7 Best Married Dating Sites in 2024 – Reviewed and Tested

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Picture this: You’re happily hitched but seeking a little extra spice in your life. Maybe it’s a flirty chat, maybe it’s a full-blown affair – who are we to judge? So, you find yourself on the doorstep of an online website that promises secret encounters and thrilling connections without disturbing your marital status quo. Welcome to the crazy roller-coaster ride that is married dating sites!

So, if you’re ready to set sail into these uncharted waters while keeping your privacy intact, stick around as we navigate through this comprehensive guide on married dating sites. Brace yourself! It’s going to be one heck of an exciting journey!

1) Ashley Madison Review

ashley madison

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Ah Ashley Madison, the internet’s secret club for those seeking some extra-marital fun, and it’s got quite the reputation. So why is it good as a married dating site? Well, first off, it has a large user base which means there are plenty of fish in that sea to choose from. You’re not going to be stuck fishing in an empty pond.

Now how to use it? It’s pretty straightforward – sign up, create your profile and start searching for people who share similar interests. The site offers basic searches and matching but also gives you the option to add blur or blackout filters to your photos for that added layer of anonymity.


  • Large user base.
  • Emphasis on privacy – something crucial when you’re looking to keep things discreet.
  • They have photo editing tools at your disposal.
  • Women get to send messages for free (lucky ladies!).
  • They have a mobile app.


  • There are some fake profiles lurking around (but hey, where aren’t there?).
  • Their free preview is limited.

So tips for using it? Be cautious about who you interact with due to those aforementioned fake profiles. And make full use of their photo editing tools – they’re there for a reason!

Why choose Ashley Madison over others? Its unique features are made specifically for married individuals looking for something extra outside their marriage without any drama or personal risk involved.

2) Victoria Milan Review

victoria milan

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Victoria Milan is a great choice for a married dating site because it offers a unique platform for those seeking extramarital fun while prioritizing anonymity. It’s also open to single folks, making it quite diverse in terms of its user base.

To use Victoria Milan, you’ll need to register and complete several fields during sign-up. Don’t be put off by this; it’s part of their thorough process to ensure genuine users and protect your privacy. Once registered, you can check profiles, chat anonymously and even apply blur filters or stickers to your photos for that extra layer of disguise.


  • It is available as a website, mobile site & app so you can keep up with your flirtations wherever you are.
  • They’ve got good customer service which is always reassuring.
  • They offer some top-notch security features including 256 SSL security.


  • The cost – packages range from $29.99 to $49.99 per month which can feel a bit steep if you’re just testing the waters.

Now onto tips: discretion is key here so make sure to adjust your email preferences under ‘Notifications’ in settings depending on how much risk you want to take (or avoid!). You don’t want an unexpected email popping up at an inconvenient time!

So why choose Victoria Milan? If you’re looking for some extramarital excitement or simply want to try new relationships outside your current one (whether single or taken), Victoria Milan provides a safe and secure space where your anonymity is respected.

3) Adult Friend Finder Review


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Adult Friend Finder is the generalist of married dating sites. It’s got a little bit of everything for everyone, and it’s not afraid to flaunt it. Whether you’re looking to explore your sexuality, find a third partner, or just get some sex tips to crank up your game, AFF has got you covered.

The site welcomes all types of sexual explorers – from those who want to get kinky or fulfill a sexual fantasy, to couples seeking open relationships or voyeurism fetishes. And let’s not forget about our swinger friends! AFF was cool even before Tom MySpace was a thing, yes that long!


  • Inclusivity. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship; there’s something for everyone here. From Married to polyamorous lifestyles and LGBTQ communities, all are welcome.
  • Has many features such as sending and receiving messages, accessing chat functions, sending gifts to other users and watching members on a livestream.


  • Its cost; at $39.99 for premium membership it might not fit into everyone’s budget.

The premium membership unlocks additional features such as amateur or pro webcam chats, online user chat rooms, social feeds, forums and blogs.

Using Adult Friend Finder is easy. After signing up (which is free by the way), you can create your profile. pro tip: be explicit about what you’re looking for. This will help match you with others who share similar interests.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s as diverse as the colors of a rainbow and isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, Adult Friend Finder is your go-to site.

