Top 12 Best Ball Stretchers For Men in 2024 – Stretch Your Testicles

the chain gang leather ball stretcher

Do your balls hang low? Can you swing ‘em to and fro? Can you tie ‘em in a knot? Can you tie ‘em in a bow? If you use a ball stretcher, chances are you answered yes to all of the above.

Ball stretchers are a phenomenon that not a lot of men are aware of. Perhaps you’ve never heard of them before and are looking to find out more. Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Ball Stretcher 2024

  1. best metal ball stretcher.
  2. Bondage Boutique Silicone Ball Stretcherbest stretcher for beginners.
  3. Unforgivingly strong.

Ball stretchers are one of those things where if you know, you know. The sensation that they bring, whether it’s a weighted ball stretcher, silicone, leather, or metal, are quite like nothing else that you’ve ever experienced before in your life. And today I’m going to tell you why.

Curious? I bet you are. I’ve tested many ball stretchers, and below I’ve listed the best ball stretchers of 2024. Keep on reading to discover what’s good, and what’s not so good about each product, how to best use a ball stretcher, where to purchase your own, and how to keep yours clean.

Why Trust Us?

A satisfied sex life is a happy life, and we hold this in high regard. Not only our own, but yours, too. That’s why we test and review each product individually – highlighting each of their best points, and making sure we’re vocal about their not-so-good points. While we always recommend that you do your own research, we’re just here to help you on your way a bit. We believe in honest reviews and integrity is paramount – which is why you won’t find any fake, biased reviews around here.

1. Bullet Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weight – Best Metal Ball Stretcher

bullet magnetic ball stretcher weight

Okay, before I scare you away, hear me out. I could’ve started off easy with a silicone ball stretcher, however, I wanna start with the best. Yeah, the metal may make it look a little intimidating but no-ones going to make you wear a gimp mask and crawl around on all fours. Unless you’re into it, of course.

The Bullet Magnetic Ball Stretcher is probably not the best choice if you’re just starting out with stretching. I get it, you want to ease yourself into it and the metal might put you off. But this product is really simple to use. I found that this offers a great deal of comfort despite it being made of metal, and it felt incredible.

The smooth metal material meant it didn’t take me too long to clean, and the fact that it’s magnetic means you can add more weights to it. So if you are just starting out and want to go balls deep (see what I did there?) with the metal weights right away, then you can start off low and build yourself up. Trust us, it’s worth its weight in gold.


  • Safe material
  • Long term results
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Magnetic


  • Can get a little pricey the higher the weight

2. Bondage Boutique Silicone Ball Stretcher – Best Stretcher For Beginners

bondage boutique silicone ball stretcher

See on Lovehoney

If you’re just starting out with stretching your balls, then silicone ball stretchers and plastic stretchers are perfect. The Bondage Boutique Silicone Ball Stretcher fits really well and fits comfortably snug on your testes, without being too tight. I like how this has just the right amount of pressure.

I’m a big fan of this product, and I’ve found that I keep going back to it. Whether it’s at home, or out in public. It also works really well in conjunction with other toys, too. It’s easy to slip on thanks to its silicone material, and all in all – a great introduction of this type of toy.

I did find on the odd occasion that one ball did escape, and I think that’s down to it being too wide, and it could be a little heavier. However, it’s a good starting toy and it holds your sack in a good position. It’s great during foreplay as my partner does not like to neglect my balls – hence this being perfect for making them stand a little taller.


  • Soft and supple silicone
  • Fits comfortably
  • Flexible
  • Providers a gentle tug
  • Good during foreplay


  • Some men may find it to be a wide fit
  • Short term results
  • Could be a little heavier

3. CalExotics Big Man Spreader – Best For Stretching Penis & Balls

calexotics big man spreader

See on CalExotics Official Store

When I say my cock has never looked better than when I tried the CalExotics Big Man Spreader, I mean it. It looked huge and I’ve never felt so exposed in front of my partner. Safe to say, the lady was impressed.

The silicone material means it’s flexible, yet feels sturdy and durable. The first ring brings everything forward while the middle ring almost doubles as a cock ring. The two bottom ones are obviously for the balls, spreading them out nicely and making the skin and everything extra sensitive.

