Sneaky Oily Tactic to Last Longer Tonight

In my last post I told you how you can switch positions in order to last longer. That’s a kind of physical last minute trick. It involves you flipping her around or flipping yourself around or flipping both of you around like two figure skaters…

Not everyone is that athletic though. Did you try switching positions but got stuck with her ankle in your mouth and your head in the dishwasher? If you aren’t really into “moving stuff” remember to always keep your mobile phone next to you when trying these techniques and the fire brigade’s number on speed dial (just in case).

For those of you who want a more “sedentary” quick fix here is one for tonight:


This is a bit crazy and you don’t want to do it every-single-time otherwise your sheets will become so oily that you’ll be needing some underwear made of sandpaper.

While for many men, the word lube is still a tabu, like anal or like ass-to-mouth :) most women love the feeling of lube because it allows them to have sex for longer without getting physically tired. It’s also true that a lot of lube is a bit… annoying.

So you need to know that what you’re doing is a bit sneaky and if you’re recording an amateur video (to upload on a porn website) make sure that you put the lube on your hoe “behind the camera”, otherwise everyone is gonna see that you only last long because her pussy is so slippery that you basically feel no friction on your magic wand.

So, since what you are doing is a bit sneaky, get ready to handle objections!
You basically have two options:

1) The Super Sneaky Plan

You penetrate her from behind first (so she can’t see how much lube you are putting on) or you do it facing her but in a way she can’t see  (like pouring the lube in your hand first and from there onto your pipe)…. And hope for the best :)
If she feels something isn’t quite right and tells you:

Eve: Hey, that’s a lot of lube
Adam: Wow, yeah, it came out all together, anyways… (and distract her talking about how much you like her body…)

2) The Basic Sneaky Plan

You do “the mess” in front of her. You pour the lube on your tea spoon right in front of her eyes and you put a lot of it on pretending you can’t control the amount that’s coming out…

Adam: Oh! That’s a lot of lube
Eve: Yeah, no worries… come here sexy ;)

Choose the sneakiness level that better suits your personality.

Hey! Wait a minute! In case you are thinking:
Oh YES! I just found the secret tactic of my life
and are ready to buy 70 liters of lube this afternoon…. STOP!
Read on!

Using truck loads of lube is not gonna make any miracle, you’re not going to become enlightened, a prophet or not even a porn actor. And of course it’s not that “the more you put on the more you last”… It doesn’t work that way.

When using a lot of lube, you’ll notice that your pen will slip into her pocket very smoothly, there will be less stimulation on your end and you’ll last longer. A few minutes longer. Not hours longer.

Anyways, let’s say you don’t like lube, you ran out of it or you are having an unexpected affair and are caught empty handed… What do you do?

A) Use some butter

B) Use some motorbike oil

C) Stimulate her cherry with some fingering techniques and create loads of natural lubrication

A,B or C?

If you chose A or B:
You are a very romantic person, that’s for sure, Taurus and Aries are aligned for you but sexy Venus thinks you have no idea what you’re talking about and is very quickly moving away from you… :)

If you chose C: You are a bit wilder, and you know that you have a secret power in your magic fingers… the moon will protect you.

See you at the lube store!

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