13 unique tips to last longer in bed – part III

All right, so you read “13 unique tips to last longer in bed – Part I” and your girlfriend doesn’t want to give up your milky bar anymore.. you read “13 tips to last longer in bed part II” and your girlfriend told everyone how much she likes it and a couple of her friends are coming to your house tonight for a communal milky bar tasting…
Now, are you sure you wanna read 13 unique tips to last longer in bed part III?
Read these tips at your own risk ;)

11. Test it on a (Minnie) Mouse

For once don’t be an animal, when some nipples are in front of you, put your natural instinct back in your pocket and use your mouth – to talk :) Ask her to collaborate in your laboratory research. That’s the first step.
Second step: Buy some geeky glasses for you and a sexy minnie mouse dress for her and get in a testing laboratory for a week or two of experiment. Your goal is to discover what positions make you last a good amount of time, neither too much nor too little. For example, by sitting next to each other without touching you’ ll last for days :) so that’s not a good one. Having her on her knees and showing you her beautifully round birthday cake while you rush to plant your candle inside it will make you come faster than Bolt on the 100meters final.
So, take your time, and experiment with some other positions, you’ll probably find out that positions like side-by-side, reverse cowgirl or her on top will give you more control as your excitement will grow more slowly.
Be aware of your sensations, have fun and if your geek glasses get steamy, you know what to do…

12. Wait a minute!

This is the best technique. I know it may sound complicated and time consuming but this will really give you the control that you’re looking for. I have talk about it in my post “raise your ejaculatory threshold” and in “Edging: How to Perfectly Execute it”.
You’re drilling her cave with your jackhammer and you feel like you are going to spill out some oil soon… STOP, totally stop and wait 60 seconds, to allow your hammer to cool down. You don’t need to become weird and not blink or not move your hands and stuff like that ;) . Don’t take what I say too literally. Just stop stimulation. I know what you are thinking: Hey, and what about her? Take the opportunity to tell her how much you enjoy her flower, how sexy her boobage is and keep touching and caressing her, then after 30 sec or 1 minute start your road works again… ;)

13. Mind your Mind

Last tip. Change your mindset. Read my post Lasting Sex Styles and discover the tantric approach to sex. Try to change from a mindset of having sex because I-have-to-come-now-otherwise-my-nuts-will-explode! or, even worse: She-has-to-come-now-otherwise-she-will-be-disappointed-and-she’ll-leave-me! to a mindset of I-don’t-give-it-a-shit-about-my-ejaculation-or-her-orgasm-all-I-want-is-to-go-slowly-and-to-feel-this-pleasure-for-as-long-as-I-can.
Go slowly. Pleasure is the goal. This winning mindset will make all the difference.

All right!
Use these 13 tips to kick your sexual stamina in the ass and call me when you have the opposite problem and last so long that she can’t handle it anymore… At that stage I’ll probably be on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean island drinking coconuts and “making friends” with local beauties… And sending all the details of my new discoveries to my amazing hardcore community of readers.

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