I did struggle to get this on at first as I found that the individual ball rings and middle cock ring were a little on the small side, however, with a bit of stretch they went over and fit fine. Combine this product with some light bondage – you’re in for a lot of fun. Pain or pleasure, it all depends on where the mood takes you. And this product has it all.


  • Good product with a reasonable price tag
  • Perfect for all-round stretching
  • Silicone material feels high quality
  • Stretchy
  • Versatile – can be used in a number of ways


  • Small rings made it tricky to get on at first

4. Oxballs Neo-Stretch Ball Stretcher – Most Comfortable

oxballs neo stretch ball stretcher

See on Oxballs Wholesale

The Oxballs Neo-Stretch Ball Stretcher is another great option for anyone looking for a silicone ball stretcher. I found this product simple to put over my balls, giving just the right amount of stretch and fitting me comfortable.

Oxballs have other Neo-Stretchers available, however, having tried them before, have often found them to stretch a lot over time. At first, I was concerned that this was going to do the same, but I was pleasantly surprised! This ball stretch is revolutionary in that it keeps its own shape – even after multiple uses.

This stretcher is also stackable, yet great for anyone looking for a smooth introduction to ball stretchers. I found the pressure to be firm, but not super tight. I found that my orgasm was a lot stronger, too. Definitely worth purchasing – especially for beginners!


  • Made from a soft material
  • Good amount of stretch
  • Durable materials
  • Stackable
  • Simple to clean


  • Tends to attract quite a bit of dust and dirt
  • Tricky to apply if you have larger balls

5. The Chain Gang Leather Ball Stretcher – Best Leather Ball Stretcher

the chain gang leather ball stretcher

See on The Chain Gang’s Official Store

The Chain Gang Leather Ball Stretcher offers a good amount of tug and is made from high-quality, genuine leather. I found that there were some decent sensations happening, and while not as intense as weighted leather ball stretchers are, this product does offer a nice reprieve.

While wearing The Chain Gang Leather Ball Stretcher, it was almost like getting a nice massage on my balls. The short-term results were decent, however, if you’re looking for a ball stretcher with long-term results, then this product is not for you. This toy did enough for my partners to feel the slap during sex – which is perfect, if that’s what you’re looking for.

If I was going to make any complaints about this product, I’d say that I wish it was a little bit heavier. The materials used are of a high-quality, smooth, and an extra bonus is that it’s super easy to clean up after use. I struggled a bit too when I tried to put it on for the first time, but I soon got the hang of it.


  • Made of real leather
  • Adjustable straps to change pressure
  • Can be used alongside metal weights
  • Comfortable amount of squeeze


  • Results are not long-term
  • Tricky to apply for the first time

6. Heavy Scrotum Pendant – Best For BDSM & Advanced Stretchers

heavy scrotum pendant

Not for the faint hearted is the Heavy Scrotum Pendant by Oxy-Shop. Now, if you’re just starting out with ball stretchers, then I’d probably skip this one, as I found that the sensations when wearing this were rather intense. Not just in the balls, but penis, too.

This product is ideal for anyone with a major CBT kink, along with the more advanced ball stretcher aficionados. It gives you incredible tug, as well as separating your balls in a spiked cage. I told you this toy wasn’t for the faint hearted.

The material used for this toy is stainless surgical steel, making it simple enough to clean. I did find that if you have a larger set of testicles, you may struggle to fit, so bear this in mind before making a purchase. Perfect for anyone in the BDSM community who is looking to watch their partner squirm in pain and/or pleasure.


  • Strong sensations to balls and penis areas
  • Ideal for people who participate in BDSM
  • Good amount of stretch
  • Chastity cage as well as a ball stretcher
  • Made from surgical steel
  • One of the best ball stretchers


  • Not ideal for people who are just starting out with ball stretchers
  • Comes in one size only

7. Ze Mango Magnetic – Best Weighted Stretcher

ze mango magnetic

Ze Mango Magnetic may not look like much, but boy is it mighty. It’s made of pure steel, so when I clipped this around my balls, I felt the tug right away. The grip and pull felt so intense, and the sheer weight of the steel material stretched my balls nicely with a cold, harsh sensation.

