Is Low Libido A Sign Of Boredom In The Bedroom?


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So, things haven’t been going so well of late in the bedroom department? The only thing opening and closing are the curtains? Do you know why? If you can’t pinpoint the reason why you’re not having much sex anymore, it could a sign of low libido, or simply be down to boredom. You may well love your other half, but watching someone cut their toenails and squeeze their spots is not an aphrodisiac that we’ve heard of, but each to their own.

What Is Low Libido?

A low libido describes a constantly low sex drive. Men suffer from it, but it’s much more common in women. It’s estimated that in the UK more than 1 in 5 women will suffer from a low libido in her lifetime. An occasional blip in the frequency of sex doesn’t count as low libido. Temporary issues can make you lose interest for a bit, but a healthy sex drive should return. If it doesn’t then it’s worth getting a doctor’s appointment to find out if something is going on.

Even if your interest in sex is falling, a low libido doesn’t always mean that you don’t find your partner attractive any more. There could be medical issues confusing the matter.

Medical Reasons For A Low Libido

If your interest in sex is falling it could be due to a medical reason. Tiredness is a common factor. Tiredness is obviously brought on by lack of sleep, but also by conditions such as anaemia and post-viral fatigue. Menopause can cause sex drive issues too, as can poor general health. Eat well, stress less, and get more sleep for a better libido…if only it were that easy! “I always eat my greens and get eight hours sleep a night” said no-one ever.

How to Improve Your Low Libido If You Are Bored

When you know someone inside out it is excitement and newness that’s missing. That doesn’t mean you should find someone else though. Try out new ideas with your partner, such as:

1. Using Sex Toys To Spice Up A Low Libido

Vibrators are a good choice for the beginner. The choice of vibrator is literally endless. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes. There are penis replicators and egg-shaped vibrators to suit your preference. Vibrating cock rings can cause unheard of stirrings, and you can even purchase vibrating panties for public use. Go steady with the credit card!

2. Lubricants Can Enhance A Low Libido

A good lubricant can spice up your sex life no end. You can rub them anywhere you please. Genitals, breasts, for anal fun, and on toys too. Make sure you read the instructions carefully if you’re using condoms because not all lubes are condom friendly. Oil based lubes can rot rubber. Stick with water-based if you aren’t sure.

Some top of the range lubricants offer extra benefits for women with low libido. HerSolution Gel and Vigorelle claim to boost your sex drive with their herbal formulations. They are not medical products, but supplements that may increase a low libido. The herbs used in this type of lubricant are said to increase a sex drive by dilating blood vessels, and boosting circulation to your genitals. Lubes are fun. Try them out.

3. Fantasies Can Knock Out A Low Libido

There’s always something secret stuffed away at the back of everyone’s mind. Something they wish they could try. It could be something like sex in public, S&M, making a home movie or inviting a friend over. Confide these fantasies and you might find a whole new world of sauciness opening up. A word of caution though. Both parties must enjoy the fantasy. It’s no good if he loves the idea of threesome, but she doesn’t – that’s just going to make her interest in sex plummet even more.

If you find yourself bored in the bedroom of course your libido is going to suffer. We all avoid boring chores such as washing up, mowing the lawn and deleting watched programs from the digibox. Don’t let sex appear on that list. It should, and can, be something fantastic that you look forward to. Low libido is a sign that something is wrong, so don’t ignore those bedroom yawns.

Get excited about your early night, and take two bottles of lube upstairs with you!

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