Motivational Thoughts to Last Longer in Bed

“How do I last longer in bed?” is the question you need to answer, never “can I last longer?”

The ability to confidently direct your body during sex even when she’s screaming in orgasmic pleasure under your hard thrusts is called control. Sex without control feels depressing: a boring, frustrating and impotent trap.

Nobody likes having a disappointing sex life, but so many men try hard to avoid the responsibility of change.

You can hear them: “It’s not my fault, I’m stressed, she moves too quickly, I just can’t handle it, she’s too hot…”

Listen, learning to last longer is not something someone else can do for you: I can’t train for you, your friends can’t train for you and your partner can’t train for you.

Only you have the incredible power to transform your sex life.

Now is the moment.

Either you have the pride to take action, train and take charge now, or you’ll miss out on the sex life that belongs to you.

If you don’t know how ejaculation works, study it.

If you are not sure if your training will work, try it.

If what I suggest you to do doesn’t make sense, experiment with it until it does.

If you don’t understand anything, practice until you do.

If it doesn’t work, learn and try something else.

And if someone says you’ll never be able to control your ejaculation without drugs, prove them wrong.

Did anyone ever tell you that becoming the confident lover who’s able to thrust hard into hot girls non-stop-all-the-time was a piece of cake?

They were lying.


Whoever says you can avoid the necessary training and cure premature ejaculation in a couple of minutes is selling you something not worth your money.

There’s no doubt that it’s easier to stimulate your partner with your fingers and tongue and give her an orgasm before penetration than it is to train your pelvic muscles and get in control of your ejaculation for good.

But the more you focus on a proper specific mental and physical training the more solid your results will be. When you train seriously you’ll quickly collect a set of astonishing results in bed which will boost your sexual confidence and lead you to develop natural control in no time.

As a result of your training,

your partner will be blown away by the intercourse you’re able to give her,

you’ll easily over exceed her brightest expectations and distinguish yourself from every other man she has ever met.

Once you master your arousal basically once you master your penis, you can take control of any aspect of your life because you’ll have the confidence and experience of someone who succeeds in challenges most men think impossible to win.

Learning how to last longer in bed is a challenge worth your time, forget about magic pills and start your training right away.

For years you’ve been sold the idea that if you don’t take drugs, numbing creams or pills you can’t last longer in bed. For years, pharmaceutical companies have been ignoring something that matters more than your sex life: your health.

You haven’t been warned enough of the dangers inside creams and sprays and only now you’re becoming aware of those men who had their premature ejaculation worsened from using those “magic” overnight solutions.

I understand the desperation of those men who attempt the above mentioned quick-fixes and I admire their willingness to take action.

I know they’re the ones most likely to take the next step and try a proper solid training program because these men are not afraid to fight for their goals.

Contrarily, I’m worried about the future of those men who are too scared to even try some simple pelvic exercises or some easy techniques to increase their confidence. I’m worried about these passionate doubters who think nothing will work for them.

If you want to have the sex life of a rockstar tomorrow, remember to take today the actions that will make the difference. Before you can experience the overwhelming satisfaction that comes from thrusting into a hot lady for hours, you must train.

Do something valuable. Create a superb sex life for yourself.

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