The magnet of this brute is very strong, to the point where it’s almost unforgiving. Once I locked it in place, there was no fear of it falling off or coming loose. It’s easy to both and attach and remove, although be careful not to pinch your sack. Take it from someone who learnt the hard way.

Ze Mango Magnetic is not adjustable, so it’s a one-size-fits-all ball stretcher which may not be ideal if your balls are bigger than average. Perfect for anyone who likes a weighted stretcher and enjoys the cold, sleek steel look.


  • Made of quality steel
  • Seriously weighted with a firm grip
  • Simple to attach and remove thanks to the magnet
  • Nice design


  • Not adjustable therefore may not be ideal for men with larger than average penis
  • May be too weighted for some men
  • Beware of pinches!

8. Oxballs Squeeze – Most Durable Material

oxballs squeeze

See on Lovehoney

See on Doghouse Leathers

I opened up the packaging for the toy and straight away I was impressed. The look of the product is sleek, and the silicone material feels strong and durable, while still flexible. Initially, I did struggle to put this on – I was unsure whether it was because my balls are too big, however, after I added some lube into the mix, this baby went on great.

It does provide a powerful and firm grip of your balls, without feeling too intense. So if you’re someone who does like an extreme, weighted tug, then this toy may not quite do it for you.

I wore the Oxballs Squeeze for a few hours and it felt great. Once I put it on, there was no budging it – with it staying firmly in place. It just may take a little bit of lubing up before you can get it on.


  • Flexible and durable material
  • Easy to apply (with lube)
  • Can be worn for a good amount of time
  • Offers a nice tugging sensation


  • Results are not permanent
  • Can be fiddly to open
  • Difficult to apply without lube

9. Oxballs Cock Sling 2 – Best For Use With A Partner

oxballs cock sling

See on Lovehoney

The Oxballs Cock Sling 2 is a great product offering dual functionality. It grips both your cock and balls and holds them firmly in place, while offering a nice amount of pull on your sack. I felt like my balls were caged in, which I was a huge fan of thanks to the cock ring.

The shape and design of the Cock Sling 2 meant that it wasn’t the easiest to get on and off, so if you need simplicity in your life – maybe opt for a toy with a more straightforward application.

My partner also really enjoyed me wearing this product in the bedroom, as she could go town on me thanks to everything being held tightly in place, and allowing greater access to my sack. Definitely worth checking out if you are someone who enjoys that caged in feeling, and just wants a nice, gentle tugging sensation on your testes. And if you want to use it with a partner – even better.


  • Stretches balls lightly
  • Good material used
  • Flexible
  • Integrated cock ring
  • Firm grip


  • Not the easiest to put on.
  • Only comes in one size

10. Oxy-Shop Screw You – Easiest To Use

oxy shop screw you

The Oxy-Shop Screw You is a nice design, almost looking like a horse short that fits films over your ball sack. This product is equipped with a single screw that you twist and untwist to lock in place. The overall look of the leather stretcher itself is like none that I’ve ever seen before, making it unique while doing the job well.

I did find that the screw did come a little loose, so be sure to tighten the screw so that your balls don’t end up falling out. Other than that, the Oxy-Shop Screw You fits really well and it feels comfortable.

What’s even better is how good of a price it is. It’s one of the less expensive products on this guide, and for the money – it’s definitely a solid purchase. It offers a good amount of stretch and a decent amount of weight for all-round good sensations.


  • Inexpensive
  • Unique design
  • Very easy to use making it perfect for beginners
  • Comfortable but firm
  • Decent amount of weight


  • I did find that the screw came loose every now and again – so be sure to twist it extra tight.

11. Oxballs Z-Balls 3 in 1 – Most Versatile

oxballs z balls

See on Lovehoney

The Oxballs Z-Balls 3 in 1 works as a ball stretcher, cock ring, and a cock and ball sling – we love a multi-use purchase. And for the price, you definitely cannot grumble. I like the material used, it’s a sleek, soft plastic that I found felt pretty sweet around my sack.

I found this toy to be extremely comfortable to wear, while offering just the right amount of restriction. It’s super soft and pliable, and perfect for experimentation. The design does look a little curious, however, it has so much going on.

