3 Ways to Last Longer in Bed – Choose Your Style

You are never going to achieve a goal without being specific. This is true with anything in life, sex included.

A lot of guys want to “last longer in bed”, and that’s an awesome goal, but what do you exactly want when you say that? What are you trying to achieve? Be honest with yourself, whatever you choose is fine and this article might help you clear up your mind.

Let me introduce you to 3 different “Lasting Sex Styles” for you to take a look and decide which one you like most and it’s closer to your goal.

The Porn Style – Last Longer Like A Porn Actor

If you have an outstanding wanking career behind you, it will probably be your unconscious goal to have sex for hours in order to imitate porn actors. In porn movies, the man drills the woman for a period of time that thanks to a smart use of penile injections camera and a good editing looks like an eternity (even though most of the times is not more than 15 minutes) at a really high pace, with short, rapid thrusting.

If the actor is a professional porn actor, he won’t sweat either. Very nice.

He is a kind of James Bond of sex, 007 fixes his cuffs after a bomb explodes next to him, the porn actor folds his pipe in his underwear ready for the next hole mission.

There is nothing bad with this goal.

Sure, this is not even the easiest goal to achieve if you want to achieve it healthily (then of course if you want to take pills, injections or put your cock asleep, you can probably do it in no time, but then in the same way you could beat the 100m world record and become famous and millionaire, so if you have to do a stupid choice and invest in doping, at least make it where it counts).

But of course you can have sex in Porn Style healthily, it would take you to be physically fit, (running might help for that), to have a great mastery of your levels of excitement, to have loads of lube and a partner with an iron vagina.

My program “The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” and some of these toys ( read my Fleshlight review) may be helpful.

But let me open your mind and show you another way to have long lasting sex…

The Tantric Style – Last Longer Like A Tantric Master

What’s the difference between Porn lasting style and Tantric lasting style?

More than a physical, athletic kind of sex, the Tantric lasting sex style is more focused on enjoying pleasure for a long time, the mindset is totally different. In the Porn Style, the man aims to screws the hell out of the woman, in the Tantric Style the man aims to enjoy pleasure at the edge of the orgasm without coming. It’s usually slower, especially at the beginning, but it’s really really fun. He enjoys this orgasmic limbo until he stops or decides to come. He drills the woman, but I would say he is a bit more egoist, caring about his pleasure first…

I know, you might think that the porn actor is more hardcore than the tantra practitioner, but I am not quite sure about that.

Certainly the Tantra guy enjoys more at a physical level, while the Porn guy gets most of his pleasure at a mental level (“Yes, I am f**king her so hard!! Oh Yes! She won’t be able to walk tomorrow!! Oh yes… I am gonna tell everyone how badboy I am… and stuff like that – while the Tantra guy’s mind is basically silent during sex, he doesn’t care about others, he just enjoys her with every fiber of his body).

I have studied Tantra and use some of its principles in my training program The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure.

The Delayed Style – I Don’t Care Man, As Long As She Comes Before Me!

In the Delayed Style, the man goal is to have sex for a long time including the foreplay. He is not just focused on the intercourse, but it’s the whole sex experience that matters. The man who adopts this practice is either fooling himself or is simply unconscious of what his real goal is i.e. Make her come! So then I can come too!

That’s probably the easiest way to last longer: it takes masturbation, a lot of oral sex, patience and slow motion. When the man enters the woman, after masturbation and cunnilingus, if she is not tired and you have done your job properly, she’ll probably come soon and the man would feel better and “allowed” to come.

So, I would say that the first style is more of an aggressive physical lasting sex, very appealing for most men, the second one is more of an “I don’t care about porns, I want to enjoy your body for as long as I can”, the third one is a kind of smart sneaky lasting sex where the real goal is to make her come before you.

Be specific when you have a goal. You want to have sex for a long time? OK, that’s a great goal. But what kind of sex do I specifically want? And how do I get there?

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