13 unique tips to last longer in bed – part I

If you last longer on the toilet than in the bed, you can do something about it and it’s not shortening your poo time.

I am gonna talk about the reasons why you want to last longer in bed in another post that I’ll call “why do you wanna last longer in bed?”

All right, let me introduce you to 13 unique tips to last longer.
Some of these techniques are kind of training, some of them are last minute techniques, some are a mix.

Try them all, starting from the one you like better and have fun.

1. Squeeze it up

So you are having sex, you are thrusting a way and you start feeling than your warrior is on his way to “spread the word” … when you are about there (even if all of this happens in 9 seconds :)) withdraw your sword from the cave and squeeze the bottom of the head with a couple of fingers. For better results and to avoid screaming surprises in 9 months time, you’d better use a condom and try with masturbation first to find the right spot.

2. Take a piss with style

On planet earth everyone pees, since you have to do it and you can’t avoid it, we’d better making peeing more interesting and useful. Here is the exercise: pee, interrupt the stream for a second, then keep peeing, then stop it again, then keep peeing.. do this a few times.

Have fun, give it some rhythm. Think of your favorite song and keep the rhythm with your pee :) Stopping between 3 to 5 times would be cool.

If someone is next door and can hear you singing and keeping the beat with your pee, say you are practicing for your X-factor audition.

(Note: this exercise is only useful in making you aware of the muscle behind the scrotum, it’s not a real training. You can read more about Kegels and how useless they are by checking my post The 3 Worst Techniques to Last Longer in Bed ).

3. Get cheeky

Instead of making the head of your warrior too excited by moving it in and out her cave (whatever cave you are analyzing ;)) be cheeky and alternate thrusting with circular motion, make your key explore the key-hole all around clockwise or anticlockwise… this way all of it gets stimulated and his head can rest a bit. Side effect: the cave gets larger and larger and ready for your next dildo “play time” experiments :)

4. Choose the right positions

Your partner is your ally. Take some days off work, tell your boss that you need to discover where your ancestor’s gold is :), and devote yourself to full time experimentation. Have as much sex as you can and look for the positions that make you last longer.

Sometimes letting her flower climb your tree while you lay on your back and she goes for a ride will make you last longer. But not everyone is the same, so you’d better adopt an adventurous stance and discover what works for you. Buy an Indiana Jones hat if it helps.

5. Stay in control

Watching a James Bond movie is not enough. You need to change your mindset. Try it once, it’s pretty cool. You usually have sex (cue soft music) because mother nature put in your body this incredible urge to come in order to recreate yourself and keep the flow of nature moving and expanding… You are a tool in the hand of nature…(end soft music)

Tell nature to f**k herself for once and be in control. Today you are gonna have sex and not come. How? Keep your level of excitement low… read my post about ejaculatory thresholds and learn how to keep your excitement in control.

Withdraw your straw from the coconut if you need :), change position, use your hand or tongue while your saber is outside.. Keep your excitement level “in control”.
Then if you feel bad for mother nature, let your warrior sow its seeds around the place..

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