15 Best Prostate Massagers – Toys For The Modern Man

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In our male g-spot guide you've learned about prostate massagers and how they can help you experience your first prostate orgasm, also called "super O". Of course like most blokes you probably started stimulating your prostate with your fingers … [Continue reading]

Male G-Spot: Uncommon Guide To Prostate Massage And Pleasure

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This male g-spot guide was written by our bi-sexual contributor Jenny. I don't know how many blokes have been lucky enough to end up in her expert hands, but you can be sure she has experience in male g-spot stimulation and prostate massage, beside … [Continue reading]

How To Make A Pocket Pussy: 5 Homemade Masturbators

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This tutorial "How to Make A Pocket Pussy" was written by one of our pussy researcher and contributor. I do recommend you to give Fleshlight a try. But if you prefer save that money for a date or some condoms, then I'm on your side. In the meantime … [Continue reading]

How To Increase Breast Size: Top 6 Methods


Today women are increasingly interested in changing body aspects that they feel unhappy with. Breast enhancement is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures, and statistics indicate that in the USA alone millions of breast augmentation … [Continue reading]

Fleshlight LaunchPAD Review: What Else?

Fleshlight LaunchPad

Fleshlight LaunchPAD takes virtual sex one step closer to reality. If you've tried V-Stroker you're probably asking yourself ‘What the f... could Fleshlight come up with now?’ Well mate take a look at this, because here’s something new and frankly … [Continue reading]

Geisha Balls Review: For Kegel Exercises and Tone

Geisha balls

This week, we're talking about Geisha Balls from Fun Toys, and at first glance, this does not necessarily seem like the sexiest toy around. As a matter of fact, as I found after a little bit of research, this is not a sex toy at all, but instead is a … [Continue reading]

Is It Possible To Naturally Increase Boob Size?

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Why oh why, do so many women want to find out how to increase boob size anyway? Keira Knightly hasn’t got any, and the only reason someone would kick her out of bed is so they could bonk her on the floor. Big boobs just get in the way of important … [Continue reading]

Total Curve Review – It’s A Game Of Two Halves

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Bigger boobs ahoy! Here’s Total Curve promising to grow your breasts so big you’ll need a suspension bridge bra to keep them under control.* Total Curve is a two-step system. This a bit difference to other breast enhancement products, so we feel … [Continue reading]

Female Aphrodisiacs: Boost Your Inner Sex Goddess

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Want your sex life to be hotter than the fire of a thousand suns? Of course you do. Everyone does, even those people who claim they are constantly at it, and the sex is amazing. They are probably over-exaggerating – if not outright lying. No-one has … [Continue reading]

HerSolution Review – Natural Women’s Libido Supplement


HerSolution. It sounds like the answer to a question, but what is that question? To be or not to be? Where to find a man who can operate the washing machine? These are issues which need addressing, but HerSolution is actually a potential answer to … [Continue reading]