How To Increase Breast Size: Top 6 Methods


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Today women are increasingly interested in changing body aspects that they feel unhappy with. Breast enhancement is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures, and statistics indicate that in the USA alone millions of breast augmentation operations are undertaken each year, alongside other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and buttock augmentation.

Although surgery is the only guaranteed method of obtaining bigger breasts, women who are unhappy with their current perceived small breast size have a number of other options they can consider. Potential methods of increasing breast size range from simple exercises, to diet changes, clothing choices and natural supplements.

Here are six methods that have the potential to increase breast size.

Method 1: Natural Creams, Gels And Pills

Breast growth creams, gels and pills, such as Brestrogen, and Total Curve are widely available without prescription on the open market. The majority of these supplements contain natural ingredients that claim to stimulate estrogen production, and plump out the fatty tissue of breasts. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for producing breast growth in teenage girls, and regulates hormones throughout their reproductive lives. When estrogen, and to a lesser extent, testosterone, fail, breast growth does not occur.

Natural creams, gels, and pill supplements are not classed as medicines, because they do not induce glandular changes which could increase the chances of tumour development. If they did cause glandular changes on this scale, they would be subject to rigorous medical tests before being made available to the public. As natural creams, gels and pills are simply supplements, they rely on commercial testing by their manufacturers. There is no scientific evidence that suggests natural supplements can cause breast enlargement, although there is lots of subjective evidence produced by independent manufacturers.

Natural breast-enhancing supplements often contain ingredients such as fennel, black cohosh, saw palmetto, wild yam and kava, which have been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat women’s illnesses, such as menopause. It is important to check each brand for claims and ingredients before use, so there is a clear awareness of what the body is absorbing internally and externally.

There are no noted side effects associated with natural creams, gels and pills, although breast feeding and pregnant women are advised against their use, as effects on unborn children are unknown. This warning is standard with all alternative medicines, and should always be adhered to.

Method 2: Medications

Contraceptive Pill

Medical research indicates that some medications can increase breast size. Although no medicine exists solely to produce bigger breasts, the contraceptive pill lists breast growth as a side effect

The contraceptive pill, or the ‘pill’, is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and is prescribed widely. Contraceptive pills are dispensed by a doctor after a medical examination that ensures suitability, as there are other potential side-effects, such as nausea, weight gain, migraines and decreased libido. Although the pill is medically proven to increase breast size in some women, a desire for breast growth is not necessarily the right reason to take it. The contraceptive pill is a medication that alters body functions, so taking it should be carefully thought through.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Other medications that can increase breast size are various estrogen therapies, sometimes known as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). HRT is doctor prescribed treatment for menopausal women that ease the symptoms of hot flushing, vaginal dryness, and decreasing libido. The medication does this by supplementing new estrogens to replace those that have fallen in number with the aging process.

Menopause is a natural loss of fertility. The arrival of new estrogen hormones in a woman’s body can stimulate breast growth, sexual appetite and eradicate vaginal dryness, returning it to a younger state. Therefore is it unlikely that a doctor would prescribe HRT to a woman unhappy with breast size.

Method 3: Surgery

There is no argument that breast augmentation works, as bigger breasts are clearly evident after surgery has been performed. However, surgery comes with risks. A breast enlargement, or simpler breast uplift, is a surgical procedure requiring a general anaesthetic. Anaesthetic comes with its own risks, alongside any potential issues with the breast surgery itself.

Saline versus Silicone

When surgery is considered an option, a choice will need to be made between silicone and saline implants. Saline implants are inserted into the breast, and once in place they are filled with sterile water, whereas silicone implants are filled with silicone gel before insertion into the breast. Many women believe that silicone implants feel more natural to the touch, because silicone gel mimics the texture of fat.

Safety Concerns

Insertion of a foreign body into the breasts can result in rejection. This risk is lower with a reputable surgeon, but with that safety comes a high financial cost.

Another risk is scarring of the internal tissues and external skin of the breast, which may change the shape of the implants. This can result in an uneven bust and breasts with lumps. Long term breast pain can also be an issue with implants.

Risk of Rupture

A saline implant rupture would produce a deflated breast, with the saline water absorbing into the body. A silicone rupture would be harder to identify, and may lead to a slow leakage of silicone into the body. It is not easy to identify a silicone rupture, and an MRI scan would be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

All the risks listed above would require further surgery for correction. A doctor should always be consulted about breast augmentation, as they may have details of reputable surgeons. Independent doctor recommendation is an obvious benefit to invasive cosmetic procedures, which can be risky.

Method 4: Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are time-consuming ways to potentially increase breast size, but they are the healthiest and cheapest options available.


Thinner women may find that they generally have smaller breasts than their heavier counterparts. This is due to breast composition, as breasts are largely made up of fatty materials. Therefore, gaining weight may increase breast size. It’s not possible to ‘spot enlarge’ though, and extra weight may be evenly absorbed in a spread across the body. Conversely, dieting will often shrink breasts, as the fatty breast tissues are reduced in size.

