The Definitive Fleshlight Buying Guide – My 10 Years Experience

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In this Fleshlight review I will show you the best Fleshlights in the market right now. We have actually been testing, trying and reviewing Fleshlights since 2010. In almost 10 years of experience we’ve tried and seen all.

If you are anything like me or like Eckart Tolle, you got no fuckin’ patience and just want the answer here and now. So here it is.

Top 3 Picks:

  1. Jessica Drake Super tight with real suction. Hmmm. Yeah.
  2. QuickShot Launch Hands-free, automated, addictive.
  3. Flight Take it wherever you go.

This is the quick answer, but for the rest of you, actually for all of you, I strongly recommend you to read the whole article, you’ll learn a lot of shit and make a more informed decision on which Fleshlight to buy.

I am writing this in the middle of the night (…and it’s Saturday night now WTF…) for you guys and I’ve been writing it for days to help you really pick the best of the best and only the best for you.

Here is a sexy table of content, this is what we’ll be talking about today:

Keep reading and learn all you need to know, including some stuff you don’t need to know but which I am gonna tell you anyway, to really choose the best Fleshlight for you.

I wrote the first version of this Fleshlight buying guide initially in 2013 and back then Fleshlight was already a huge best selling male sex toy.

But now, 7 years later, lots of shit has gone under the bridge for Fleshlight as well as lots of beautiful girls have been under my blankets since then… ah, so many memories and so much good time… more on this maybe another day.

Fleshlight Evolution

Dude, remember the Fleshlight Freak Alien? Or the old Sex In A Can? Or the fuckin’ blue avatar alien Fleshlight LOOOL. These Fleshlight were cool. Now they are kinda like vintage shit. Not available anymore on the official Fleshlight website.

Fleshlight has evolved.

Since my last review we got now Virtual Reality Fleshlight connected with Kiiroo. We got Turbo, Fleshskins, lots of new Fleshlight Girls. Pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy… and more pussy… what else do we want? Pussy. And some more pussy. And did I mention…?

Fleshlight is a great option when you come back home from a long day and just want to relax, and let you balls drain in blissful pleasure without having to text some girl, talk about things you don’t give a shit about or play any dating game and do all that work just to get fucking relaxed.

In this sense Fleshlight gives you freedom.

Now that we got this out of the way, let’s talk about this awesome sex toy, yes, Fleshlight is probably the best sex toy in the world. Or at least the best I’ve tried (and I have tried a lot).

If we consider that I consider (yes I used the word consider 3 times in one sentence, so what?) every girl I fuck to be my toy, then I have tried many more.

Am I a sex god thanks to Fleshlight? Am I a natural talent? How did I learn to improve my stamina? Hmm… more on this in my book. But let’s move on to Fleshlight:

Quick is not always better. Sometimes better spend a bit of time and read stuff. Believe me, I made this mistake in my life a few times.

Best Overall

Quickshot Launch

quickshot launch

Hands-free. Automatic. Orgasm-giving machine.

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Why I chose Quickshot Launch?

Dude. Because I am lazy af. This thing does all the work for me and that is awesome. I sit down, place some lube in the quickshot… put my dick in… select slow speed and tightness around my shaft and ahhh yeahhh…

I have to do nothing other than enjoying. Yeah well, I have to clean up after, but I am thinking to get one of those sexy japanese sex robots to clean it for me with her tongue. Did they invent that yet…?

Read my guide to the best lube for Fleshlight.

But look, as much as we all love Fleshlight, the first thing I thought when I tried my first Fleshlight, was: “ah, I wish I didn’t have to move my hands and this thing would do it all by itself…

As they say at Disneyland, wishes do come true…

My wishes came true when Fleshlight entered into a partnership with Kiiroo and they created the Fleshlight Launch, which not only had a manual mode but also a bluetooth interactive mode. Kinda like a new version of the old Fleshlight V-Stroker.

Now the Fleshlight Launch has been discontinued from the official USA Fleshlight website (oh shit!) but you can still buy it on the EU version of Fleshlight (accessible only from within the EU) and from or Lovehoney for example.

