Best Fleshlight For You? All 15 Models Exposed in This Unique Review

Which one is the best fleshlight? Well, it depends…

Best Fleshlight compared next to each other

Which Of These 15 is The Best Fleshlight For You?

If you haven’t heard of Fleshlight yet, man you must be coming from another planet and if you’re an alien cheer up, these guys have recently released a Fleshlight Alien for your extraterrestrial pleasure.

The top selling sex toy for men in the world with over 5 million sold is designed to become your new best sex toy girlfriend.

Here’s the Best Fleshlight for you at a glance (scroll down for the full review):
[Last updated: September, 2014]

Best FleshlightFor You IFMore info
V-Stroker thumbnail image

Fleshlight V-Stroker

You are hardcore

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Fleshlight STU thumbnail

Fleshlight STU

You want to last longer

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Fleshlight Sleeves thumbnail

Fleshlight Sleeves

You love variety

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Fleshlight SIAC thumbnail

Fleshlight SIAC

You are crazy

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Fleshlight Orgy toys thumbnail

Fleshlight ORGY

You adore women

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Fleshlight ICE image thumbnail

Fleshlight ICE

You are a voyeur

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Fleshlight Girls thumbnail

Fleshlight GIrls

You love American women

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Fleshlight Girls EU thumbnail

Fleshlight Girls Euro

You love European women

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Fleshlight Freaks thumbnail

Fleshlight Freaks

You want strong sensations

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Fleshlight Flight thumbnail image

Fleshlight Flight

You are a traveller

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Fleshlight Originals

Fleshlight Original

You have a sensitive penis

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Fleshlight BYO sleeves

Fleshlight BYO

You know what you want

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Fleshlight Blade

Fleshlight Blade

You like virgin girls

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Fleshlight Alien thumbnail

Fleshlight Alien

You are into Avatar

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Fleshlight Vibro

Fleshlight Vibro

You love backdoors

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Fleshlight International have come very far with this male sex toy and they did pretty well in patenting it to protect it from people like me that otherwise would have stolen their idea.

The sexual gratification that owning a Fleshlight gives you is similar to having a real partner, with the only difference that you can have sex whenever YOU decide, you’re in total control and can express your sexuality all the time, night and day wherever you are – just be careful where you do it dude, I don’t want you to get arrested and then lose a reader!

It’s a real sex simulator.

The “SuperSkin” material used for the internal sleeves gives you a sensation incredibly close to the real thing. If you do have a girl, masturbating with a Fleshlight will be like having a lover and you can also use it with her to enjoy some promiscuity…

Now imagine…

it’s Friday night, raining outside, got nothing to do you decide to watch a movie, not even a porn movie but just an action movie… but geez man nowadays action movies are full of smoking hot girls… and this super hottie turns you on just looking at her, right?

So how do you feel?
I bet you feel like taking her!

Pause the movie, get your Fleshlight and enjoy! Yeah man, feel it all!

It does feel good… oh yeah… it does… Some guys that have been without a girl for a while as soon as they get their Fleshlight, start using it like crazy, three, four, five times a day!

It’s a liberating experience.

Let’s go back to this. Seriously now:

Best thing about a Fleshlight is that it can help you improve your lovemaking skills. I’ve been helping men overcoming premature ejaculation for a while now, I’ve written four books, the life-changing training program  The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure and I know what I am talking about.

Wanna last longer?

Your body needs to adapt to sexual pleasure and you need to condition yourself to high levels of arousal, otherwise you’ll ejaculate as soon as you’ll enter her.

A Fleshlight is the best partner for your edging sessions, it feels real and it’ll help your stamina hit the stars!

You’ll learn the old proven way, with experience.

Practice, practice, practice! When the girl will come along, you’ll be like you have 20 years of experience behind you and you’ll take her like an experienced man and you know what?

She’ll notice it…

huuu… and all her friends will know it… ohhh hmmm yeah her friends… I like her friends… I want them all!

At that stage you can rest assured she won’t leave you like the other one before her did.

Fleshlight have come out with tons of products, some cooler than others. For example they’ve created an exact mold of the hottest porn stars’ mouths, vaginas and butts.

Don’t believe me? Check this out!

And they’ve done even more!

Can’t believe this… you gotta watch the sample videos  (follow the link and click on the video trailer icon in the grey band). They basically have connected your Fleshlight with an interactive porn movie so that basically you decide the girl you wanna enjoy, how you wanna enjoy her and for how long. You can choose when to climax and when you do you’ll do it wherever you like.

The level of interaction is incredible dude.

