7 Best VR Sex Toys in 2024 – Reviewed and Tested

autoblow ai plus

The future is now and your wildest fantasies can be fulfilled with the click of a button. I’m not talking about ordering pizza using your underwear (although that’s pretty great too). No, my friends, today we’re reviewing the best VR sex toys.

Think Star Trek meets Fifty Shades of Grey – but without any awkward conversations with Mr. Spock. We’re talking high-tech pleasure devices that will make you question why you ever settled for anything less than virtual reality.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good old-fashioned romp as much as anyone else. But let’s be real – who hasn’t dreamt of being able to combine their favorite sci-fi movie with some sexy time? And thanks to the wonders of technology and some very dedicated developers (who probably had WAY too much fun on testing days), this dream is now a reality!

So let’s embark on this erotic journey to find the best VR sex toys on the market today – each one tested by yours truly! Because someone has to do it…for science, right?

1) Kiiroo Keon Review

kiiroo keon

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The Kiiroo Keon is a superior product in the world of VR sex toys, and here’s why. It has interactive features, a robust 230 strokes per minute motor, helix power texture, and even its own mobile app. Plus, it’s compact enough to slip into your suitcase for those lonely business trips.

To use it, you’ll want to connect it with your mobile phone via the dedicated app. This will give you control over the speed and intensity of the device. You can also sync it up with various interactive video sites like Feel Me for an immersive experience. If you’re feeling extra adventurous or just want to mix things up a bit, there’s also a Virtual Reality mode that allows you to feel every movement from your favorite adult videos when connected to a VR headset – talk about being in the moment!


  • Its stamina training texture that suits most people (it’s not too picky).
  • precise control through touch-sensitive pads on the device itself and customizable patterns through its app.


  • Cleaning this toy is somewhat challenging due to its complex design.

As for tips on using it? Try all the settings available to see what you like.

So, in summary, if you’re looking for an advanced, versatile and interactive VR sex toy that can bring your fantasies to life (and then some), the Kiiroo Keon is definitely worth considering. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some “product testing” of my own to do!

2) Kiiroo Onyx+ Realm Edition Review

kiiroo onyx plus

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Well, my friend, the Kiiroo Onyx+ Realm Edition just does everything you need from it. It’s a high-tech gadget that offers a multitude of sensual experiences. Imagine having your first VR porn experience today with this bad boy. It offers an immersive and interactive experience unlike any other. The stroking sensation simulates real-life intercourse pretty darn well.

How to use it? It’s really easy! You just connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth, put on those sexy VR goggles included in the set and let technology do its magic. The toy syncs with whatever you’re watching for an interactive experience that’ll leave you breathless.


  • Great stroking sensation.
  • Relatively quiet when in use (so no need to worry about nosy neighbors).
  • Has numerous interactive content for endless fun times, and is ideal for long-distance couple play.
  • Intuitive to use and easy to clean.


  • The grip clip can be hard to detach especially during initial uses which makes you feel like wrestling with a stuck jar lid.
  • There can be occasional connection issues while using the app – not ideal when you’re mid-session.

A few tips for using this tech wonder: Take some time getting used to detaching the grip clip before diving into action, Also ensure your internet connection is strong enough for smooth operation of the app.

Why choose this over others? Because if you’re someone who loves mixing wanking and technology or even if you’re just curious about what VR technology can do for your love life, this is the perfect toy to try. It’s a quality product backed by a solid smartphone app and webcam partner sites which makes it worth your money.

3) Autoblow AI+ Review

autoblow ai plus

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The Autoblow AI+ is a fantastic VR sex toy, especially for those who are fans of oral pleasure. It provides an automated blowjob experiences that feel incredibly authentic thanks to its advanced AI technology and built-in voice commands. Also, it comes with a dedicated mobile app making it easy to enjoy VR content.

Using it is as simple as sliding into one of the multiple silicone sleeves (which range from 0.3″ to 2″ in diameter), selecting one of the preset 10 blowjob experiences on your phone, and letting the device do its magic.


  • Delivers mind-blowing pleasure with customizable intensity levels.
  • Its innovative design includes impressive sensors and an inner length of 7.8″, which should accommodate most of you comfortably.
  • Easy maintenance; all you need is a little TLC after use and it’s ready for round two!
  • Discreet shipping and warranty assurance.


  • Hefty initial cost.
  • While its AI tech is impressive, there is still room for improvement or expansion in future models.

So why choose Autoblow AI+? If you’re looking for a VR sex toy that offers intense pleasure tailored to you with minimal effort required on your part (let’s face it who doesn’t?), then this could very well be your new best friend in the bedroom…or wherever you choose to use it!