So the best available option, if you want to shop from is the Quickshot Launch. But hey, if you can get your hands on a Fleshlight Launch, that’s good too.

I know you. Now you’re thinking…:

Hey But so What’s Better the Fleshlight Launch or the Quickshot Launch?

The Fleshlight Launch has a bluetooth controller so you can connect it to VR content and masturbate in real time with some bitch moving on the screen. VR and interactive sex toys are Kiiroo’s specialty.

The Quickshot Launch has only manual control. So no VR, no bluetooth.

I prefer the QS Launch, which is also cheaper. But you may be crazier than me, and prefer the first one. I’m not so much into VR shit.

Things You Should Know:

You can charge your Quickshot Launch from any power point. From your computer or just from the wall. Battery lasts about 1 hour. Contrarily to the Fleshlight Launch this has proper buttons instead of touch screen buttons.

That makes it easier to use. I remember back in the days a few people complaining about the “touch” functionality of the Fleshlight Launch being uncomfortable when you have lube in your hands etc. So they fixed it and replaced it with proper buttons.

Btw you can use it while it’s charging, but I wouldn’t do so, I don’t know I would freak out to get an electric shock on my dick. Jeeez imagine. LOL.

Best for First Time Buyers

Fleshlight Stoya

Fleshlight Stoya

Ball drainer. Intense af. Goodbye hand.

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Find the Best Price!

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Learn from my experience:

The first Fleshlight I ever tried was the Fleshlight ICE. It was many years ago and it inspired the shit out of me. I remember how I used to hide it in a box under my bed…

One day I didn’t clean it very well and… I found some disgusting stuff inside the day after… I still have no idea what that was and how that happened… [do not try this at home].

The Fleshlight ICE is cool, it has a very strong suction, and after so many years is still in good conditions (although lately I have not being using it, busy with more than enough pussy in my life…

How much I love pussy, best invention in the world). But the problem with the ICE is that becomes a bit yellowish. So I would NOT recommend it as first choice for a beginner.

So Why I Chose Stoya?

Because it’s intense as fuck (more than the ICE) and I think if you’re gonna spend your money on a first Fleshlight, you should go all out and do it on something memorable.

Look, I don’t like Stoya, the actress herself, much. Her boobs are too small, her stomach too big… yeah yeah on the photos from the Fleshlight website she looks good. On photoshop everyone looks good. But look at her private instagram. She got the feet of a fuckin’ hobbit.

But hey, who gives a fuck. We are here shopping for sleeves. The sleeve itself is the best because it’s well-rounded.

It’s very tight, it produces a very strong stimulation around the shaft and a strong suction on the way back. It’s one of the best Fleshlight we have tested, and probably the most intense. So you’re a first time buyer? Go ahead.

stoya destroya

Look bro. A lot of the Fleshlight Girls’ sleeves are good. Here’s our complete Fleshlight girls review.

I like for example the Adriana Checkik too. But the thing about the Stoya is that is not too chaotic like others. There are not too many chambers and too much shit going on. It’s devilishly organized.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your first Fleshlight is that to go for something with the classic case. Not for a Quickshot or Fleshskin or other. That’s because you will have more options later on. You can swap sleeves etc.

Adriana Chechik

I gotta mention Adriana Chechik’s glorious butthole here. Because it’s worth it. This is another great sleeve, and contrarily to Stoya, this girl is actually good looking (although I suspect she got fake teeth).

Adriana Chechik leg up

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(more images available)

When you look at this picture don’t you feel like you wanna fuck her in the ass until she can’t walk straight anymore? Because that’s how I feel.

Actually one of my favorite SMS that a girl can send me is: “hey I hate you, I can’t sit on the chair straight… my mum keeps asking me what’s wrong with me…” Ah… memories. That was… Prague…?

Anyway, here’s the sleeve:

When I tried it, I felt it more like a sensual massage followed by a strong suction. It’s less wild than the Stoya, but still so good. Maybe better for longer masturbation marathons.

adriana chechik next level

Best Fleshlight for Travelers

Fleshlight Flight

Flight Pilot Outside

Compact. Intense. Anonymous.