I liked how it was easy to pull on and off, and if you’re looking for that sweet slapping sound when using it with a partner, then I highly recommend this toy. It stretched my balls low enough to achieve the ‘slap’ while holding my cock up nice and proud – plus the grip feels pretty damn good. If I was to complain about anything, and this is being nitpicky, then perhaps it could come in more interesting colors.


  • Can be worn in multiple ways
  • Comes with cock ring
  • Stretchy material
  • Soft
  • Easy to use


  • Comes in only one color

Ball Stretchers To Avoid

Oxy-Shop Parachute Ball Stretcher

oxy shop parachute ball stretcher

I did have high hopes for the Oxy-Shop Parachute Ball Stretcher, however, I must admit that I was a little disappointed. I don’t know whether it’s just me, but the leather was quite rough – which really didn’t feel good on my sack. Because of that, I found that I couldn’t enjoy any of the pull it had because it just wasn’t comfortable to wear. If you’re willing to overlook the roughness of leather ball stretchers, then I imagine this will be pretty good as you can add and remove weights to suit your own preference.

Oxballs Morph Curved

oxballs morph curved

See on Peepshow Toys

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I could not get on board with the Oxballs Morph. The curve looks great, but I don’t think the height of it worked for me. This is all personal preference, for others, they may feel like it has curves in all the right places, whereas for me, I found it really tricky to get on, and just wasn’t a huge fan of the textured sleeve.

What Is A Ball Stretcher?

So, you know all there is to know about the best ball stretching toys available on the market in 2024, but you’re still not 100% sure on what one is. Okay, listen up. The clue is in the title. A ball stretcher, well, it stretches your balls and lowers your scrotum. Popular within the BDSM community, ball stretchers are also used by men simply for aesthetic reasons.

They come in a variety of different forms including weighted, metal, leather, platinum silicone, and silicone.

How I Tested Each Ball Stretcher

I’ve been testing male sex toys for years now, so I’d like to think that I’m pretty clued up on what’s good. When it comes to testing and reviewing, I don’t like to cut corners. I look over each product individually and take many factors into account. For the following ball stretchers, I focused mainly on:

  • The packaging it arrived in
  • First impressions looks-wise
  • Feel of the product – does it feel durable? Is the material high-quality?
  • Application – was it easy or difficult?
  • How much did I enjoy the sensation? Was there a good amount of pull?
  • Stretching results – short term or long term?
  • Overall experience

After my own research, I consider other people’s experiences by reading reviews left online. While these do not sway my own opinion, I’m always curious to find out what other people had to say, and whether their experience differed much from mine.

Why Use A Ball Stretcher?

They’re designed to stretch out your testicles and many men choose to do it because they prefer the way it makes their balls look. Others do it simply because it feels awesome. Additionally, as mentioned above, ball stretchers are commonly used within the BDSM community. While a lot of them are designed in a way that’s meant to be comfortable, kinksters can enjoy ones that are designed to be less-so. Listed below are just some of the reasons men love to stretcher their balls:

  • Massive turn on: The pulling/weighted sensation on your balls can be a big turn on for some men.
  • Intense orgasms: It’s all simple science. When you ejaculate, the semen comes from your balls after they contract to bring it out. If your balls are being held down, then the likelihood of them being able to contract is reduced – making for a prolonged orgasm.
  • Fetish: While not for everyone, many people – including members of the BDSM community – enjoy cock and ball torture, otherwise known cock and ball torture. If you’ve never considered it but are curious to try, well, there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Ball stretchers are just the foot in the door.
  • Aesthetic reasons: I don’t know what it is, but stretched out balls just look a whole lot better. Some men aren’t even stretching for pleasure, but merely to make their balls look better.

Best Places To Buy A Ball Stretcher

There are many online stores that sell anything your horny heart desires, including ball stretchers – all it takes is a quick Google search. However, you want to be sure that wherever you choose to buy your toys from is reliable and legit. Not every site out there has your best interests at heart. Listed below are just some of my favorite adult toy websites boasting thousands of amazing products for you to enjoy, whether it’s by yourself or with your partner.

  • Oxy-Shop official store – established brand for metal ball stretchers.
  • Lovehoney – no.1 store in America for all adult toys and costumes.
  • Adam&Eve – popular site offering an array of different toys including ball stretchers, plus discreet packaging
  • Stockroom – top site for bondage lovers, with a large selection of kinky toys available.

