How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

How do you stop premature ejaculation? I’m about to tell you how.

I’ve spent a fortune trying to stop premature ejaculation only to discover that natural, exercise based cures are the best. They are healthier and especially they produce permanent results.

In my articles and books I’ve personally renamed premature ejaculation, involuntary/unconscious ejaculation, because it really explains the problem better. When you can’t control the moment you ejaculate, premature ejaculation happens.

The whole purpose of my work is to give you the power of choosing when to come.

Now the most important things you need to stop premature ejaculation are: arousal control, arousal conditioning, pelvic floor balance, the right mindset and the secret ingredient I can’t tell you and that only my students know.

Ejaculation is a game.

And to win this game like every other game in life, you need the right mindset. Bring yourself down, doubt your skills, cry about your mistakes, complain without taking action and you are on a certain road to failure.

Believe in yourself, picture and dream about your success and you are on your way to ejaculatory control.

To stop premature ejaculation I’ve created a system that tackles the problem mentally and physically.

Some men need more of a physical approach to the problem, they need to find out how ejaculation works in their body to physically take control of it.

Some other men are weak in their minds and even though they could masturbate for hours without a girl around, if watching a porn or when a real naked juicy girl is with them, they lose their cool.

Arousal Control, Arousal Conditioning and More

To stop premature ejaculation I teach arousal control and arousal conditioning to start getting a beginner’s degree of control over ejaculation, then I move to pelvic floor awareness to totally mastering it.

Arousal conditioning is the action of building up high levels of arousal in your body and staying with it for extended periods of time.

Why is arousal conditioning important to stop premature ejaculation?

Because most guys who have this problem are simply young and inexperienced. There’s nothing wrong with them, they are not “sick” they just need experience, their body is new to the touch of a woman or new to the sensation of penetrating her. Their body literally can’t handle their arousal so they come.

It’s always the same story:

How do you give a young guy the stamina of an experienced man? Arousal conditioning is the answer.


As I explain in my training program you need to realize that at the moment your body has a certain ejaculatory threshold. That means that your body can only handle a specific level of arousal before ejaculation is triggered by your spinal cord.

You have a limit.

Arousal conditioning raises this limit.

But arousal conditioning isn’t enough to stop premature ejaculation.


Because you can’t raise your threshold forever. Actually if you did you would never ejaculate, which is not cool. You want to ejaculate, as I always say to my students, ejaculation is great, the only thing is that you want to choose “when” to ejaculate.

So besides arousal conditioning you need arousal control.

Now the topic of arousal control is a bit intricate and it’s got multiple facets but briefly, arousal control helps you stop premature ejaculation by making your will power stronger than your urge, by making you aware of your individual arousal patterns and how it evolves from erection to ejaculation and by recognizing the physical tactics that allow you to raise your arousal level and bring it down at will.

Raise your arousal level? Why should I want to raise my arousal??

Yes, when you get total control over ejaculation and become able to last as long as you like, a moment arrives during sex when you will want to come.

Your girlfriend has had a bunch of orgasms, she’s ravaged with pleasure and you feel like it’s time for you to blow your load.

In that moment you need to use those physical tricks I explain to you in order to come at will.

This is why in my program I don’t simply teach men “how not to come” but also “how to come” at will because they’ll need that skill very soon.

So we said that to stop premature ejaculation you simply want to train your body to handle high levels of arousal, you want to discover your arousal patterns and your “physical buttons” to play with your arousal at will.

Of course all this must be baked up in an attitude of determination. Without willingness to defeat this problem you get nowhere.

This is only the first step and there are a few other things that help you get physical, natural control (yeah natural, throw your pills in the bin) and stop premature ejaculation once and for all.

But for now this is enough, my laptop is running out of battery and I can’t find the charger… It must be under her bra…

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