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Compare and Find the Best Price!

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Why I Picked the Fleshlight Flight?

Alright, first off I am gonna assume that you are taking some low cost/short flight without checked in luggage and therefore are gonna bring the Flashlight with you thru security and on the plane.

Because if instead you do have a checked in luggage, then use the extra 2 inches and put a normal Fleshlight in there and send it down the plane (the length difference between a normal Fleshlight and the Flight is 2 inches). That’s what I did last time I traveled with it.

fleshlight flight

I have been flying a lot and I got stopped by security many times in many countries. Especially when traveling alone and especially when I was growing my beard. Generally security at the airport thought I was a drug dealer back then.

Funny enough when I’m traveling with some girl they never stop me… Social proof? Mah… I was actually watching a documentary a few days ago how it’s usually women who are hired by drug dealers to carry drugs on the plane because less suspicious… etc.

Anyway the point is, if you are bringing a Fleshlight with you on the plane, you’re probably traveling alone, maybe for work, right?

And assuming you only have hand-luggage with you, you may be checked by security.

And most people that work in security can become suspicious if they see something in a strange shape. The Flight, if you remove the sleeve from the inside, could well look like a pen holder, or a glass, or a random container. The sleeve itself has a neutral orifice so that is taken care of.

How Does Fleshlight Flight Actually Feel Like?

I tried the Fleshlight Flight many years ago and I filmed it too, as you can see in my Fleshlight Flight review here [no homo]. I’m gonna copy paste a transcript of my sensations as I tried it:

Ok I’m literally holding the Fleshlight Flight in one hand and am typing with my other hand right now…

I’m gonna write down my sensations as they come…

My glans barely touches the front part of the orifice, it feels warm, soft and smooth…

The very top of my glans slides inside the sleeve, oh yeah, it already feels cozy and moist just like a real pussy…

I slide a little more inside… It feels narrower now, very tight… It really grabs my penis like a mouth would during oral sex…

After the first tight space I feel an opening wider area that makes me slide suddenly faster…

I can really feel the warmth through my whole penis from top to base…

When I thrust hard my glans gets wrapped in a tight sucking feeling on the way out…

I’m all the way inside now…

As I release I can hear the sound of suction and the Fleshlight Flight almost grabbing my penis to not let it go…

I feel again the change in width also on the way back… The feeling is like a sensual penis massage and very exciting…

Overall the sensation is very tight almost like having sex with a virgin, but I’d say it actually feels more like tight oral sex…

I’m going to loosen up the cap now and try with less suction…

It feels very different…

My penis slides in more easily and the massage is more delicate, but the added speed of this suction makes it feel like fast thrusting sex…

Both with tight and loose suction cap, I can hear a slight suction noise while thrusting…

12 minutes have past the sleeve is still very warm… I’m pretty impressed by that… now it’s pure pleasure…

The black Fleshlight Flight (Pilot) is more intense than the white one (Instructor). The white Flight is more kinda like a traveling substitute of the Fleshlight STU, but I don’t think it lives up to the STU.

Why I didn’t pick the Fleshlight Sex in a Can as a best option for travelers?

Look I like the Sex in a Can Fleshlight, I remember many years ago, the Dracula Sex in a Can, that was fuckin’ hilarious…

The problem with the Sex in a Can is that I like it more as actual drink holder, to be used at parties instead of a glass and not as a sex toy. Imagine pouring ONLY cocktails in it, and everybody drinking from some pussy lips.

Sex in a Can Four Loko Outside

Four Loko Inside

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(more images available)

Furthermore the SIAC Fleshlight really looks like a fuckin’ can. That will make the security at the airport even more suspicious.

Imagine they stop you:

Do you have any liquids sir?

No, I don’t.

Ok please put your bag here.

>>> bag scanned by security <<< security guy face >>> <<< stop >>>

Please sir we have to check your bag, what do you have in there, we saw something that resembles a can of beer or something.

Ta-dah… surprise… show pussy lips on top.