4) No Strings Attached Review


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No Strings Attached is a fantastic platform for those who are looking to add more excitement into their lives without the complexities of a relationship. It’s like takeout – you eat whatever you want, enjoy it, and then move on without having to do the dishes, win-win!

The site works in quite a straightforward manner: sign up, create your profile, and join the world of discreet affairs. The detailed matching system helps you find partners that align with your desires and fantasies. You can try the free features before upgrading your membership if you feel comfortable doing so.


  • It has an extensive user base which increases your chances of finding a suitable match.
  • It offers diversified dating options with numerous videos and members available at your disposal.
  • Easy-to-use application making navigation a breeze.


  • There are ample fake profiles that could potentially hinder your experience on the site.
  • There are some Low-quality profiles not living up to expectations.
  • The mobile version – while functional, it leaves room for improvement.

So why choose No Strings Attached? Well because life is short! If secret affairs or casual hookups are what gets you excited then this website provides just that – no strings attached! After all, everyone deserves a little fun now and again…or regularly if that’s more your speed!

5) Seeking Review


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Well, Seeking has all the tools you need to navigate through this tricky terrain of married dating sites. Here are my pros and cons for this one:


  • It has a user interface that even your grandpa could figure out! It’s streamlined and intuitive, making it easy for you to find what they’re looking for.
  • Impressive number of active accounts – over 40 million to be exact. That’s a lot of people on this site.
  • A comprehensive verification process. They take member safety seriously by verifying all members before account activation. This helps protect against fraud and those pesky sugar daddy scams.


  • While creating an account is free, you really get the most out of Seeking with a monthly subscription.

As for tips on using Seeking effectively, I’d recommend taking advantage of their search filter options and customizable account settings. These can help tailor your experience based on what you are “seeking”.

And why choose Seeking? Aside from its fun website design (which I must admit is quite eye-catching), it’s available in over 130 countries and multiple languages which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for international connections.

And did I mention that college women receive a free gold membership? Now that’s what I call sweetening the deal!

6) Illicit Encounters Review

illicit encounters

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Illicit Encounters is a good choice for a married dating site due to several reasons. Firstly, it’s based in the UK and has a large membership base of nearly 1.5 million active users, which increases the chances of finding local matches. It also has been around since 2003, giving it credibility and longevity in the online dating world.

The website is very secure, ensuring that your personal details are kept safe. Also, there won’t be any trace of Illicit Encounters on your bank account statement – an essential feature for those seeking discretion.

Using Illicit Encounters is as easy as it gets. The main menu offers various tools for dating and communication with other members. You can easily track your recent activity or use the quick search section to find potential partners. There’s also a forum you can join after logging in.


  • Secure
  • Cares about your privacy
  • Fee for women to use – definitely a big plus point!
  • provides both an app and website version.


  • singles aren’t allowed – it’s strictly for those who are married or in relationships only.
  • its pricing; at £140 per month, steep compared to other similar competitors out there.

As tips for using Illicit Encounters: keep your profile interesting yet honest; remember everyone knows why they’re here so no need to beat around the bush about your marital status or intentions!

In conclusion: choose Illicit Encounters if you’re looking for a UK-based married dating site with robust security measures and an open environment where extramarital affairs aren’t frowned upon but rather understood as part of human nature…just make sure you’ve got deep pockets!

7) Heated Affairs Review

heated affairs

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Heated Affairs is another great choice for a married dating site because it is designed specifically for that niche. If you are seeking discreet relationships outside their marriage, this is the right place. And with over 50 million active users worldwide, you’re bound to find someone with the right vibe.

Using Heated Affairs is simple. You sign up, verify your account (which is an excellent security feature), fill out your profile with all the juicy details about yourself and what you’re looking for, and then dive into the sea of potential matches using their handy filtering and search options.