There are certain foods which have been claimed to increase breast size too. These are foods that are believed by some to boost estrogen, and are often found in the natural supplements mentioned in Method 1. Alongside those supplements already listed are soya milk, beans, and seeds, which are reported to contain high levels of naturally occurring phyto-estrogens.



Personal trainers and fitness instructors claim that the right type of exercise can increase breast size. This method is based around enlargement of the pectoral muscles.

Pectoral muscles sit behind the breast. When a women puts her hands together and presses, she will feel the pectoral muscles or ‘pecs’ moving. As with all regular weight-bearing exercise, constant use of the pectorals will cause them to increase in bulk. The pectorals then push the breast forward, creating larger breasts.

The best exercise to increase pectoral mass is to lie flat, with knees bent, and arms apart mimicking wings. Slowly bringing hands together above the breasts will flex the pectorals. Start slow, and build up to holding weights. Pectoral exercise can also strengthen ligaments which support the breasts, which can result in breast lift.


Posture makes a big difference, not only to backache, but to self esteem and overall body shape. Having good posture can also make breasts appear larger as they are pushed forward. When stomach muscles are pulled in and shoulders are pressed back, the breast moves forwards and upwards giving the illusion of larger breasts.

Overall, diet and exercise may help increase breast size but only if high cardio (fat burning) exercise is avoided and muscle mass in the upper body is increased.

Method 5: Clothing

A lot of breast enhancement can be achieved with a good fitting bra and clever clothing choices.

The Right Bra

Finding the right bra can be life-changing. Many women wear the wrong size, simply because they do not know how a bra should fit, or because they have worn a particular size for years. Breast shapes change as women age, and bra-fitting by a trained advisor should take place at least one a year, and certainly before new bras are purchased.

How should bra fit?

Firstly the wearer should forget their size, and be measured. Most large department stores offer this service.

When fitting a new bra, the wearer should ensure that the rounded part that conceals and supports the breast (called the cup), should cover nearly all the skin, so there is no over-spill. The hooked back should not ride up during movement, and should remain in place so the band is level around the rib cage. Straps should be lengthened to suit, and they should not dig in. All breast weight should be supported by the back size, not the shoulder straps.

Once fitted with the correct-sized bra, breasts look immeasurably better. They are not necessarily bigger, but without overspill and too tight straps, breasts sit well. This transformation can cure backache and improve posture.

Push-up bras

Push-up bras force the breasts closer together, and push them upwards and outwards. This makes the most of smaller breasts without adding volume. The straps of a push-up bra should be wide and flat, otherwise they pull on a woman’s shoulders, potentially leading to backache.

Padded Bra

A padded bra adds volume to the breast area, rather than manipulating the breasts themselves. Padded bras have a spongy cup that can add up to a cup size, and give the illusion of a bigger bust.

Some manufacturers produce push-up padded bras which are a good choice for those with very small breasts. A good bra can transform a figure and make it possible to avoid surgery. Although push-up and padded bras are a good option for increasing bust size, they must also fit correctly.

Dressing tricks

Certain types of clothing can give the illusion of bigger breasts, and when coupled with a well fitting bra, this alone can achieve the bust that smaller-chested women are looking for.

Horizontal stripes

When worn on top, horizontal stripes widen the bust area – this is due to the viewer’s eye being naturally drawn across the chest area. Vertical stripes give the opposite impression and are best avoided by women looking to increase breast size.


Frills, patterns, textures, and long necklaces can add volume when worn across the chest area. Logos give the impression of extra size too, as do scarves and double-breasted coats.

Block colour

A helpful clothing trick for the illusion of bigger breasts is to wear black, or a darker colour, on the bottom half, with a bright colour on the top half. This is especially good for pear-shaped women looking to balance their shape. This is because bright colours attract the eye and give the impression there is more happening.

Method 6: Breast Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps work on the principle of tissue expansion. The suction force produced by breast pumps pulls blood into the tissues, and claims to gently increase volume. This claimed expansion happens slowly over a period of time.

Vacuum breast pumps come in the form of two domes which are placed over the breasts, and an attached pumping device, which removes air from the domes – pulling breast tissue outwards.

Electronic and manual vacuum breast pumps are available. The more expensive electronic options include a computer, which applies pressure or removes it as needed. Manual hand held pumps are more basic, but they are cheaper and widely available.

Breast pumps can be time-consuming. Most require the user to wear them for 10 hours a day over a period of several weeks before results are noticeable. For those who work during the day, this may be impossible. An option is to wear them overnight, but many find them too uncomfortable to sleep in.

Manufacturers of breast pumps claim they increase skin elasticity, and improve blood circulation which in turn drains the lymph nodes. They are an option for women unwilling to take pills or use creams. However no medical scientific evidence supports their claims.

Women who are looking to increase their breast size have more choice than ever before. Expensive and risky surgery is not the only option, there are other methods that claim to produce bigger breasts, and it may be wise to try these out before embarking on a surgical procedure.

Whatever the chosen option, all risks and side effects should be thoroughly investigated, and if any doubt remains, a medical practitioner should be consulted.


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