Deon Black

Deon Black

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

For the past 16 years, Deon has been using sex toys, shopping sex toys, testing sex toys, living and breathing sex toys. He has a collection of over 200 sex toys including Fleshlight, penis extenders, vibrators, Aneros prostate massagers, BDSM gear, Sex Robots and much more.

It all started in August 2004 during a University Summer Camp in Paris when a girl he was dating initiated him to the world of vibrators. It was love at first sight.

Fast-forward to 2010, while browsing internet forums and sex toy blogs he realized the wealth of misinformation and sleaziness around the world of sex toys. So he decided to do something about it and create a true, honest, fact-checked resource for sex toy shopping advice and use.

Finally 9 years ago he founded and has been sharing his hands-on knowledge and experience with the world since then.

Deon is also a successful published Sex Author of 3 books.

In 2013 he published a best-selling sex book called “LAST” (now out of stock) then rebranded as “The 47 Hour“, which is a Stamina Training guide to help men last longer in bed.

Deon is a Senior Content Specialist and as LetsTalkSex.Net’s Editor-in-Chief, it’s his mission to make sure that LetsTalkSex.Net showcases only the very best in sex toys, sex ebooks, sex tutorials, presenting a series of carefully curated, tested and extensively researched, informative buying guides.

Overseeing a growing team of researchers, reviewers, editors and writers, Deon works diligently to make sure only the best sex toys ever make it on LetsTalkSex.Net


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Established in 2011, has bought over 900 sex toys for our team to test until today and spent over 65,000 hours testing and researching sex toys.

Our goal is to provide our readers with detailed information about sex toys and products, along with our recommendations for the sex toys that stand out as the best of the best.

We are sex toys lovers, sex gurus, certified sexologists, renegade sex coaches, international speakers, published sex writers and DIY warriors, offering firsthand, in-field knowledge and years of professional experience to aid you in choosing the right sex toy for you.

Who has time to shop for sex toys?

Life can get busy and messy, and the majority of people don’t really have time to spend hours and hours researching for the best possible sex toy for them.

This means that they are left to rely on sponsored reviews with unexpected results, rely on word of mouth, or simply follow what the advertisements suggest. These options are far from being ideal when choosing the best Fleshlight, vibrator or BDSM gear for you. And that’s what we are here for.

How we work

Anybody can read the features or specs on a sex toy box. You may even get an idea of the quality of the sex toy if you have a bit of experience and can compare its features or metrics. But what is more challenging, more time consuming, is to compare hundreds of different sex toys to choose the best one. And in the majority of cases people end up choosing what is “good enough”.

We typically spend around 200 hours of research – and sometimes much longer – to research and write a single article. That is around one month of work for one article.

We look at sex toys from every angle, research metrics, manufacturers, customer reviews and most of all, do our own hands-on testing in order to select which Fleshlight, which prostate massager, which dildo, which sex toy (you name it) is the best option available on the market today.

How we determine the best sex toy

Determining the best sex toys, whether a Fleshlight, a Male Masturbator, a Vibrator or a Penis Extender isn’t as straightforward as most people may think. While for some sex toys there are simple metrics that can easily be compared, for others the decision is not so straightforward.

In order to measure sex toys qualities we discuss with manufacturers as well as researching consumers comments and from there we design specific qualitative tests in order to narrow down our choices from hundreds to three-four sex toys, until we get to the best one or two.

Our testing and researching is completely transparent, and we always explain how we came to our final conclusion. We also explain why the other sex toys didn’t make it to the top.

We spent over 65,000+ hours (since 2011) finding the best sex toys to save you the time and trouble of researching.

Our vetting process

At LetsTalkSex.Net we understand that you are looking for honest, accurate and reliable information to make your sex toy purchase therefore we have set in place a detailed screening process through which we run sex toys before reviewing or recommending any.

In order to find the real absolute best sex toy for each review, we run each sex toy through a vetting process. In this way we cut out the weed by uncovering those companies that use fake reviews and misinformation to sell.

We screen potential sex toys and products based on a few things:

Real-World Experience: Our whole team has over 60 years combined of sex toys buying experience. From Fleshlight to Aneros collectors to Vibrator addicts and Sex Robots testers as well as certified sexologists and professional international speakers and renown sex writers, we are confident to say that our team has enough experience to judge which sex toys work best for whom.

Hands-On Experience: There are tens of thousands of sex toys out there, quite realistically we can’t test them all. But for sure we put our hands on as many as possible. We use them, we test them under different conditions and make our evaluations based on our hands-on experience. If something doesn’t work as advertised it’s out.

Insiders Recommendations: Sex toy manufacturers, PR professionals from large sex shops all have great recommendations because their success depends on quality. That’s why we consult with them regularly to get their insight on how that prostate massager or that app controlled sex toy performs in the market.

User Reviews: Honest user feedback is priceless. In addition to our own hands-on genuine experience we also read other users reviews to see how things are working for other people. We skim through the ocean of fake reviews to spot the real ones and gather additional insights from it.

Brand Reputation: Great, trustworthy and popular brands are usually a great place to look for quality sex toys. A lot of great brands have spent years to build a reputation and most of the times this reputation is based on quality. We tend to weed out products coming from brands with low reputation.

Sales Information: Sometimes the best way to judge a sex toy is by its numbers. Is it selling? Are people spending their money on it? These economical trends is something we pick up on and take into consideration while selecting which sex toys to review, test and ultimately recommend in our buying guides.

Product Developers: We also consistently chat to product developers and engineers in order to increase our knowledge and learn more details about specific sex toys features.

