Male Edge Review: Just A Pretty Face?

Male Edge Review Part 1: A bit of history

Male Edge penis extender comes from the same company who created the Jes-Extender (the first, most popular and one of the best penis extender in the history), and it has a great, unique and patented design (way ahead of many competitors).

A zoomed in image of MaleEdge

Male Edge Review: This ultra-light and high-tech extender is ridiculously easy to use

First of all, have you already decided how big you want your penis to become?

Got a precise goal? Great, so get to the Male Edge website and check out their penis-o-meter. When you’re on the Male Edge home page click the tab “results” and then click on “penis-o-meter”. Enter your current flaccid size and then move the cursor to determine how many centimeters/inches of growth you’re after. Then take a look at your new friend and check how many hours you need to be wearing the Male Edge in order to achieve your goal. Trying the Male Edge penis-o-meter is good because it makes you realize that you can get the penis you want but it takes hours of traction and it won’t happen overnight (this is true for every extender no matter how fast they tell you they are).

Having a big penis though, feels good for you… and for her, so in my opinion the time spent stretching is totally worth it.

Male Edge Review Part 2: Three versions, one extender

Currently (at time I’m writing this Male Edge review) they offer Male Edge in three different versions: Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra and Male Edge Pro. Contrarily to many other competitors that give you a lower quality device if you go for the basic package, all three Male Edge packages come with the same device. The difference between the Basic, Extra and Pro is purely in the accessories.

I’d suggest you to go for either the Male Edge Pro or the Extra, since they contain pads to make the traction more comfortable.

Don’t go for the basic version unless you already have pads.

The three types of Male Edge extender

Male Edge review: only the Pro-package is worth if you want to feel comfortable while stretching, unless you have Robocop’s penis and don’t need comfort

The accessories are pads, rubber straps and cohesive gauze, plus a nice bag. The Male Edge extender gets delivered pre-assembled. So if you hate IKEA and even the idea of having to mount something, the Male Edge is your ideal solution.

Male Edge Review Part 3: Weak plastic make this penis extender a little fragile

You’ll find that the Male Edge extender is pretty cheap compared to most competitor and the reason of this is probably in the material used for it. In fact Male Edge is covered in delicate plastic all around which makes it cool to look but less solid to wear in movement. If you plan to wear your extender while you walk around, go for a Phallosan Forte or the SizeGenetics, since the Male Edge may not be as resistant as those. The price of the Male Edge goes from $179 to $219 plus shipping fees (which according to their website are $29) and it can take quite a while to arrive to the U.S. because it’s shipped from Denmark.

Bottom Line

Male Edge is a good quality extender with an ambitious and light design, probably the best to start with if you’re just beginning your penis enlargement adventure. button2

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