Massive, huge LOL.

Paranoia? Am I exaggerating? Maybe. But I tell you what happened to me lately:

I was at the airport and I had in my hand luggage a little container for laces, it was empty and looking like a chemical test tube.

Inside that I usually put my many SIM cards. They stopped me and asked me to take it out to identify what that was. Same when I was with an external hard drive in my camera bag. This shit happens.

Last, Fleshlight has a history of doing Sex in a Can partnerships that don’t last long. So I wouldn’t want you to buy something that disappears tomorrow.

Why I didn’t pick the Quickshot or the Fleshlight GO as best Fleshlight for travelers?

Because I don’t like that I have to cum out of the toy. As long as the Launch is connected to the Quickshot, it’s worth it. But without the Launch, no thanks. I prefer to cum in the toy and not have to worry about doing a Jackson Pollock with my sperm on the walls.

I hate the Fleshlight GO. What’s that a midget Fleshlight? Fuck that shit. Buy the properly sized one instead.

Best Budget Option

Mini-Lotus Sleeve

Heavenly Pink Sleeve Outside

Affordable. Squeezable. Cheap.

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(more images available)

Why did I pick a bare Fleshlight sleeve as the best Fleshlight for those on a budget?

We have written a long article, about some cheap Fleshlight alternatives, and the Fleshskins are actually cheaper than a bare sleeve. But don’t just think in terms of the $10 difference.

Use your brain.

If you’re on a budget, and let’s say you can afford $39 for the Fleshskins, and buy the Fleshskins, yes you can use it, ok, have fun, ok… But then when you make some more extra money, you’re back to step 1. What are you gonna buy now? Another Fleshskin? They’re all identical mate.

Instead listen to me. For $10 more, so for a total of $49 you buy a sleeve, and you can already start enjoying the patented, yes patented and secret Fleshlight “Superskin” at its best. Not a cheaper/less important version.

Later when you have some extra money to spend, you can go ahead and buy a case or another sleeve.

After some time you will have a collection of sleeves, and a case to swap them around. If you just buy a Fleshskin, you will be stuck with the same problem once you get tired of it.

You’re welcome.

If I convinced you are you want to go for a bare sleeve, read my complete review of all Fleshlight sleeves. If instead you would prefer to take the DIY approach read my guide on how to make a Fleshlight.

The best bang for your back goes for the Mini-Lotus sleeve.

mini lotus sleeve

It’s a classic. Tight, intense, massaging, sucking, stimulating your shaft at the head and the base at the same time.

By handling it with your hand, you’ll be able to squeeze it over your dick and increase or decrease the intensity and the suction.

I’m telling you… You’ll buy a ring and propose to Mini-Lotus before the end of the week.

Best for Stamina Training

Fleshlight STU


stamina training unit

Training. Unique. Epic.

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Why did I pick the Fleshlight STU as best Fleshlight for stamina training?

First off some heavy bragging.

I have picked up and fucked many girls in my life. I mean a lot of girls. And 98% of the girls after I fuck them, want to fuck me again and again in the following days/weeks/months… etc. until I get out of it.

I’ve been proposed a few times (girls asking me to marry them) and I’m the king of getting a girlfriend (although I may not be so good at one night stands).

I think the reason for this, beside me being sexy, hot, alpha, dominant, cool and a walking God on earth (and humble) is because I fuck them like no-one before me did. In fact that’s what most girls have told me.

I fuck the shit out of them for a long long time, and I make sure that all girls leave my bed with bruises everywhere. Nothing feels better than finishing fucking a girl and feel like you gave it all.

One time I even actually passed out after an hour of thrusting like animals.

Now… question. Is this thanks to the STU?

Answer: NO.

This is because I have mastered the art of lasting longer in bed, and it has been one of the biggest achievements I had in my life. More instructions in my book.

But the STU is a really good option to use for your edging training (and I did a lot of it).

Even better if you put it in a shoe or pillow – more on our article “how to use a Fleshlight” and if you learn to get rid of the DGS (death grip syndrome). It will help you become more comfortable with your arousal and able to handle it when you’re actually fucking.

