Do Female Libido Boosters Actually Work?


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Hmmm. That’s a tricky question.

Female Libido Boosters are widely promoted, but no-one can honestly tell you for sure if they’ll work. This is because all people differ and react to the products in different ways. One woman might be hanging off the light-fitting with an application of Vigorelle, but another might find HerSolution Gel is the answer to her dry vagina prayers. One size does not fit all is the maxim to apply when searching for a female libido booster.

The only way to tell for sure is to try them out. Some premium women’s lubes have money back guarantees, so you won’t lose anything expect the postage costs. In the meantime, let’s look at what female libido boosters are, and how they claim to work.

Female Libido Boosters Are Not Medical Products

There are prescription pills for male erectile dysfunction (pills that help a man get and maintain an erection), but there isn’t an equivalent medical product for women yet. No doubt there will be one in years to come, but for now a guaranteed female libido boost doesn’t exist. Please don’t cry – all is not lost. There are products on the market that might help.

Topical Female Libido Boosters

Lubricants such as gels and creams are great for women who have problems with vaginal dryness. A dry vagina can make sex painful, and really put her off doing it again. Unfortunately one dry vagina experience can lead to another when nerves kick in. Introducing a lube to the bedroom can help enormously.

Vigorelle, a popular topical cream, claims to be a female libido booster as well as a lubricant. This cream contains natural ingredients so it may be worth trying out, but is it a female libido booster in a bottle? Maybe. It contains L-Arginine and other reported sexual enhancement essences to stimulate the clitoris and vagina.

Topical female libido boosters can be used as part of foreplay. You don’t need to take them in advance and wait for a stirring. The vials can just sit in the bedside drawer ready for action at a second’s notice. They are great for spontaneous sex and also good for solo play if the mood takes you. Topical female creams like Vigorelle and Her Solution Gel are water-based, so they don’t damage condoms or toys, and wash easily from the sheets.

Female Libido Booster Pills

Female Libido Booster pills are not a prescription drug, so you doctor won’t prescribe any for you. If you want to try them you can buy quantities in pharmacies or online. These supplements are widely available, and most contain boosting extracts that may help dilate blood vessels. They also contain vitamins for general health and other plant extracts that are said to support a low libido. In general they are made from the same ingredients as the creams and gels mentioned above.

An Easy Female Libido Booster Trick to Try

Sometimes a low libido is due to embarrassment or a lack of self confidence. You might feel under pressure in the bedroom, or like you don’t measure up to all those Hollywood goddesses. It’s not surprising that women feel like poor relations when they are constantly looking at pictures of pneumatic breasts and jutting rib bones. If it makes you feel inadequate, just remember that it’s all clever cinematography and plastic surgery!

A partner can make a world of difference to your confidence by encouraging you and praising your perfect form. If your mind thinks you are Christina Hendricks, then your body may follow suit! A good frame of mind and a healthy body image is one of the best female libido boosters. It can work wonders on your sexual appetite and overall happiness.

Whatever female libido booster products you decide to try out, make sure you research the company. Reputable brands are more likely to have contact details and a question facility. A money back guarantee is a good sign. Join some forums and see what other users are posting. You may strike lucky with your first purchase, if you look for premium brands with a history of consumer preference.

Happy hunting! We’re sure you’ll have lots of fun on your female libido booster quest.

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