those people who claim they are constantly at it, and the sex is amazing. They are probably over-exaggerating – if not outright lying. No-one has mind-blowing sex every night, it isn’t humanly possible. That said, you can still have fantastic sex, maybe not every night, but more than you do now.

So, what are female aphrodisiacs? Well, it’s not a hairstyle if that’s what you were thinking. They are foods, oral supplements or topical liquids that are used to boost a women’s flagging libido.

Female aphrodisiacs have been promoted for centuries. Even in the Stone Age cavemen were constantly trying to get into their cave-women’s’ knickers by bringing them sabre-tooth tiger kebabs, flaming branches, and large standing stones, all whilst prancing around in a mammoth-skin thong. (We imagine).

You don’t need to go that far. Try these female aphrodisiacs out instead. No sabre-tooth tigers required (results may vary).

Essential Oils Are Excellent Female Aphrodisiacs

Not the oil you fry your hangover breakfast with, but gorgeous smelling essential oils that can be used in massage mixes, burned as incense, or applied to your skin.

Smell and taste are important female aphrodisiacs in the bedroom, and they tend to get forgotten in favour of our obsession with how things look. Wave goodbye to that distracting ache in your lower spine brought about from holding your post spaghetti-bolognese tummy in, and start sniffing. Men don’t notice a bloated tummy when faced with a pair of boobs anyway.

Rose Oil: Rose oil has a sensual aroma that takes you away from your stresses, and happily floats you on a cloud to the land of uber-relaxation, or as it’s otherwise known, Club Tropicana. Using rose oil in plain base massage oil is a female aphrodisiac and a half.

Patchouli: To begin with it might remind you of those hippy shops with candles and patchwork waistcoats, rather than sexy female aphrodisiacs – but give it a few minutes, and you’ll find yourself melting into the bed sheets. Dab it on your wrists if you don’t have time for a massage, or burn some incense whilst you take a warm bath. No candles? No worries, you won’t need them. In any case, we once knew someone who lit a candle in their bathroom window. The patterned glass made their neighbour think there was an inferno in the house and they called the fire service. Some women might say that the fire service smashing their front door down would be the female aphrodisiac to end all female aphrodisiacs. In reality, it wasn’t. Stick to the oils.

Jasmine: It’s been used for centuries, and it’s so beautiful that women are named after the flower from which it is derived. It’s an up-lifter, so you won’t be as relaxed as when you use rose and patchouli, but you will be more ‘active’ if you get our meaning. No? OK, you’ll be more in the mood for going on top, trying out the shower, doing that naughty thing you’ve been wondering about for ages. Don’t scratch him, too badly Tiger.

Sandalwood: An excellent essential oil that can really work well as a female aphrodisiac. The scent is so strong, it over-powers your senses and literally drives that stress out of town with a chariot and whip (now there’s a thought…). If it’s too strong for you, and makes your head spin, mix it with a floral note such as rose or jasmine. Your own personal female aphrodisiac, how haute-couture.

Remember not to apply essential oils to the penis or vagina. They can upset natural PH balances and cause thrush worse than a pair of nylon trousers. Oh, Abba, how you must have suffered. Keep a specific sexual lubricant for slipperiness down there. Hey! Over here – we’re talking to you, not Abba.

Are Libido Enhancers For Women Good Female Aphrodisiacs?

It’s possible to buy gels and tablets, sometimes called sexual supplements,that may act as female aphrodisiacs. They generally come in two forms:

Tablets: Libido-enhancing tablets may give you a sexy leg-up from the inside. These tablets contain estrogen enhancers, which may help women feel like having sex again. Estrogen is an important component of sexual desire. If this sex hormone is lacking, then it can lead to a dry vagina and disinterest in sex. “No thanks love, I need to read the instruction manual for our new TV remote” – If this is you, GET HELP!

Other components are herbs for blood circulation. These circulation boosters may get the blood pumping around your genital area. This might enable you to feel more sensations down there. Brands include HerSolution and Provestra. Read up on their claims and decide for yourself which you prefer.

Gels and Lotions: One of the great things about topical libido-enhancers is that they can double up as a lube. HerSolution Gel is one of the premium brands that get lot of attention. It claims to stimulate the clitoris, and get you in the mood quickly, or ‘instant arousal in a bottle’ as they put it.

What Foods Are Female Aphrodisiacs?

Working on the same principle as supplements and gels, some foods are recommended to boost a libido flatter than a boy band before auto-tune.

Seafood: Full of zinc and minerals, seafood dishes are great female aphrodisiacs. When you feel good, your vagina will respond. Oysters are a cliché for a reason, but all shellfish is excellent for zinc, an essential component of sexual health. Just make sure it’s cooked properly. That raw oyster may provoke a body reaction, but potentially not the one you were hoping for.

Asparagus: Phallic-shaped asparagus spears are full of vitamin E which supports the production of sex hormones, including estrogen.

Chocolate: Eating chocolate releases happy feelings. For some, it’s an exciting treat, or a memory of reward. Either way, it triggers dopamine, the feel good chemical. Mmm. Chocolate.

Ginger: Some of the top brand sexual supplements such as Provestra include ginger. It’s potentially a blood-circulation booster, which may heighten sensation in your genitals. It will also stop you feeling sick if you’ve gone overboard with the chocolate and oysters.

If you take the time to look, female aphrodisiacs are all around you. We haven’t spoken about music, colours, mindfulness or shopping yet, which is a shame, as these can be powerful female aphrodisiacs for some women. There simply isn’t enough room here to talk about everything that might get a girl in the mood.

Our very best advice is to indulge yourself in something that you love doing. If this de-stressing, enjoyable time doesn’t get your clitoris ringing for attention, then try out female aphrodisiacs, including a supplement. Check for money back guarantees and you can’t go wrong.

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