13 unique tips to last longer in bed – part II

If you liked “13 unique tips for lasting longer in bed – part 1″ you are gonna come in your underwear when you read the second one. So, get some toilet paper, put it in your pants and let’s start:

6. Leave your gun in your pants. It’s time to use your tongue.

Buy a fireman’s outfit, get a notepad, a pen and write down what makes your partner scream (beside turning the shower cold in secret while she is washing herself) and when you have a list, spend time applying it during intercourse. If she needs you to create origami, run the new york marathon, touch her nipples with 0.452g pressure in order to come and for you taking off your underwear is just enough, than you know what to do.

Get patient, use your hand and tongue on her body as Michelangelo would use his paintbrush and put your biscuit in the tea cup :) just when it’s at the right “temperature” ;). In this way, you’ll Come Together just like in the Beatles’s song.

7. Work Hard

Do you remember when you were a kid and trying to learn how to make your Transformer toy beat Gozilla in the face? You used to make a lot of mistakes, even silly ones, like letting Gozilla fly higher than your Transformer (shake head in disappointment). The same thing applies to boogie-woogie. When you’ll get older you’ll be more masterful of your ejaculation, and when you’ll get even older you’ll be so good that even if the hottest porn actress on earth start licking your lollipop you won’t come, it won’t even “stand up” probably :)

So, getting old is not enough, you need to practice! Have as much sex as possible! The more sex the better ;)

8. Don’t think of a naked pink elephant wearing a white bra and rubbing her ass on a streetlamp

Surprise! :) When think about stopping your ejaculation you are actually going to make it happen sooner! We’ll never know why mother nature made our brains that way, but if you want to use the grey stuff in your skull to help you last longer you’d better focus on the the pleasure you are feeling in-the-now everywhere in your body and “forget” about the ejaculation (note: if you have short memory and tend to forget too much about things, listen to a friend, put a condom ;))

9. Yeah! it didn’t hurt

Finished early? Did you come as soon as you opened your bedroom door? Or didn’t you even make to the car park?

No worries! There is round 2 (cue enter half naked hot girl with round 2 sign in her hands). Put some Rocky Balboa music, and start again! The second time you’ll last longer. Even if it’s just for being able to take off her underwear, you would have improved a little and this experience will increase your personal best for next time. So, remember, if you come too quickly the first time, go for the second one. Don’t get depressed, chimpanzees’ intercourse lasts 3 seconds, that’s what our ancestors were like, we are learning new shit here.

10. Become a Prophet

All right, that’s really important, don’t tell me I haven’t told you already. Check out my post about Edging. Take some time for yourself and your favorite hand, be romantic, take your hand out for dinner :) buy her some cream and oil for her skin, tell her how sexy she is… and put her to work! ;)

Practice the exercise described in the post above and you’ll become aware of  your level of excitement, your clairvoyant skills will improve and you’ll be able to see the rise of your ejaculation.. just like Nostradamus predicted the rise of Napoleon.. Basically what I mean is: this awareness will put you in control, and give you the choice of withdrawing your plug from her socket when it’s time. Rest. Start again.

All right, this was the second part of “13 unique tips to last longer in bed”, for the third part click on the word premature ejaculation.

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