Got a Finger? Use it to Last Longer Tonight

A few days ago I told you about a sneaky oily plan you can use to last longer in case of emergency.
How did you go? Was it too sneaky for you?

Have a look at this finger technique then!
If you think that was sneaky, today’s one is really cheating!
But who cares? She’ll probably come and you’ll have pleased her. And that’s what counts.

To use this trick you’ll need to cut your finger nails first. (Of course if you’re a guitarist, a drag queen or so stingy you haven’t bought a nail clipper yet, this is not the technique for you – unless you’re planning to kill your girlfriend).

But let’s take a look at what you need for this technique to work:

1) One nail-free finger

2) A girl

Let’s say you’ve got the finger and you’ve got the girl. Tonight you want to drive her crazy and don’t know what to do. Lately you have been switching positions so often that your calves have become as big as a rugby player’s. You’d really like to use the sneaky lube tactic, but after you have been oiling her up as much as deep-fried chips, your girlfriend decided: from now on she’s the one to handle the lube!
You feel clueless and desperate… And this is when your super finger comes useful!

What do I do?

Right. Bear with me, I’m gonna tell you a double side technique that will both increase her arousal and make you last longer.
All you have to do is to use your finger and stimulate her clitoris during intercourse.
It sounds simple, and it is simple actually, but you need to pay attention to some details in order for it to work. Remember the saying:

If it’s dry she’ll cry

Make absolutely sure your magic finger is wet before you start rubbing. And since she might have banned the lube from your bedroom, you can always spit on your finger (yes, just like you see in porn movies – but I guess you stopped watching them, didn’t ya?) or touch her strawberry with your whole hand first, very gently take some of her wet from the bottom and move it up to the clitoris… and play.

I will describe some fingering techniques in another email, this is not important for now, just rub her as you like, paying attention at her reactions and adapting your stimulation to the feedback you get.

Now, why is this technique so cool?
Because it works from both ends. It’s like if you’re running a marathon with the finishing line moving towards you.
First, since you are masturbating and penetrating her at the same time, her arousal will grow faster and she’ll come more quickly. And second you’ll last longer because a big chunk of your mind will be distracted from your excitement and focused on what you are doing with your finger. The more you focus on masturbating her the better.
This way, you’ll last longer and she’ll last less. Maybe less than you ;)

Notice that what we are using here is a kind of positive “distraction”. I’m not telling you to focus on an ugly chubby hairy image, first because it would be more difficult and second because associating having sex with something you don’t like might create unwanted troubles. Makes sense?

Don’t look at me that way!
I know what you are thinking.
“Yeah, Deon, I can touch her, I can focus my mind on the stimulation and on her feedback but I’m not sure how long I’m gonna last if I keep my carrot inside…”

Right, this is why you should give this technique a try.
I don’t know you but when I feel very close to coming and I don’t want to, it’s my instinct to get out of there. You might feel like doing the same too, but what’s the problem with this habit?

The problem is that when we get back in-the-sack, she might have lost some excitement and we need to work our way up again to make her orgasm. But with the finger technique things are different, you can withdraw and keep stimulating her… and then go “back in” whenever you can.
Cool hey?

Now you’re ready. Go buy a nail-clipper, wash your hands, lift your finger to the sky and conquer the world!
Oh! Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait!!!!
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Have Fun!

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