13 unique tips to last longer in bed – part II

If you liked "13 unique tips for lasting longer in bed - part 1" you are gonna come in your underwear when you read the second one. So, get some toilet paper, put it in your pants and let's start: 6. Leave your gun in your pants. It's time to use … [Continue reading]

13 unique tips to last longer in bed – part I

If you last longer on the toilet than in the bed, you can do something about it and it's not shortening your poo time. I am gonna talk about the reasons why you want to last longer in bed in another post that I'll call "why do you wanna last longer … [Continue reading]

3 Ways to Last Longer in Bed – Choose Your Style

You are never going to achieve a goal without being specific. This is true with anything in life, sex included. A lot of guys want to "last longer in bed", and that's an awesome goal, but what do you exactly want when you say that? What are you … [Continue reading]

Barry McCarthy’s Ejaculatory Control Guidelines – Part 2

Hi folks! here we are with the second part of the Barry McCarthy's awesome tips on how to develop Ejaculatory Control! If you missed the first part because busy ejaculating or trying to find magic pills to have sex for longer, slap your face, open … [Continue reading]

Barry McCarthy’s Ejaculatory Control Advice

Barry McCarthy is a certified sex and marital therapist, psychologist, professor at the American University in Washington and exclusive partner at the Washington Psychological Center where he practice individual, couple and sex therapy. He is author … [Continue reading]

How much pleasure can you “handle”?

One of the things I discovered about having sex for extended periods of time if you are a man is the importance of awareness (if you are a woman is the importance of lube :)). If you think about it, we are educated to repress our pleasure in order … [Continue reading]

First Time Here? Welcome

Learn how to cure Premature Ejaculation. I did it. Many men can't control their ejaculation and last as long as they would like. Long ago I was one of them. I proudly turned things around for me and can now have amazing sex for hours, if I only … [Continue reading]