Before buying a ball stretcher, consider the material you want, as well as the size (tight but not too tight), height (if you’re a beginner, try a shorter stretcher), and if you want it to be weighted. Beginners can opt for lighter weights and work their way up.

Tips On Using A Testicle Stretcher Safely

All men know how sensitive their balls are. One light knock can leave you feeling sick to your stomach, which is why it’s important to use ball stretchers safely and wisely. I’ve listed some tips below on how to practice safe stretching.

Be sure to buy a stretcher that fits correctly – Now, this goes without saying. If you buy a stretcher that’s too big for your little fellas, then it will fall off and have no effect whatsoever. Buy a stretcher that’s too small, well, then you run the risk of doing some serious damage. There’s a fine line between wearing a stretcher that has just the right amount of snug, so that the stretcher stays firmly in place, and being too tight.

Before buying a ball stretcher, I suggest you measure the size of your sack. For the most accurate measurement, be sure to do this when your balls are super-relaxed – I always find in the bath or after a bath is a good place to do so. Get yourself some measuring tape, or even some string will do, and wrap it around the scrotum one time for an accurate circumference.

Wear your stretcher correctly – I’m not trying to tell you how to suck eggs here, but you’ll be surprised how many people are using their testicle stretchers wrong. Always read the directions that come with the stretcher so that you can be 100% certain that you’re wearing it correctly. Wear it wrong, and you could risk causing some long-term damage.

Tying Your Balls

Tying your balls is a practice that many men do as an alternative to purchasing ball stretchers. It’s also a common practice within the BDSM community, as it offers a combination of both pleasure and pain. It’s important that when you are participating in bondage that all parties are, of course, consensual, as well as having a mutual level of understanding and solid communication.

Your well-being and safety are paramount, so be sure to research correct techniques of tying your balls and make yourself aware of any potential risks that may occur. Seek advice from a more experienced individual – perhaps someone within the BDSM community.

Tips On Cleaning Your Testicle Stretcher

Cleaning silicone ball stretchers is a simple enough task, but the amount of effort varies depending on the material of the product. For a metal stretcher, you can simply boil your stretcher and rid it of any bacteria. For other materials, i.e. silicone, water (tepid), and a generic sex toy disinfectant is enough. Be sure to clean your ball stretcher regularly so that it’s good to go each time you use it.


How long is recommended to stretch testicles with a stretcher?

The length of time you spend wearing your ball stretcher comes down to the product itself, and what results you are hoping for from using your ball stretcher. For results that are long term, men must commit to wearing ball stretchers for years. It’s recommended that you wear your stretcher for a couple of hours a day if you want more permanent results.

Is wearing a ball stretcher painful?

Wearing a ball stretcher should not be painful so if it is, then you may be wearing it wrong. We suggest measuring your scrotum in advance so that you can purchase a ball stretcher that will fit your body correctly. If it’s too small, then it can be painful, and you risk causing yourself damage.

Can I use lube with my ball stretcher?

You can use any lube with your ball stretcher, however, a good water-based lubricant is what we advise. It’s easy to clean after use, and there are no harsh chemicals!

How does stretching your testicles enhance your sexual performance?

Stretchers are a good way of making you last longer during sex as they squeeze your balls and prevent you from releasing semen quickly. Another perk of ball stretchers is that they can make your orgasms feel more intense as well as prolong them!

Can I use a ball stretcher with a partner?

Of course! While ball stretchers are exclusively for men, for obvious reasons, there’s no reason your partner can’t get involved! They isolate your balls making them a lot more visible – so if your partner is into that, then they will love ball stretchers! They also help to enhance a man’s performance in the bedroom, often making them last a lot longer.

Where’s the best place to buy ball stretchers?

There are many different online sex shops right at your fingertips. The most established and respected sites, such as Lovehoney, Stockroom, Oxy-Shop, etc., will sell all kinds of ball stretchers including metal, silicone, and weighted.

How permanent are the results of stretching your testicles?

To see long term effects of using ball weights and stretchers, there is a degree of dedication and commitment that comes with it. Many men use their ball stretchers for years, and it’s only then that they are able to see a more obvious difference from before they started stretching. Metal, weighted stretchers are better for men wanting long term results.

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