33 Best Bullet Vibrators & Vibrating Eggs – Pocketable Orgasms

Bullet vibrators and vibrating eggs are among the most popular small sex toys available, but which ones do you buy?

Whether you want a cheap basic bullet or want to be more adventurous and splash out on some of the most up-to-date and orgasm inducing vibrators out there, there is a mini toy for everyone.

There comes a day in every woman’s life when she feels a need for sexual independence, when she just wants to be able to get herself off without the help of a man. Hell, once you experience what a sex toy has to offer you may never want to go back!

best bullet vibrator

Top 3 Bullet Vibrators

  1. Lelo Smart Bead – High quality vibrating eggs to train your pelvic floor
  2. Mantric Rechargeable – Beautiful, powerful, silky smooth
  3. AE Silver Bullet  – One of the most popular bullet vibrator of all times, very cheap too

We’ve reviewed 33 more bullet vibes.

What Are Bullet Vibrators and Vibrating Eggs?

Well these little guys are the mini vibrators of the sex toy world, and a must have for any collection. A bullet is the simple and innocent looking little toy, which as the name suggests looks like a bullet, but trust me, it’ll become your clit’s best friend.

The love egg is a bit of an all-rounder, a multi-tasker if you will, and will thrill in a multitude of ways. As the name suggests they look like an egg, or sometimes like an over-sized suppository, don’t let that put you off though!

You will find hundreds of designs and styles as some of the top sex toy makers are ever innovative in their creations, from glow in the dark, to animal shaped and everything in between, they leave no stone unturned.

1) Vibrating Silver Bullet 2

vibrating silver bullet


The A&E range is always great, but this bullet is a nifty little device. It’s recently been improved to shock you with stronger vibrations. There’s a really long extension cord with the controls on, so that you can use it all over your body without bothering to stretch.

Want to tickle your toes? No problem. I can think of better things to tickle though.

Vibrations can be kept low and pulsing, and then turned up to the maximum. This little bullet will have you hanging off the light fittings like something from a Van Helsing movie.

2) Fifty Shades Of Grey We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet

shades vibrating bullet


The 50 Shades franchise has spawned a number of new sex toys to the market. I am certainly not complaining. The Fifty Shades Of Grey We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet is one of their best.

The vibe is tip-focused and has a single speed. It works a bit like a biro – you press the tip and then play. There are also rumors it can slay werewolves.

There are no leads to get tangled up in as the Aim To Please takes only one small battery for power. Size wise this little gem measures 3.3 inches long x 0.5 inches wide. It’s the perfect beginner’s bullet vibrator.

3) Rocks Off 80mm Bullet

rocks off bullet


Rocks Off are well known for good quality sex toys, and their 80mm bullet doesn’t let them down. This vibe has excellent reviews wherever you look. It’s a sure bet for quick and discreet orgasms.

It’s waterproof, a portable 2.5 inches long, and is easy to clean making it a great travel companion – just don’t take it through airport security because the officers will all be jealous.

4) My Private O Vibrator

private o vibrator


My Private O Vibrator is 3 inches long and ½ an inch wide. It’s a real winner in the small sex toy department. If you want something that looks more like a traditional vibrator this is the one for you.

It’s wireless and waterproof with a single speed vibe. It packs great value and those colored ridges (which are inlaid TPR stripes) make it easier to hang onto. Simple and great for beginners.

5) Silicone Pleasure Orb

silicone pleasure orb


The silicone pleasure orb is a lovely little thing. It looks like a workplace pass key but in reality it’s a vibrating sex toy with raised nubs that sends you into orgasm overdrive.

It’s a classic toy that’s been around a few years, so it’s well tested and tried out by experts – the no nonsense sex toy buying general public.

The purple nubbed sleeve is removable, so you can use the traditional smooth bullet if you prefer, or even slip the purple sleeve over another sex toy.

6) Couples Silicone Stimulator

couples silicone stimulator


Just imagine all the dirty things you can do with this Holy Trinity! The Couples Silicone Stimulator is a corded bullet vibrator with not only a silicone pleasure nub cover for her, but a penis sleeve cover for him too.

It measures 2 inches long and 1 inch wide and has a teardrop shaped controller so it doesn’t slip from your hand.

The arrow buttons take you through two speeds and three pulsation settings, but you don’t need to keep the light on too see, as there are flashing LED lighting the way – just like touching down at the airport.

You’ll have to take it in turns so don’t be selfish. I don’t want any arguments.

7) Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet

xtreme turbo bullet


The Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet is a power-packed tiny toy. The lowest setting is still pretty powerful, so if you like tickles this might not suit. Vibe Queens will be queuing up for this as it only needs 2 x AA batteries.

The bullet is ridged and shaped for pleasure, and there is a 30 inch cord, so you won’t get cramp or need to master yoga positions to get any fun out of it.

It’s quite masculine looking, so could be a good buy if you are looking to use sex toys with your partner, or  if you are a man looking for a small vibe – these are not for women only!

8) Sterling Twin Bullet Vibrators

sterling bullet vibrators


And speaking of sharing, here’s an idea. The Sterling Twin Bullet Vibrators offer double the pleasure.

If you are feeling generous you can offer one vibe to your partner. If not, hog both for internal vibes AND clit vibes (or maybe even anal vibrators – woo!). This solves the problem of a single vibrator just not reaching all the right spots at the same time.

Hey – imagine what filth you could get up to if you bought two of these! That’s two vibrating bullets and two vibrating eggs. Makes me wish I had another….never mind. Getting back to the point, the bullets vibrate independently on 7 settings. It’s a bargain 2 in 1 buy.

9) Power Bullet Mini Vibrator

power mini vibrator


The Power Bullet Mini Vibrator is a great buy. It’s cheaper than a Kardashian at a bachelorette party. As well as having the smallest price tag, it’s also one of the smallest eggs, measuring 2 inches long by 1 inch wide.

Don’t be fooled by the price and size though, it still vibes in the right places. It has a push button control and is waterproof for a soaking that’s even more exciting than an Orlando water slide.

10) Love Bullet

ae love bullet


Love Bullet indeed – you will love this bargain bullet. It’s cuter than a whole basket full of kittens and puppies. Though small, it is indeed mighty.

It’s very discreet, and great as a basic toy that can be popped in your handbag. Comes in a variety of colors for those who like their sex toys to look girly. It comes in a girly pink for those who like their sex toys to look pretty.

11) Bullet Blaster Kit

bullet blaster kit


The Bullet Blaster Kit sounds dangerous, but in reality the only danger you are in is if you pass out through constant orgasms.

OK, I know. The controller looks like a nose hair trimmer, but the bullet accessories? They are out of this world.

You’ve got four different colours and four different textured sleeves. Choose your favourite or let your partner surprise you. For the girl or boy that gets bored easily this is a thrilling money-saver.

12) Pleasure Kiss Sensual Arouser

kiss sensual arouser


Ever wanted a bullet with a sleeve covered in tiny raised hearts? Then wait no longer!

Everyone should own the Pleasure Kiss Sensual Arouser because it’s just so cute. Put it on your Christmas list (not the one you send to your granny).

That said, it isn’t just cute – it’s innovative too and does the business. The silicone heart patterned sleeve I just mentioned gives the sleeve grip, and the tip has a suction cup with whisper soft nubs inside. It’s perfect for clitoral stimulation and would make a great gift.

13) Whisper Micro Heated Bullet

micro heated bullet


This tiny little 1 inch bullet not only curls your toes with pleasure it also gets you hot – quite literally hot.

We all love the heat. That’s why we flock to warmer climates when the winter makes its unwelcome appearance. With this mini wonder you can stay right where you are, all nice and toasty with your heated mini bullet friend.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a smaller bullet than this one. If small is your thing, you’ll love this tiny gem.

14) Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack #3

bullet vibrator pack


The Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack is classy. There are no clashing neon colours or odd looking attachments. It’s simply a sleek silver bullet with a transparent nubbed sleeve. James Bond would probably buy this one as a gift.

That doesn’t mean it’s boring or uneventful though. The bullet is slick and smooth whilst the sleeve has a firm bulbous head and raised nub shaft. It has the best of both sensations in a sophisticated package.

The Sterling bullet vibrator is made for grown-ups, especially if you have a yacht and Aston (or would buy them if you won the lottery).

15) We-Vibe Touch

we vibe touch


The new We-Vibe Touch is a soft flexible silicone bullet. Its odd shape is designed to mould to you, giving you the most intimate contact and best possible pleasure.

The shape makes it versatile to suit various needs. It’ll go for 2 hours on one charge and is discreet, simply because you can’t really tell what it is.

16) Sultry Sensations Vibrator Kit

sultry sensations vibrator


This nifty bullet vibrator offers you a plain plastic dildo with the option of additional silicone sleeves. You can keep it simple or add a realistic penis sleeve, or if you prefer add the silicone tongue for external stimulation. You can’t go wrong.