The STU is the world’s top selling Fleshlight, and it’s designed to help you improve your stamina. As said before the Fleshlight STU man feels even better than a girl.

Sneaky Marketing Strategy for the Fleshlight STU

stamina training unit unboxed

Funny enough, those sneaky marketing geniuses at ILF (Interactive Life Forms is the name of the company behind Fleshlight) have made the STU sleeve in such a way that you cannot just buy the sleeve itself, but you can only buy it together with the case…

So if you want the STU, you gotta buy it with the case. But then you can use the case to put in other sleeves. Which is handy.

Quickshot Launch – Runner Up

The good thing about the Quickshot is that you can set it up to move in automatic, so it will behave kinda like a girl when she is on top.

Since you’re giving away control, by using the QS Launch you’ll need to become even better and handling your sensations. It’s a tougher training than the STU.

Best Blowjob Feel

Turbo Ignition

Turbo Ignition Blue Ice Outside

Strong. Vacuum. Easy cum.

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I can proudly say that many girls have had my dick in their mouth. And I can also proudly say that as good as the Fleshlight Turbo feels, it’s not the same as the pleasure of a girl actually sucking my dick.

But the Fleshlight Turbo is the closest you can get to a real feeling. The Fleshlight Turbo comes in 3 different models. Ignition Blue, Ignition Copper, and Turbo Thrust Blue and Turbo Thrust Copper.

The Fleshlight Turbo works by creating a strong suction feeling, that is supposed to imitate the feeling of a girl sucking your dick. I think you can hardly replace the feeling of a warm tongue licking you and a girl’s eyes looking at you while sucking your dick.

So I am not gonna lie to my readers and I am gonna tell you the truth: it is not really the same but it is similar.

But definitely it feels more like a blowjob than when you masturbate with your hand. So if your starting point is your hand, by going for a Turbo Ignition you are getting 100 steps closer to the feeling of a real blowjob.

If you coming from a real blowjob, by using a Turbo Ignition you’re going a few steps back.

Turbo Ignition Blue Ice Inside

Look how tight is the entrance.

You see the way this works is that when you put your dick thru such a tight entrance you feel your dick squeezed like in a virgin girl’s tight blowjob, then there is an aperture and that sudden vacuum creates a strong suction effect, which will probably make you cum in seconds…

If you can resist, the next chamber contains some oblique ridges that simulate the feeling of a girl rotating her hands while sucking your dick and then again pressure and vacuum and all over again…

It’s some pretty intense shit.

Best Tight Fleshlight

Jessica Drake Heavenly

Jessica Drake

0.28 inches tight. Sexy. Awesome.

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(more images available)

Compare and Find the Best Price!

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Jessica Drake Inside

We all want tightness don’t we? There’s nothing worse than a girl with such a washed out pussy that you could put your head in. I suspect that’s how Nicky Minaj’s pussy feels like.

The best pussy is tight, small, and bare. When I started my fucking career I used to think that the younger the girl, the tighter her pussy will be. But actually it’s not like that, experience showed me so. But let’s not get into so much details here…

The Jessica Drake sleeve is as tight as a Fleshlight can get. The Jessica Drake Sleeve is 0.28” (7mm) wide at its tightest point. 0.28”… that is really little.

First chamber

You start with a small dome that contains some small ridges alternated by empty spaces, that somehow resemble some teeth. Its width is around 0.6” (15mm). This is a relaxed starting point.

Second chamber

Here it is. The tightest sleeve. Welcome to the tightest thing you’ll ever put your dick in. This chamber reminds me a bit of when I butt fuck a girl, although usually the ass feels rougher. The sleeve is gentler.

Third chamber

Now it gets interesting. The cavities in this chamber create a suction effect that feels almost like a massage around my shaft.

Turbo Thrust Copper

Turbo Thrust Copper Outside

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(more images available)

The Turbo Thrust is one of those Blowjob Feel Fleshlights. But it made it in this list because of the tight entry.

