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Female libido enhancers can be tricky things to identify, so we’ve helped you out with this guide.

Much like the British weather, a female libido can change from one minute to the next. One day it’s on and the next it’s off. It’s not necessarily down to choice either. Psychological and physical factors can ping your libido about like a Wimbledon pro.

Sometimes it isn’t a total lack of libido that’s the problem, but that your other half has a stronger sex drive. You might find yourself trying to keep up or having sex to keep them happy. That isn’t right, but it can be an embarrassing thing to talk about, especially for your partner, who may feel some criticism is coming their way.

Here are some techniques that may help you counteract that non-existent or low libido.

Good Health Is A Female Libido Enhancer

The state of a woman’s health reflects in her appetite for life, and this includes an appetite for sex. If you smoke, stop. We might sound like your parents, but it does you no good at all. It actually causes problems, such as restriction to blood vessels. That’s exactly the opposite of what a female libido enhancer tries to create!

The recommended amount of sleep is 7-8 hours per night, but how many people actually get that? We’d guess not many. Try to get to bed an hour earlier every other night. If you are tired, everything is a chore. Lack of sleep stops your body from healing, making you more vulnerable to illnesses.

Stress is the modern plague, rampaging around as technology allows us to work 24/7. Your mind is a part of your body, so treat it well. Take breaks from whatever is stressing you out with distractions such as reading, films, or a hobby. The stress will be waiting for you when you get back, but don’t let it rule your life. Decreasing stress is a very effective male and female libido enhancer.

A cold beer, or a full bodied red, whichever your preference, a drink can sometimes be a female libido enhancer, but don’t rely on it as a long term solution. Drinking every night has negative effects on your body. Remember that alcohol is a depressant. It dampens down your reactions – it can even lead to no orgasm, or even falling asleep during the act! Cringe!

A great female libido enhancer is fitness. A strong heart pumps blood efficiently around the body, and this is what you need to get in the mood. Plus, once you are in the mood, you’ll have more stamina and flexibility for, well, we’ll let you decide on that!

What Aphrodisiacs Are Female Libido Enhancers?

Some people suggest that certain foods are female libido enhancers. Oysters are the obvious, and it’s not a cliché. They even look a bit sexual – or is that just us?

On a scientific level, oysters have plenty of zinc, which is essential for good sexual health.

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar – CC image from Nathan Jones on Flickr

Avocados, almonds and strawberries were used as female libido enhancers over past centuries, and figs (again looking a bit sexual, no?) were used as fertility treatments and as a sickness diet for Roman noble women. So stick on your toga, eat some figs, and boost that low libido Roman style. Julius Caesar knew how to get a woman in the mood. His bowl of figs on hand was a winner, no questions asked.

As well as food, touch is an aphrodisiac. A warm massage helps to wind down those stresses and makes you more receptive to sexual touch. It’s really not much fun to jump straight into sex every night without a warm up, besides which, you might strain something. It’s not possible to win the 100 meter sprint without warming up those muscles. Offer a firm massage and you’re in female libido enhancer heaven.

Compliments Are The Best Female Libido Enhancer

There’s nothing like a compliment to make you feel good about yourself.

When you feel good, the world is a happier place. If you are happy, you’ll see the benefits in the bedroom. Anyone reading this that has a partner with low libido really needs to start her in every way they can. If she’s cooked, thank her and say how good it was (this may not be true but just suck it up). Say her hair looks nice – women universally love this compliment.

Has she lost weight? No? Ask anyway. This may lead to a sudden increase in sex. If it does, compliment her in bed too, smell, taste feel – mention it all. A lack of belief in looks causes a lack of self esteem. Boosting her self-worth is a worthy female libido enhancer that may cause an avalanche of sex. Brace yourself!

Female Libido Enhancer Creams

Creams and gels may help with female libido problems. They are sometimes known as personal lubricants, female lubes, or sexual arousal creams. There are plenty around to try out, but one that acts as a lubricant and an arousal cream is a good place to start.

Vigorelle’s libido-boosting cream claims are impressive, and HerSolution Gel states that their gel increases blood flow to the vaginal and clitoral regions. A stimulating lotion is a good idea, whatever your choice of product, because it sorts out issues such as vaginal dryness. Any worries about being too dry for sex is simply rubbed away.

Instead of feeling unhappy with a low libido, try out these female libido enhancers. Good sex is key to a good life.

The Romans knew it, and we know what they did for us!

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