When you stop masturbating with the Fleshlight the hot girl in the movie will beg you to start again and when you do start again, she screams in pleasure and looks at you like… oh geeez

You can choose the position, if you want her mouth, her butt or her vagina… man, really I’ve got no idea how they achieved this level of interaction but it’s amazing. Wow! That’s the future! Not the one we saw in the movie Back to The Future.

They’ve also created a transparent “Ice” version of the Fleshlight, so that you can enjoy seeing yourself in action while you enjoy these hot girls and much more.

The ones I don’t like are the freaks and aliens… I don’t know man, maybe if you’re into Avatar and stuff it excites you, but I don’t like that stuff, but if you wanna fantasize about getting laid with a hot alien check the Alien Fleshlight.

Best Fleshlight for the first time buyer?

Two options:

A) BYO Fleshlight with the “Pink Lady” orifice (a vagina) and the “Wonder Wave” sleeve, which is the one that gives you the closest sensation to vaginal intercourse.

or go for the top selling

B) Fleshlight STU (stamina training unit) whose ribbed cushioning inside creates a very challenging experience and very intense sensations, even stronger than the real thing. Once you learn with that, your next girlfriend vaginas will be “just fun” for you because you’ll have trained with hottest stuff.

But let’s take a sneaky look at the coolest, hottest, sexiest Fleshlight. In these days I might write a Fleshlight review on most of them more in detail.

Here they are below the video…

The most complete list of Fleshlight you’ll ever find:

1) The Original:

Fleshlight Original/Classic Model

Fleshlight Original is the first ever created!

This is the first Fleshlight that has been created, it’s pretty popular and you can choose if you want a mouth, a butt or a vagina. The sleeve inside is flat though (without ribbons), so you won’t feel much friction. It’s pretty cool and feels hmmmm so good, but it’s not the best Fleshlight to start. Buy Fleshlight Original from the official site.


2) Fleshlight STU:

Fleshlight STU or Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight STU is ideal to train your stamina

This one is great! It’s the top selling Fleshlight, and it’s designed to help you improve your stamina. As said before the Fleshlight STU man feels even better than a girl. You may want to marry this sex toy after you’ve thrust into it a few times.
First buyer choice! Guaranteed. Buy Fleshlight STU from the official site.


3) FLight:

Flight Fleshlight in white and black

Fleshlight Flight is among the best Fleshlight for travellers

FLight is a portable version of the Fleshlight, very cool design, you can take it with you anywhere and it’s orifice is kind of anonymous so that no one will ever know how you enjoy it and what you do with it. It also has a sperm collector cap which makes it easier to clean when you’re on the move and need a quick one. Buy Fleshlight Flight from the official site.


4) Build Your Own:

A Fleshlight sleeve and its case

BYO Fleshlight is a great way to build your best Fleshlight

As said before in the article, if this is the first time you buy a Fleshlight, go either for the Fleshlight STU or for the BYO with “Wonder Wave” sleeve and Pink Lady (vagina) orifice. That’s the one that feels the closest to a vagina and it’s perfect both for pleasure and for stamina training. Buy Fleshlight BYO from the official site.


5) ICE:

ICE Fleshlight with mouth orifice

ICE Fleshlight is awesome if you are a “visual” man

Main feature of the Ice Fleshlight? It’s transparent, so that you can enjoy seeing yourself enjoying these hot pornstarts… nothing in life is as exciting as this! Buy Fleshlight ICE from the official site.



6) V-stroker :

V-Stroker with USB and plug

V-Stroker is just the best Fleshlight ever conceived

The V-stroker is what I was telling you before, it’s an accessory that you can combine with your favourite Fleshlight and an interactive porn video that will simulate real sex with a porn actress or with your favourite virtual girl. Great invention, I would give these guys the nobel prize for science! Geez man, check the video trailer and see what this thing can do… Buy Fleshlight V-Stroker from the official site.


7) Blade:

Fleshlight Blade picture

Best thing about Fleshlight Blade is that you can squeeze

All right, I have to say I don’t like that  Conan golden hilt thing around that nice vagina, but then I discovered that thanks to that handle you can basically squeeze your penis and feel like you’re into a hot tight skinny virgin… hmmmm… that feels good. Like that? Check the Blade then. Buy Fleshlight Blade from the official site.


8) Sex In A  Can:

SIAC Fleshlight in three colors and models

Fleshlight SIAC is a crazy idea. Don’t put it in the fridge!

I think that while the Sex In A Can Fleshlight is great because you can take it with you anywhere, it’s even better because after you’ve used it and your semen is inside you can offer a drink to your girlfriend and have her drinking it all… that’s generosity for you! Such a philanthropist. Buy Fleshlight SIAC from the official site.