Turbo Thrust Copper Inside

How to Use Your First Fleshlight

You don’t need a degree in Mechanical Engineering to fuck a Fleshlight, you just gotta put your dick in.

But hey, if you’re buying your first Fleshlight now in 2019/20 then why not use tips and suggestions on how to make the most of it from people who have been using Fleshlight for a decade before you?

Listen to this man here.

Learn from other people’s experiences. That is so important in life. I should have listened to this advice when it was given to me… oh well.

Anyway, enough with the sadness… and let’s think positive and move forward. Life is beautiful.

Here is some basic suggestions on how to use your first Fleshlight. If you would like to know more, we actually wrote an article completely dedicated to it.

Here is the basics on how to use a classic Fleshlight, like any Fleshlight Girl, or Originals, STU, Turbo, etc.

Step 1) Take the sleeve out of the case

Step 2) Prepare a bowl with warm water and let the sleeve soak in it. See picture below of how I did this the first time (so many years ago!).

If you’re too lazy to follow this process with the bowl of water and want your Fleshlight perfectly warmed up to ideal fuck-temperature, then you’re gonna love this accessory.

Step 3) Put the sleeve back in the case

Step 4) Throw some generous amounts of water based lube in it

Step 5) Have fun

Step 6) Clean (more on how to clean below).

This is just the TIP of the iceberg. If you want to learn more, read my guide on how to use a Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Care and Cleaning Instructions

You bought a Fleshlight? Awesome.

If you’re anything like me as soon as you got your Fleshlight you couldn’t wait to put your dick in and use it. You done?

You used it.

You came.

You had that few seconds feeling of regret like “I shouldn’t be masturbating”.

You washed yourself (optional).

And now?

Now you gotta wash the Fleshlight

My colleague here at (she actually works for the Financial Times now – they pay better than us so she changed job) wrote a detailed guide on how to clean a Fleshlight.

If you’re too lazy to click the link above, here is the quick version:

Step 1) Take the sleeve out of the case

step 1 illustrated

Step 2) Take some soap and wash the hard case with warm water. Especially the bottom part where all semen goes.

step 2 illustrated

Step 3) Pass the sleeve thru the water. Make sure the water is not too hot or you can damage the SuperSkin material.

step 3 illustrated

Step 4) Rinse for 30 seconds.

step 4 illustrated

Step 5) Use your finger to clean inside (you may want to cut your nails first – oh, btw, always cut your fucking nails if you have the bad habit of not doing it.

When you touch a girl’s pussy with nails you’re gonna hurt her, and if you out a finger in her ass with nails you’ll hurt her even more.

If you are single and are hunting for new pussy at the moment, still cut your fucking nails, just for your psychology, to believe in yourself that new pussy is near.

step 5 illustrated

Step 6) Cup one hand under the sleeve and let the water fill it.

step 6 illustrated

Step 7) Close the other side and shake it shake it shake it… Like Shakira…

step 7 illustrated

Step 8) Rinse again like step 4.

step 4 illustrated

Step 9) Spray some Fleshwash on it inside and outside (if you don’t have Fleshwash or don’t want to buy it, you don’t need to, you’ll be fine).

step 8 illustrated

Alright, don’t have a Fleshlight wash etc? Want some more options alternatives? Here we cum: check our guide to learn how to clean a Fleshlight properly.

Now You Got to DRY the Fleshlight

Tired of reading all these instructions? I know… I’m tired of writing them too. How about we do each other a favor and you just visit my how to clean a Fleshlight guide and read it all there?

I’ll write here just a few basic things:

• The case is just plastic, so you can dry it in any way you want.

The point is drying the sleeve.

• Buy a microfiber cloth, and use that to dry the sleeve. Don’t use paper towels, socks or anything that can leave lint inside as that will scratch your dick later and it won’t be nice.

• Another option you have is to just put the sleeve on a towel until it dries. Easy. But if you live with your parents or with people and don’t want them to see it, this method won’t work for you so you’ll be better off just drying it with your microfiber cloth.