17) Kinki Stix Bullet Vibrator

kinki bullet vibrator

Appalling grammar is the only criticism to be made of this minimalist key-ring, sorry, I mean bullet vibrator. The Kinki Stix is practically unrecognizable as a sex toy, which is great news if you live with your parents or have nosy flat mates.

The ring slips over your finger and then you’ve got 2 inches of pleasure vibrating up a storm. Keep this on your car keys for a great drive-through treat. I’ll have a big Mac with extra mayo-OOOOooooooooh my god! please.

18) 50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg

shades remote egg

This subtle and chic looking egg is brilliant for those who like to walk on the wild side and can deal with those plot holes in the book and movie. If you like public orgasms and teasing with a partner then look no further. With a remote range of 25 feet you’ll be screaming from the next room.

It has 3 vibrating speeds and 4 vibrating functions, so there’s a whole lot of fun to be had.  You don’t need to read the instruction manual, oops, I mean the book to play with this toy – thank heavens for that blessing!

19) Lelo Siri 2 Rechargeable 5” Massager

lelo siri vibrator

Now here’s different idea. The Lelo Siri 2 is not only an excellent little vibe, it will also vibrate to the sound of music – I’m not talking about the film (apologies for getting the tune stuck in your head for the rest of today) unless you really do like the classics.

Any ambient noise will set this vibe off, including your partner’s voice, but there are 8 pre-set vibes just in case you don’t have a partner or don’t want The Prodigy’s ‘Firestarter’ disturbing the neighbours.

It also looks pretty classy. Great idea, well done Lelo.

20) Rocks-Off 10 Speed Bamboo Bullet

speed bamboo bullet

This bullet vibrator is pure class. It looks like an expensive lipstick, so beware if you have friends who like to share. The angled tip is easily moved to hit the spot with concentrated sensations, or if you are in no hurry use the smooth sides instead.

There are hours of fun to be had with the 10 speed function. Try switching back and forth from intense sensations to lazy caressing. What a great way to spend the evening. You may never go out again. You certainly won’t need a partner!

Or you could just spend some time gazing at the sublime design. Keep it on your mantelpiece or bedside table for a ‘designer chic’ touch.

21) Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet

tickle mini bullet

The Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet is a tingly fresh looking mini bullet with a velvety outer. It really is mini too, measuring only 0.7 inches in width.

This bullet has multiple speeds that are controlled with an easy feel up and down scaler, rather than pushing a button on the vibe and stabbing yourself in the process. Secondly, it has LED lights for fun in the dark too, which is a nice touch – and it can incorporate sleeves so you can ‘pimp your vibe’.

22) Glow-In-The-Dark Dual Bullets

glow dual bulletsWhilst I’m on the subject of fun in the dark, here’s a glow in the dark vibrating bullet! But wait, there’s more! It’s not just one, but two bullets! We’re sure an evil genius dreamed this one up; it was probably someone on vacation from NASA.

Getting back to the subject, the Glow-In-The-Dark Dual Bullets have a speed dial on the controller and are made from firm plastic. You can selfishly hog both bullets or share them with a friend – the cord is long enough for two.

Lie back and enjoy the light show.

23) 10 Speed Vibrating Egg Black

vibrating egg black

The 10 Speed Vibrating Egg Black is a sophisticated little number. If you don’t like all the novelty, bright colours and extras, then this egg is perfect for you. It has a black velvety coating that’ll bring ya to your knees, black velvet if you please.

This egg has 10 vibration speeds and pulsations, which is pretty good for a toy of this size. The cord is sturdy for easy removal. I can’t fault it for all-round class and cool. (Please don’t sue me Alannah Myles – I love your song).

24) Body & Soul Transcend Vibe And Bullet

transcend vibe bullet

This one comes with a warning – if you don’t like intense buzz, then don’t buy. The Body & Soul Transcend Vibe And Bullet packs a punch.

It’s a great little sex toy because the main part is a clitoral vibrators, which is specially designed to fit a woman’s curves, but then there is a detachable love egg to slip inside (back or front door – up to you).

It has a long cord and two speed vibrations to boot. It’s a cracking little package that stirs thing up.

25) Basix Jelly Egg Vibrator

jelly egg vibrator

The Basix range is always good for great value ‘starting out’ toys, and this is no exception. The Basix Jelly Egg Vibrator is well suited to someone wanting a fairly tame and non-scary sex toy. It’s a great beginner’s egg with a multi-speed control. If you are nervous, slip it in a condom.