9) Freaks :

Fleshlight Freaks in three weird models

Fleshlight Freaks is NOT for everyone!

All right, you must have peculiar (or pervert) tastes to like these Freaks, but you know, no jokes, as ugly as these are, they have got the most extreme sleeves inside that will train you to the highest stimulation and give you more pleasure than a human girl can. Buy Fleshlight Freaks from the official site.


10) Vibro:

Fleshlight Vibro with batteries and butt orifice

Fleshlight Vibro is an AWESOME toy… hmmm

Fleshlight Vibro is as you see it. A tight butt, a vibrator inside the butt. Need me to explain anything? Really? All right, I’ll write a Fleshlight review for this another day. Buy Fleshlight Vibro from the official site.



11) Alien:

Fleshlight Alien blue

Fleshlight Alien is for those into Avatar or the actress…

Liked avatar? Liked the scenes, the nature… or the actress’ body? If you’re in the last category and wanna feel like taking her, here’s the Alien Fleshlight version. Check the link to see the video that comes with it. Buy Fleshlight Alien from the official site.



12) Sleeves:

4 types of Fleshlight Sleeves

Fleshlight Sleeves come in every shape and texture

Best thing about the “Build Your Own” Fleshlight is that you can change the sleeves. Only thing to remember is that you can’t buy the STU sleeve by itself. So if you wanna try the Fleshlight STU, you gotta buy that one and then using the STU as a base you can buy other sleeves and swap them around. Buy Fleshlight Sleeves from the official site.

13) Fleshlight Girls:

Three types of Fleshlight Girls toys

This is FUN. Get some of these Fleshlight girls today.

“Get inside today’s hottest pornstars”. That’s the slogan. Tori Black gives you her vagina, mouth and butt so that tonight you can give it to her, all the way. Harder. If you like me love Tera Patrick, this is a no brainer, Fleshlight Girls are a blessing. Be the lucky man and get that pornstar on your command. Plus, all the Fleshlight Girls collection (both this one and the euro collection) come with a lotus sleeve, which is extremely close to the feeling of a real one. Buy Fleshlight Girls from the official site.

14) Fleshlight Girls EU:

Fleshlight Girls EU in three styles

There is a wide selection of Fleshlight Girls EU

European adult stars for now give you “only” their beloved vaginas. So if you wanna take them from the backdoor, go for the American ones above. These European Fleshlight Girls feature hotties like: Carla Cox and Tanya Tate. If you like blondies, go for it. Buy Fleshlight Girls Euro from the official site.


15) Fleshlight Orgy:

Fleshlight Orgy three sleeves displayed

Fleshlight Orgy is the 21st century’s masturbation toy!

Browse and select your favorite pornstars and enjoy the most memorable sessions of your life, enjoying as many porn actress as you like all in one go. After you do that you can feel sorry for those men who still masturbate with their hands… Buy Fleshlight Orgy from the official site.

So, let’s recap.

First time buyers best Fleshlight to buy (in order of recommendation):

1) Fleshlight STU (ideally get also an additional “Wonder Wave” sleeve to maximize your results)

2) Get a “Build Your Own” Fleshlight with “Wonder Wave” sleeve

3) Get one of the Fleshlight Girls with Lotus sleeve

Best Fleshlight for Experienced buyers:

1) Try the Fleshlight Girls Orgy and enjoy the promiscuity

2) Try the Alien and the Vibro

Best Fleshlight for Hardcore buyers:

1) Go 100% for the V-stroker and enjoy your favorite girls in interactive videos. Learn more here.

2) Try the Freaks

Best Fleshlight for Travelling buyers:

1) FLight is designed for you, there’s also a new version with a sperm collector cap that allows you to use it everywhere with minimum mantainance

2) Sex In A Can is your second best option

Click here now to have a look at the latest Fleshlight deals for you, check them out, get one or two or three Flashlight and let me know your experience in the comments below!

Have fun!

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  1. Hey Deon,
    I’ve bought one of the Fleshlight Girls and you were right man, it does feel very natural especially after you warm it up.
    Thank you for this article,
    looking forward the next one!


    • Deon Black says:

      Hey Marc,
      glad to know you’re enjoying it!

      Yes actually, most people don’t know that the inside sleeve gets warmed up in warm water before you use it so it does feel like a warm moist juicy wet sexy vagina when you masturbate with it.

      Have fun

  2. Lol
    I love your articles man!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Oh and by the way, I’m gonna buy the V-stroker this weekend, but I’ve already got a STU.


    • Deon Black says:

      Thank you Dave

      The V-stroker is crazy man, let me know how it goes.