You can also try the clothes hanger method or McGyver method, here it goes:

Step 1) Bend hanger around the case

dry step 1


Step 2) Fold ends over to make a loop

dry step 2

Step 3) Tighten the loop

dry step 3

Step 4) Hang sleeve in loop until dry

dry step 4

Why Should I Buy a Fleshlight?

I think if you’re reading this article you probably don’t need any reasons, but hey let me give you some anyway.

First off, if you haven’t heard of Fleshlight yet, man you must be coming from another planet and if you’re an alien cheer up, these guys have recently released a Fleshlight Alien for your extraterrestrial pleasure. (not anymore)

The sexual gratification that owning a Fleshlight gives you is similar to having a real partner, with the only difference that you can have sex whenever YOU decide, you’re in total control and can express your sexuality all the time, night and day wherever you are – just be careful where you do it dude, I don’t want you to get arrested or I will lose a reader!

Fleshlight International have come very far with this male sex toy and they did pretty well in patenting it to protect it from people like me that otherwise would have stolen their idea.

It’s a real sex simulator. (I wrote this in 2013). And now, in 2020, they pushed this concept way further, Virtual Reality, Kiiroo and more shit.

The “SuperSkin” material used for the internal sleeves gives you a sensation incredibly close to the real thing. If you do have a girl, masturbating with a Fleshlight will be like having a lover and you can also use it with her to enjoy some promiscuity…

Now imagine…

it’s Friday night, raining outside, got nothing to do you decide to watch a movie, not even a porn movie but just an action movie… but geez man nowadays action movies are full of smoking hot girls… and looking at this super hottie just turns you on, right?

So how do you feel?

I bet you feel like fucking the shit out of her…!

Pause the movie, get your Fleshlight and enjoy! Yeah man, feel it all!

It does feel good… oh yeah… it does… Some guys that have been without a girl for a while as soon as they get their Fleshlight, start using it like crazy, three, four, five times a day!

It’s a liberating experience.

Let’s go back to this. Seriously now:

Best thing about a Fleshlight is that it can help you improve your lovemaking skills. I’ve been helping men overcoming premature ejaculation for a while now, I’ve written four books on the topics and I know what I am talking about.

Wanna last longer?

Your body needs to adapt to sexual pleasure and you need to condition yourself to high levels of arousal, otherwise you’ll ejaculate as soon as you’ll enter her.

A Fleshlight is the best partner for your edging sessions, it feels real and it’ll help your stamina hit the stars!

You’ll learn the old proven way, with experience.

Practice, practice, practice! When the girl will come along, you’ll be like you have 20 years of experience behind you and you’ll take her like an experienced man and you know what?

She’ll notice it…

huuu… and all her friends will know it… ohhh hmmm yeah her friends… I like her friends… I want them all!

At that stage you can rest assured she won’t leave you like the other one before her did.

Fleshlight have come out with tons of products, some cooler than others. For example they’ve created an exact mold of the hottest porn stars’ mouths, vaginas and butts.

Don’t believe me? Check this out!

And they’ve done even more!

Can’t believe this… you gotta watch the sample videos (follow the link and click on the video trailer icon in the grey band).

They basically have connected your Fleshlight with an interactive porn movie so that basically you decide the girl you wanna enjoy, how you wanna enjoy her and for how long. You can choose when to climax and when you do you’ll do it wherever you like.

The level of interaction is incredible dude.

When you stop masturbating with the Fleshlight the hot girl in the movie will beg you to start again and when you do start again, she screams in pleasure and looks at you like… oh geeez

You can choose the position, if you want her mouth, her butt or her vagina… man, really I’ve got no idea how they achieved this level of interaction but it’s amazing. Wow! That’s the future! Not the one we saw in the movie Back to The Future.

They’ve also created a transparent “Ice” version of the Fleshlight, so that you can enjoy seeing yourself in action while you enjoy these hot girls and much more.

The ones I don’t like are the freaks and aliens… I don’t know man, maybe if you’re into Avatar and stuff it excites you, but I don’t like that stuff, but if you wanna fantasize about getting laid with a hot alien check the Alien Fleshlight. (these are not available anymore).

