Sneaky Oily Tactic to Last Longer Tonight

In my last post I told you how you can switch positions in order to last longer. That's a kind of physical last minute trick. It involves you flipping her around or flipping yourself around or flipping both of you around like two figure … [Continue reading]

Last Longer in Bed Tonight with This Simple Trick

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Premature Ejaculation and The Evolution of Sex

In the animal world, sex is purely for reproductive purposes. Most animals have intercourse that only lasts a few seconds. Our ancestors the chimpanzees – that share more than 98% of our DNA – have 3 second intercourse! All right, so maybe some … [Continue reading]

Hey Deon where the f*** are you?

I know guys and girls, I know. I haven't posted in a while but there is a reason. A good one ;) Some of you have been thinking: "Hey Deon forgot about us!", many others thought I had an heart attack during an experimental esoteric orgasmic act with … [Continue reading]

The Creativity Tactic to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Right! I am so carried away about this post! Huumm... Oook. So, I am sure now your an expert at the "diversion tactic to spice up your sex life", but how did you go with the exploration tactic? Got lost between the round silky hills? I know how you … [Continue reading]

The Exploration Tactic to Spice up Your Sex Life

All right, so how did you go with the "Diversion Tactic to Spice up Your Sex Life"? How is your house looking? Is it a mess? Are the walls splattered white? :) Did you take the diversion idea to the extreme and now you're reading this post from your … [Continue reading]

3 Tactics to Spice Up Your Sex Life You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

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Barry McCarthy’s Ejaculatory Control Guidelines – Part 3 – Q&A

Aaallll right! So, do you remember "Barry McCarthy’s Ejaculatory Control Guidelines – Part 2"? and what about Part 1? If you don't, put on your glasses, close the door of your room, txt your girlfriend that tonight you are gonna fry her in her … [Continue reading]

13 unique tips to last longer in bed – part III

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13 unique tips to last longer in bed – part II

If you liked "13 unique tips for lasting longer in bed - part 1" you are gonna come in your underwear when you read the second one. So, get some toilet paper, put it in your pants and let's start: 6. Leave your gun in your pants. It's time to use … [Continue reading]