  • It has a massive user base which increases your chances of finding a match.
  • The profiles are detailed so you can get to know someone before making contact.
  • They have live-action tabs where non-paying members can enjoy some live cams with professional models – quite saucy!
  • Their community features where you can read blogs, erotic stories by other members or even enter contests or courses by the Sex Academy – talk about getting an education!


  • Free membership offers limited services which could be frustrating if you’re not ready to commit financially just yet.
  • Speaking of commitment, their premium membership doesn’t come cheap either.
  • Their interface is packed and slightly confusing but hey – love is too!

As for tips on using it? Be honest in your profile – everyone here is in the same boat so there’s no need to pretend otherwise! Also make use of all the features available – join in community discussions or watch some live cams; it’ll help keep things interesting while you search for that perfect affair partner.

Why choose Heated Affairs? Other than everything I’ve already mentioned (and believe me I could go on!), its discreteness is a huge selling point. It understands the need for privacy when it comes to affairs, and they’ve designed it with that in mind. So if you’re looking for a secret romance outside your marriage, Heated Affairs might just be your new best friend!

What are Married Dating sites?

Married Dating Sites are online platforms created specifically for individuals who are married but looking for a romantic or sexual relationship outside their marriage. These sites range from the likes of Ashley Madison, which is renowned as an affair site, to others like Adult Friend Finder and Victoria Milan that focus more on singles, swingers, and more. Some sites even offer luxury dating experiences such as Seeking. The key aspect of these sites is discretion and privacy, allowing you to interact without revealing their true identity.

Is It Always Cheating on Married Dating Sites?

Whether it’s considered cheating when using married dating sites can be subjective and depends largely on one’s perspective and lifestyle. While the term “affair” often implies infidelity, it can also refer to consensual non-monogamous relationships such as open marriages, cuckold marriages, swinging couples or polyamorous relationships. In some cases, even single individuals will use these sites in search of a married lover – you know what they say about the grass being greener on the other side!

Are Married Dating Sites safe and anonymous?

Most reputable married dating sites prioritize user privacy and anonymity. They have measures in place to protect personal information like names and locations from being revealed. However, no site can guarantee 100% safety so it’s always important for users to exercise caution while sharing any sensitive information online.

Are there free Married Dating Sites?

As surprising as it might sound, there are indeed free married dating sites out there! Reddit/r/Affairs is one such place where you don’t have to spend any money to join the conversation or share media. Sites like Seeking and Illicit Encounters even let women use most of their premium features for free! So ladies, you can enjoy the perks without emptying your purse.

What is it like to have an affair with a married man?

Having an affair with a married man? Well now, that’s like ordering a mystery box online – exciting but unpredictable! It can be an adrenaline-fueled adventure without any serious commitment or strings attached. A thrilling escape from reality where emotional support is provided, especially if one feels cheated by their own spouse.

What is it like to have an affair with a married woman?

Now having an affair with a married woman is intriguing yet complex. Some find it adds some taste to what has become a bland marital life over time; others see it as exploration beyond traditional boundaries of marriage.

How to choose the best Married Dating Site for me?

Choosing the best married dating site for you requires a bit of careful consideration and research. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Reputation and Trustworthiness: Check out the reputation of the site. Look for positive reviews and testimonials from people who have had successful experiences.
  2. User Base: The size and activity level of the user base is crucial as well. More active users mean higher chances of finding a suitable match.
  3. Features: Consider what features and functionalities are offered by the site, such as chat rooms, private messaging, video calls etc., which can enhance your user experience.
  4. Your Needs: Be clear about what you want from this kind of relationship – be it romance, sex or else.
  5. Safety Measures: Ensure that the site has strict security systems in place to protect your personal information.

Tips for finding partners on Married Dating Sites

Increasing your odds on married dating sites is all about understanding the platform and presenting yourself in an appealing way. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Create a captivating profile: Your profile is your first impression, so make it count!
  2. Use attractive photos: Choose pictures that show you at your best – both physically and personality-wise. These photos should be recent and clearly show who you are.
  3. Be clear about what you want: It’s important to state what exactly you’re seeking from this experience – whether it’s casual fun or something more.
  4. Consider a paid membership: Paid members often have access to additional features which can significantly increase interaction rates.

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