3 Surgery Free Alternatives for Breast Enlargement

breast enlargement

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No-one likes a hospital stay. Instead of breast implants, consider these natural methods.

Even if you really want larger breasts or hanker after a breast enlargement, the risky surgery option can be overwhelming. Not only will you need a general anaesthetic, but also weeks off work, you’ll be in a good deal of pain and there is a possible risk of infection. It doesn’t seem very appealing, does it?

On top of these immediate issues are the lifespan of silicon and saline breast implants, which need replacing every ten to fifteen years. Although techniques have improved over the years, scarring is a possibility too. This makes breast implants a multiple surgery risk. It seems that better breasts through surgery are obtainable, but the physical and financial price can be high.

So what are the alternatives if surgical breast enlargement isn’t an option for you?

1 – Breast Enlargement Exercise

Certain exercises are recommended to enhance breasts, particularly ones that strengthen the pectoral muscles. If you place your palms together, with your elbows pointing out, the pectoral muscles are the ones you feel when you push. By strengthening these, you bulk up the muscle behind the breast, pushing the top layer of breast tissue forwards. As you strengthen these pectorals your posture will improve too, which automatically pulls your breasts higher.

Push-ups, and ‘planking’ also build up chest muscles and encourage breast enlargement. However, if you are exercising to obtain bigger breasts, then one thing to be aware of is that too much cardiovascular exercise can shrink your breasts. They are made of fatty tissue, which melts away with dieting and exercise.

2 – Bras for Breast Enlargement

The right bra is a good breast enlargement tool, and can make a real difference to your shape.

A well-fitting and supportive bra puts your breasts back into their proper place for an immediate uplift. Many varieties of bra exist; your desired breast shape and size will determine what kind of bra you should look for.

Moulded bras create rounded breasts, and padded bras increase breast size. The push up and squeeze together ‘Wonderbra’, that icon of the 1990s, is a well-known breast enhancer that works well.

Bra choices are bewildering. Get yourself measured properly because breasts change regularly with weight gain, age and pregnancy.

3 – Breast Enlargement Creams And Pills

Breast pills claim to increase bust size by up to three cups. They usually include ingredients such as fenugreek and fennel. Ancient Greeks used these plants to boost female hormones during menopause! There is an array of vitamins included in most pills for good measure too. If you choose the pill route, then do your research thoroughly.

A potential issue with breast pills is that boosting effects are not limited to one area; they can affect your whole body!

Creams such as Total Curve, Triactol and Brestrogen are popular ways to potentially stimulate breast enlargement. These creams work on the oestrogen boosting principle and claim to add several cup sizes to your breasts, avoiding the need for a breast augmentation.

If you are considering surgery for breast enlargement, then it’s worth trying out some of these options first. They are cheaper and more convenient than risky surgical enhancements. Brestrogen offer a money back guarantee on their cream, and better posture through exercises bring a wide range of health benefits. There is potentially a lot to gain when you try out self-help methods.

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