Last Longer in Bed Tonight with This Simple Trick

Ok, let’s say that you have a pretty girl with you tonight and you can’t really wait to train your pelvic muscles or to develop the right mindset because you need to last longer in bed tonight! There is no tomorrow for you, but just NOW.
What do you do?
Noooooooo! (Check out my post The 3 Worst Techniques to Last Longer in Bed to see what else you don’t want to do)

How about you try switching position?
How? Let me tell you.

Basically, you are at home or at her place, or in hotel, or in a car, or in a toilet, or in a street, or on a lift or on the fridge and you just start your hard penetration job, it seems everything’s going fine but after… A few seconds you feel like you are getting close (now, I have to say that just because you are “able” to feel you are getting close you should be proud of yourself! You are in a much better condition than many men who are too unconscious to even feel they are getting close).
So be happy and celebrate, you could do it just coming on her face :)

But let’s get back to business!
Switching positions is a really effective way to gain some time, I use it all the time :)
if you know 100 positions and change it every one minute, you can last 100 minutes – that is 1hr and 40 minutes… Lol
Sounds like enough? :)

Anyways, talking seriously, changing positions can really make your penetration job more exciting and fun. The whole point here is “how” to change position!
Be cheeky and dirty:
Turn around I wanna see your ass when I…
or more romantic things like “I like your ass, I wanna slap it, turn around…“.

Or if you think this is too much for you, you can just tell her to move in this or that way – or if you’re not a very talkative person or your mouth is busy with some nipples, you can just flip her over as you like. (Of course, always be respectful to your woman).

Oh! Very important! Don’t ask politely!!! (Unless you are playing that game:
Excuse me miss, could you please turn around I would like to analyze you”.
And don’t be afraid to tell her what you like and what to do… We’ll talk about this in another post… Just remind me.

Ok, that’s enough for today…
Hey! Hey! Hey Deon, where are you going?
But what about if when we change positions she doesn’t let me come out and keeps the stimulation going? Then what do I do then?

Well, you should come out when you are changing position. Actually, let me tell you even more.
Pay attention here.
When you are out, in that instant while you are grabbing your sword to place it back in the cave, use the squeeze technique and squeeze a bit just under your penis-head (or dick-head :)) for a little bit. This will lower your level of excitement. Sometimes you can actually even see this in porn movies if you look for it.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the pace.
Because you know, if you were going very fast and then you change position and then you start again at a very slow page, let me tell you, you are gonna look a bit weird :)
Of course, when you restart do it a bit slower than when you left (both for her comfort and for your endurance) but get back to the exciting pace you had before asap.

So basically what I said is:
1) Take control when switching position either verbally and physically
2) While you change use the squeeze technique to lower your arousal
3) When you get back in, start slowly but get back to the rhythm you had before withdrawing


4) Whatever you do, keep building her arousal.
So, even when you are out, talk to her (say sexual things), touch her, don’t leave her “alone”.

All right, I need to go to sleep now, I have a sexy lady waiting for me ;) and a list of 243 positions I am going to do tonight… That’s 243 minutes!!!

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Have fun!

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