Is It Possible To Naturally Increase Boob Size?

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Why oh why, do so many women want to find out how to increase boob size anyway?

Keira Knightly hasn’t got any, and the only reason someone would kick her out of bed is so they could bonk her on the floor. Big boobs just get in the way of important life tasks such as sleeping on your front, or bouncing on a trampoline. Still, if you’re hell-bent on looking for ways to increase boob size, then we’re here to assist as always. Just like that lovely little department store lady, we’ll sort your boobs out for you.

Foods That May Increase Boob Size

Before you get your hopes up, we’re not going to list pizza, curry, Chinese, chocolate, birthday cake or beer. Sorry.
The following foods may increase boob size, because they contain a high level of phytoestrogen, otherwise known as plant estrogens, which may support female sex hormones. Phytoestrogen is the main component in breast enlargement pills which are taken to potentially increase boob size in women (more on that later.)

1. Nuts – Walnuts, chestnuts, brazils (not chocolate covered) – They have phytoestrogen in piles.

2. Meat – Chicken may support the production of estrogen. It also includes protein that supports muscle growth.

3. Seeds and Grains – Wholemeal seeded bread with flaxseed is said produce phytoestrogen when eaten regularly.

4. Greens – Mother knows best. She knew how to increase boob size too. Greens, such as cabbage and broccoli support good general health which is needed to ward off anaemia and help your body strength. Perfect for carrying out those chest presses. Oh, don’t worry, they are coming.

5. Fruit – Cherries, strawberries, peaches, and prunes all contain piles of vitamin C, which helps the skin stretch if you increase boob size.

6. Saw Palmetto – This is a plant indigenous to the Caribbean. It’s been in the press recently as it’s said to naturally increase breast size due to its testosterone dampening effects. This might allow estrogen to rule the roost. You’ll have to look for a supplement though.

Dressing Tips To Increase Boob Size

We’re certainly not fashion experts, but there are a few dressing tips we can give you to make your boobs look bigger. They are all optical illusions, so don’t blame us if your friends get dizzy and see weird things in the spots.

Use patterns – Patterns are your friend. They’ll give the illusion of something going on up top. Make your patterned top a bright colour too, as black is always slimming. Is that Dolly Parton we spy?

Horizontal strips – They increase the size of your bust area, pulling eyes across every available millimetre of boobage.

Bottoms – Make sure your bottom half isn’t flared out. Wear something fitted and slim-line, otherwise your top half looks smaller in comparison.

Waistlines – Wear something fitted around your waistline, and your boobs will pop out. You could time an egg with that hourglass…

Do Pills And Supplements Increase Boob Size?

Potentially a breast enlargement supplement or gel can boost smaller breasts. There are many on the market, so you’ll need to look around for your favorite. Total Curve is a two step program, which may help you to increase boob size. It claims to help you internally and externally.

For the internal part, you take a Total Curve supplement twice a day. This supplement contains phytoestrogen extracts, and circulation boosters such as fennel seeds and dong quai roots.

For the external boost, you’ll receive a gel which you need to apply twice a day too. This contains Volufiline – a substance that may boost the fatty tissues in your breasts.

Another option is Brestrogen, a topical lotion that’s applied to the breasts, and claims to increase their size. Both options offer money back guarantees.

Will Exercise Increase Boob Size?

Yes, it probably will. If you are slim, then putting on some weight will automatically provide you with bigger breasts, because women tend to store fat on their boobs and bum. For most, this is the work of the devil, but for someone trying to increase boob size, it can work nicely.

Try enacting another optical illusion by trimming your waist with crunches. You won’t actually increase boob size, but the smaller waist will make it seem that way.

Unfortunately, the best exercise to increase boob size is a chest press. Do not recoil in horror; they are really not that bad. Throw away images of sweaty, steroidal men on a weights machine. You only need to start by placing your palms together, and pressing.

This technique builds up the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts, helping them to sit up and look a good deal perkier. Do enough, and the muscles will push your boobs forward. Hello boys!

A Better Self Image = No Need To Increase Boob Size

Look for celebrities who have the same body shape as you. They are full of confidence and prove you don’t need to increase boob size to be famous or beautiful (or clever or interesting). If you can accept who you are, and embrace the athletic waif look you will be onto a good track.

If, however, you’d rather chew off your own arm than look at yourself in the mirror, then change the way you look. Hair, clothes, body-shape and weight – they can all change if you want. Just don’t expect the lovely Keira to sport a heaving bosom anytime soon. Wow. That image is so crazy our brain is refusing to take in the information.

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