Fleshlight memories (a nostalgic review of the old Fleshlights)

The Original Fleshlight Review

This is the first Fleshlight that has been created, it’s pretty popular and you can choose if you want a mouth, a butt or a vagina. The sleeve inside is flat though (without ribbons), so you won’t feel much friction. It’s pretty cool and feels hmmmm so good, but it’s not the best Fleshlight to start.

Fleshlight ICE Review

ICE Fleshlight is awesome if you are a “visual” man. Main feature of the Ice Fleshlight? It’s transparent, so that you can enjoy seeing yourself enjoying these hot pornstars… nothing in life is as exciting as this!

Fleshlight V-stroker Review (Out of the market) :

fleshlight v stroker

The Fleshlight V-stroker is what I was telling you before, it’s an accessory that you can combine with your favourite Fleshlight and an interactive porn video that will simulate real sex with a porn actress or with your favourite virtual girl.

Great invention, I would give these guys the nobel prize for science! Geez man, check the video trailer and see what this thing can do…

Fleshlight Blade Review (Out of the market):

Fleshlight Blade

All right, I have to say I don’t like that Conan golden hilt thing around that nice vagina, but then I discovered that thanks to that handle you can basically squeeze your penis and feel like you’re into a hot tight skinny virgin… hmmmm… that feels good. Like that? Check the Blade then.

Fleshlight Sex In A Can Review (Out of the market – Replaced by LOKO):

vintage sex in a can fleshlight

I think that while the Sex In A Can Fleshlight is great because you can take it with you anywhere, it’s even better because after you’ve used it and your semen is inside you can offer a drink to your girlfriend and have her drinking it all… that’s generosity for you! Such a philanthropist.

Fleshlight Freaks Review (Out of the market) :

fleshlight freaks

All right, you must have peculiar (or pervert) tastes to like these Freaks, but you know, no jokes, as ugly as these are, they have got the most extreme sleeves inside that will train you to the highest stimulation and give you more pleasure than a human girl can.

Fleshlight Vibro Review:

Fleshlight Vibro is as you see it. A tight butt, a vibrator inside the butt. Need me to explain anything? Really? All right, I’ll write a Fleshlight review for this another day.

Fleshlight Alien Review (Out of the market):

alien fleshlight

Liked avatar? Liked the scenes, the nature… or the actress’ body? If you’re in the last category and wanna feel like taking her, here’s the Alien Fleshlight version.

Fleshlight Girls Review:

“Get inside today’s hottest pornstars”. That’s the slogan. Tori Black gives you her vagina, mouth and butt so that tonight you can give it to her, all the way. Harder. If you like me love Tera Patrick, this is a no brainer, Fleshlight Girls are a blessing.

Be the lucky man and get that pornstar on your command. Plus, all the Fleshlight Girls collection (both this one and the euro collection) come with a lotus sleeve, which is extremely close to the feeling of a real one.

Fleshlight Girls EU Review (Out of the market):

European adult stars for now give you “only” their beloved vaginas. So if you wanna take them from the backdoor, go for the American ones above. These European Fleshlight Girls feature hotties like: Carla Cox and Tanya Tate. If you like blondies, go for it.

Fleshlight Orgy Review:

Browse and select your favorite pornstars and enjoy the most memorable sessions of your life, enjoying as many porn actress as you like all in one go. After you do that you can feel sorry for those men who still masturbate with their hands…

Have fun!

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  1. Hey Deon,
    I’ve bought one of the Fleshlight Girls and you were right man, it does feel very natural especially after you warm it up.
    Thank you for this article,
    looking forward the next one!


    • Deon Black says

      Hey Marc,
      glad to know you’re enjoying it!

      Yes actually, most people don’t know that the inside sleeve gets warmed up in warm water before you use it so it does feel like a warm moist juicy wet sexy vagina when you masturbate with it.

      Have fun

  2. Lol
    I love your articles man!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Oh and by the way, I’m gonna buy the V-stroker this weekend, but I’ve already got a STU.


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