Think of this Basix egg as the first rung on the ladder of naughtiness. You can graduate to biggest and fastest when you want to. That said this egg may be all you need, because it has enough go in it to satisfy most pleasure-seekers.

26) O Glow Bullet

bullet mini vibrator

The O Glow as it suggests, glows. It comes in 4 different colours and each has an LED light to match. If it’s a light show you want down there then this is the bullet for you. It’s a cheap and fun toy for anyone to enjoy.

27) Jimmy Jane Form 2 Vibe

jimmy jane vibrator

This neat little vibrator fits in the palm of your hand, but as they say the best things come in small packages. This is definitely the case with the Form 2.

The two individual moving ‘fingers’ work wonders on a variety of areas. 4 different vibe settings add to the fun. This little toy will have you screaming again and again.

28) Chakra Bullet Vibrator

chakra bullet vibrator

The small size of the Chakra Bullet Vibrator belies the intense power it can generate. This is one powerful toy! Silky smooth texture, it features 10 different power settings ranging from a gentle massage to feeling like your Chakras are aligning all the way to the moon.

As powerful and intense as this wonder device is, it runs with next to no noise at all. This wired bullet is easy to use and variable enough for near endless application. It will not take long for the unrelenting power of this little pocket rocket to send you over the edge.

29) We-Vibe Tango Bullet

we vibe tango

The Tango is probably one of the best bullets on the market. With amazing vibrations and a super quiet motor, it’s a guaranteed orgasm. It features 8 speeds of vibration and pulsation. The Tango has a plastic outer as opposed to the silicone, making the vibrations more intense.

30) Wonder Bullet

wonder bullet

This classic bullet vibe is sleek and simply designed. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a really good bullet vibrator.

The Wonder Bullet has 3 different speeds and 5 pulsating patterns, so you can customise to your heart’s content. This is the bullet for the girl or boy that can’t be bothered with over-the-top design and fancy ideas. The Wonder Bullet is a classic and will probably remain so for years.

31) Natural Contours – BonBon Vibrator

natural bonbon vibrator

The Bonbon is ergonomically designed to fit easily in your palms (and other areas!). The square base sits in your palm whilst the tip provides some spot-on stimulation. It’s a good choice for those who find it difficult to hang on to the traditionally shaped bullet when distracted by a satisfying buzz.

It measures 3 inches in length and 2 in height, so it’s small enough to be discreet. I think a non-specialist would struggle to identify this as a sex toy as it looks like a remote control for your iPod player.

32) Interactive Trio Bullets

interactive trio bullets

The Interactive Trio Bullets is just what is says – a trio of bullets. It sounds so bland when you write it down, but in reality this holy trinity may prevent you from leaving your bedroom for hours on end.

Women can use this for simultaneous clit, vaginal and anal stimulation, whilst men can get off on anal and ball stimulation, or if you are playing with a friend, any of the above mixed up! Why not try to work your way through every variation? It beats watching your Friends box set for the 50th time.

This bullet trio is potentially a relationship saver. Divorce lawyers may soon take out a petition to ban it.

33) Platinum Power Bullet

platinum power bullet

This futuristic looking bullet vibrator has multiple settings. Its 5 inches long so it can be used internally as well as externally. It’s also totally smooth for easy insertion and tickling, but some lube never hurt, right?

If you like waterproof vibes, but find they are too small then this might suit you, because it’s longer than traditional lipstick sized bullets. I bet Captain Kirk had a whole shelf of these.

Best Bullet/EggFor You If
AE Vibrating Silver BulletYou keep things simple.
We-vibe TouchYou like your vibrations strong.
Kinki StixYou make the most of your toys.
50 Shades of Grey Relentless VibrationsYou like to play with others…
Sultry Sensations 3 in 1 VibratorYou want variation.
My Private OYou’'re a back to basics kind of girl…
Silicone Pleasure OrbYou want some more of those secret vibrations.
Lelo SiriYou like your music.
Couples Silicone StimulatorYou keep things original.
Xtreme Power Turbo BulletYou like strong vibes.
Sterling Twin Bullet VibratorYou want to go off with a bang!
Power Bullet Mini VibratorYou love simple.
A&E Love BulletYou are on a budget.
Bullet Blaster KitYou’ like danger.
Rocks Off 10 Speed Bamboo Bullet You’ like to look first.
Pleasure Kiss Sensual ArouserYou like to keep it pretty.
Tickle Me Baby Mini BulletYou like it gentle.
Glow In The Dark Dual BulletYour friends only come out at night.
10 Speed Vibrating Egg BlackYou’ like it chic.
Body And Soul Transcend Vibe And BulletYou can't make up your mind.
Basix Jelly Egg VibratorYou’'re scared of vibrators.
Whisper Micro Heated BulletYou like it hot.
Sterling Bullet Vibrator Pack #3You’'re up for trying new things.
O Glow BulletYou want to light things up.
Fifty Shades Of Grey We Aim To Please Vibrating BulletYou'’re a wild child.
Jimmyjane Form 2 VibeYou want to scream!
Chakra Bullet VibratorYou want to shout!
We-Vibe Tango BulletYou want to let it all out!
Wonder BulletYou’ like it traditional.
Natural Contours BonbonYou appreciate beautiful design.
Interactive Trio BulletsYou have lots of friends.
Rocks Off 80mm BulletYou want orgasmic dependability.
Platinum BulletYou like sci-fi.