We then put together all this wealth of information, our own personal testing, technical research, other consumers reviews and finally come to the conclusion of which sex toy is the best of the best in each category.

Our combination of personal field-testing together with our extensive market research would be incredibly time consuming for a typical person to do on their own.

Our editorial process

Creating quality content goes beyond just finding the best sex toys to review and feature. It’s something that takes time and experience to do it right. At LetsTalkSex.Net we have built our entire editing and writing process with the goal of creating the best sex toys reviews in the world.

Meet the team

Our team is made up of sex toy lovers with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. What we have in common, the single point focus we all live by, is to help you find the best possible sex toy for you. Although there are too many contributors that have worked on LetsTalkSex.Net over the years, the people listed below are the ones you will see more often on our website.

The core of our team is the writers who take all our complex and detailed research and work their magic to condense it in easy to read sex toy buying guides, reviews and tutorials.

Our writers come from all corners of the professional sex toy world. Some are certified sexologists or sex toy professionals who deal with sex toys every single day. Others are experienced sex toy users who have been buying and using sex toys for 20 years and are always up-to-date with the current trends in the industry.

Wherever they come from, our writers have the kind of sex toy experience to offer recommendations and trustworthy opinions and information.

Beyond the writers, our team consists of testers, editors, consultants, researchers, illustrators, designers and people who know how to make great content engaging and easy to digest.

Jenny Wade

jenny wadeCertified Sexologist and Senior Content Specialist

Meet Jenny, a Certified Sexologist and professional sex toy expert. Jenny is our Senior Content Specialist. With a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) Jenny has spent the last 20 years of her life exploring sex toys in both her personal life and her client’s, with a specific focus on dildos, vibrators and BDSM gear. Fifteen years ago, a passion for all things bondage landed her a job in a New York City dungeon as a professional dominatrix where she used sex toys on most of her clients gathering valuable knowledge and understanding. Jenny’s expert sex toy knowledge contributes to our female sex toys and BDSM category of reviews. With a AASECT Certification in Sexology and countless hours of in-field testing, she has certainly earned the position of sex toy professional and sex toy coach.

What’s more being a qualified EFS ESSM Psycho-Sexologist leader, Jenny is driven by her passion to facilitate the connection between sex toys and society. By actively running regular SHEC Accredited Sexual Health Certification Training Courses, she ensures that this relationship is maintained. Whether you want to buy a masturbator, a dildo, a vibrator or some BDSM gear, knowledge gained by her helpful tips will help improve your sex skills and supply you with the right techniques and advice.


Ilona Laboviciute

ilona With over 10 years experience as sex toy Sales Manager, Ilona is quite familiar with the things modern users expect from the latest sex toys and sexual accessories. More importantly, she also knows all about what makes sex toys attractive to singles and couples. As a Sales Manager for large sex toy manufacturers, Ilona is associated with a number of companies that offer marketing solutions to the sex toy industry. Through her work, Ilona keeps a finger on the pulse of the sex toy retail industry to stay updated on the latest trends and consumer demands.

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Michael Werner

michaelVideo Production Specialist

Michael supports LetsTalkSex.Net with all-things video, multimedia production and video optimization. He is passionate about Fleshlight and Aneros sex toys and he loves how working at LetsTalkSex.Net allows him to combine his love for Fleshlight with his love for videography.

He is passionate about Fleshlight, and has a large collection of them. In particular he loves the Fleshlight Stoya and Stamina Training Unit. You can find him on his computer, or dismounting Sex Robots, or being dragged down the sidewalk by his 3 Labradors, Coco, Bailey and Buddy.


Daniel Jackson

danielSenior Front-End Developer

Over the past 14 years, Daniel has analyzed and reviewed hundreds of male sex toys, including masturbators, pocket pussies and prostate massagers for a number of print magazines before moving into the LetsTalkSex.Net family in 2016. He was born Swiss and has a special place in his heart for CSS tricks, Responsive Design and Javascript frameworks.

He grew up in a modern household, with his family owning a sex shop business, so he knows a thing or two about sex toys. He has been living the sex toys lifestyle since he can remember. When not working, you can find him hiking or preparing for the next marathon.


Katherin Winnick

katherinMarketing Director and PR Manager

Katherin is our vibrators and dildo expert. She has more than a decade worth of experience with sex toys. With a background as Area Sales Manager for a large sex toy company, she works full time as LetsTalkSex.Net’s marketing director. Katherin has developed quite a few quirky tricks in her experience with vibrators, especially with g-spot vibrators and is very proud about her British accent.


How to support our work

It is difficult to trust a company when you know that most people are being paid to review or promote a specific product. That’s why we like to be transparent about our business.

Our reviews are written by real users, and are not influenced by sex toy companies. When you click an affiliate link and proceed with the purchase of a sex toy, we sometimes earn an affiliate commission that supports our work.

Just as we are selective for the products we review, in the same way we take time to appraise our affiliates to make sure they offer sex toys that are valuable to you.

Honesty and Transparency: Our Core Values

The reason for our honesty is that we love our LetsTalkSex.Net community and we are here to build a long trustworthy relationship with our readers.

If we suggest you a product that doesn’t perform, you probably won’t come back to us tomorrow, and we prefer to have long term readers than quick visitors.

But most of all, we want to make our dent into the world, we want to add value and make people’s love lives better. We don’t want to spend years of our lives pushing people to buy wrong things.

Have a sex toy suggestion?

We spent on average 150+ hours to write a single article (and sometimes many more)! We have a long long list of products we want to test and review, but if there is anything in particular that you would like us to review, please use the contact form below or send us an email.