Want Bigger Breasts? Then You’re Not Alone


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Breast enlargement surgery numbers rise again, but what’s fuelling the increase?

Cosmetic surgery becomes more popular every year. It doesn’t take a great deal of searching to find a surgeon to increase your breast size or change the shape of your nose, so what’s going on? Previous generations didn’t turn to cosmetic augmentation to the extent we do. Plastic surgery in the 60s and 70s was something that happened after an accident or illness. So what is prompting this increase? Is the human race simply becoming vain, or is there another explanation?

Celebrity Bigger Breasts and Social Media

Celebrity culture is a driving force behind our expectations of appearance. Physically perfect film stars with their bigger breasts and flat stomachs are dangled in front of us as examples of beauty. Whilst these body perfect images may encourage healthy eating and exercise, they do generate a lot of pressure.

With these perfect representations, it’s not surprising that in the UK alone 11,123 women had breast implants in 2014, up 13% on 2012. According to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures are for bigger breasts. Eyelid surgery comes a close second. Not just women are on the quest for physical perfection either, as procedures for men are increasing too. The most popular procedures for men are nose jobs and fat-removing liposuction, particularly on the chest area.

Celebrity openness about surgical enhancement has lifted the taboo nature of surgery, whilst social media sites such as Facebook have increased the individual’s visible presence. The rise of the selfie is thought to have prompted an increase in plastic surgery, as photos are spread far and wide across the internet.

Bigger Breasts Surgery is Not As Expensive As It Once Was

The average cost of bigger breasts in the UK is £4000 – £5000, with the same monetary equivalent in the USA. European surgeons offer breast augmentation at half the price to feed the growing demand for bigger and perkier breasts.

Ten years ago a boob job was more than double its current price, but improved techniques and growing competition have forced a price war. This means that bigger breasts through surgical breast enlargement are within the reach of mere mortals.

Is Cosmetic Surgery the Only Option? What Are the Alternative Treatments?

If someone is unhappy with their physical appearance, then there are other potential ways to improve the body without resorting to risky cosmetic surgery. Scare stories are rife, particularly around breast augmentation. A general anaesthetic and the potential for infection should not be taken lightly.

So what are the options for bigger breasts if a facelift or liposuction doesn’t appeal?

There are a number of refinement treatments such as Botox, something we hadn’t heard of ten years ago, but we are all aware of now, is a popular anti-wrinkle treatment that works by freezing the facial muscles. Wrinkle fillers, skin peels and laser hair removal are other non-surgery options, but they still require a qualified professional to administer them, and can be expensive.

A cheaper route for bigger breasts are pills and topical creams such as Brestrogen, which are popular choices because they are non-invasive. Brestrogen is a cream that claims to increase bust size utilising a plant extract. Other breast improvement lotions exist too, and most focus around boosting oestrogen levels.

There is no doubt that we all feel parts of our bodies could do with some improvement. If you are feeling down about your appearance, then it is possible to take steps towards changing yourself. However, everyone must do so in possession of the facts and potential dangers. There are other options to consider before going under the knife for bigger breasts, such as breast enlargement creams and targeted exercising.

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