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator or Vibrating Egg in a Relationship:

Bullets are a great sex toy for someone who wants something discreet, maybe that they can take on their travels.

They’re also a nice simple toy to introduce into a sexual relationship. Most guys will feel more comfortable with a three inch innocent looking bullet than with a huge dildo!

You do need to consider these things when bringing toys into the bedroom, some men may take it as an insult to their skills.

However, they have clearly not got a clitoris and have therefore not experienced the amazing power of the humble bullet. Bullets are of course also great for solo use.

The designed purpose of the love egg is essentially for teasing purposes.

Are you adventurous? Love to live on the wild side?

Love eggs are great for those who want to bring something different to their love life. Imagine you’re going to a party with your man. Make it a sexual rendezvous. Insert your love egg and hand the remote to your partner.

He can tease you from across the room and the other guests will be none the wiser, unless he makes you scream of course, then they might start to wonder. They’re great for some teasing foreplay, as you surrender control, literally the remote, to your partner.

The love egg can also be used on your own, either internally, or some eggs will double up as a bullet for external stimulation.

Love eggs can even be used anally for you or him and if you are in your middle age years, there is a recent research from Harvard University which reports some of the benefits of using a vibrator.

Best bullet vibrator for the first time buyer:

For the first time sex toy buyer, we recommend keeping it simple. You want a toy that doesn’t seem too daunting and will get you off, but without the complication of 20 different settings.

You also want them to be fairly inexpensive whilst you explore and find what you like. Here are our top 3 recommendations for the newbie.

  1. The Whisper Micro Heated Bullet is a great bullet for indulging in foreplay.
  2. The 10 Speed Vibrating Egg Black is a classic and simple bullet which gets results.
  3. Body And Soul Transcend Vibe And Bullet is a high quality beautiful looking toy, and should be every girl’s best friend.

Best bullet vibrator for the more experienced woman:

For the experienced buyer we recommend trying new things. If something a bit different comes on the market, you’re the girl for the job. You’ve been through the standard bullets, eggs and dildos on the market, now for a change of scenery.

Do not fear we have just the thing. From the odd, to the outright spectacular, here are our top 3 recommendations for the experienced buyer.

  1. Bullet Blaster Kit has four different sleeves for the girl that’s tried it all and got bored.
  2. Rocks-Off 10 Speed Bamboo Bullet looks amazing and has 10 speeds.
  3. Lelo Siri 2 Rechargeable 5″ Massager comes with a soundtrack for your private party.

Best bullet vibrator for those who like powerful sensations:

For those who like their vibrations strong, we have shortlisted some of the most powerful vibrators out there. These bad boys will rock your world, literally, but are all designed to remain quiet. No-one wants their vibrator to sound like a pneumatic drill is going off in their room.

Here are our top 3 most powerful vibrators.

  1. The We-Vibe Tango Bullet is the godfather of bullets with many women swearing fealty to its amazing talents. The We-Vibe touch is also good, but the Tango just pips it on the vibration front.
  2. Chakra Bullet Vibrator is power and quality that will leave you satisfied in so many ways.
  3. Xtreme Power Turbo Bullet is a powerful stimulator with style.

Best bullet vibrator for those who don’t like to play alone:

For those who like to play with a partner, there are lots to pick from, but we’ve picked our top 3 recommendations for you and your man.

  1. 50 Shades Of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg is a remote control vibe for hours of outdoor fun.
  2. Glow In The Dark Dual Bullets for a dark night with no moon.
  3. Interactive Trio Bullet for the best threesome or foursome of your life.

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