4) Lelo F1s V2 Review

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Well, as a sex expert, I can tell you that the Lelo F1s V2 is quite amazing. It’s like having a geisha!

The F1s V2 comes with a variety of features that make it stand out from its competitors. For starters, it has an SDK provision and 10 sensors which allow you to customize your experience to your liking. You want vibrations? Check. Sensonic waves? Double-check. The device also includes cruise control for consistent pleasure and a dedicated mobile app for easy control.

Using the Lelo F1s V2 is pretty straightforward – just insert (with plenty of lube, folks!) and let the toy do its magic. And if you’re into VR porn or games, this toy has got you covered too – it’s compatible with numerous VR headsets.


  • The SenSonic technology delivers pulse sonic waves deeper into penile tissues for a more satisfying experience than traditional vibrations alone can offer.
  • It has two motors – one for sonic waves and another one to keep things hot and heavy!


  • A bit less interactive compared to devices like Kiiroo Keon or Onyx+. But hey, no product is perfect!

A few tips when using this toy: Make sure you’re comfortable before starting your session; use plenty of water-based lube; start slow and gradually increase intensity; clean after every use.

So why choose the Lelo F1s V2? Well because life’s too short for bad orgasms! This toy offers unique experiences tailored exactly the way you want – whether solo or in sync with VR content.

5) The Handy Review

the handy

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The Handy is a fantastic choice for a VR sex toy because it’s designed with you in mind and it knows exactly how to get you off! The transparent sleeve allows you to watch all the action, which can add an extra layer of excitement.

Using The Handy is not complicated at all. You just need to insert your penis into the sleeve, adjust the settings according to your liking using its intuitive control pad or dedicated mobile app, and let it do its thing. It strokes fast and powerfully, providing an experience that’s hard to beat.


  • Powerful stroking action.
  • Offers multiple sleeve options for different sensations.
  • Its compatibility with various interactive content sites means endless hours of pleasure.
  • It has a local video player so you can download and play your favorite videos while enjoying some ‘me’ time.


  • It doesn’t have vibration features.

As for tips on using The Handy? I’d recommend starting slow and exploring all the different settings before ramping up the speed – this isn’t a race after all!

So why choose The Handy? Simply put: variety and convenience. With hundreds of videos at your disposal from various providers such as SexLikeReal or Czech VR (a personal favorite), customizable experiences through different sleeves or partner-controlled sessions via mobile app…well, should I go on?

Remember guys: masturbation isn’t just handy; sometimes it’s also ‘The Handy’, OK sorry.

6) Lovense Max 2 Review

lovense max

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The Lovense Max 2 is compact, easy to use and packed with features that will make your solo sessions more exciting than ever.


  • It’s one of the best Virtual Reality sex toys for those on a budget. I mean, who said you can’t have quality fun without breaking the bank?
  • Its compatibility with different headsets makes it even more appealing. Whether you’re team Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift, Max 2 has got you covered.
  • Offers multiple dimensions of pleasure – vibrating and contracting.
  • Its dedicated Lovense mobile app simplifies control so much that anyone could figure it out.
  • Adjustable air vent which allows you to regulate suction – because sometimes we all need a little bit less or a little bit more.
  • Toy-to-toy interactivity.


  • Max 2 isn’t waterproof. So no underwater adventures bros!

In conclusion, if you want an upgrade from traditional Fleshlight; are looking for more realistic sensations; are in a long-distance relationship; or just curious about trying out VR porn – then this bad boy should be at the top of your shopping list! It is pricier than a Fleshlight, but as they say – you get what you pay for. And in this case, that’s a whole lot of pleasure!

7) Universal Launch Review

universal launch

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The Universal Launch is a top vr toy, and here’s why. This advanced automatic masturbator has an impressive array of features that make it stand out from the crowd. It has automated thrusting capabilities with up to 10 different intensity settings designed to mimic real sex movements and it comes with swipe control technology for a tailored experience.

Using it is very simple thanks to its intuitive controls and easy-to-use handles. You can customize your experience according to what you like, making every session different from the last one.


  • Its compatibility with most standard size Fleshlights, which means you have numerous options at your disposal.
  • It comes with a universal smartphone mount for hands-free pleasure.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Long battery life.
  • User-friendly design.


  • Lack of interactive features.

Now onto some pro tips: If you own a Quickshot model, consider buying the Quickshot Launch instead for an enhanced experience. Regularly switching between different Fleshlight models can add an exciting twist to your solo sessions.

So why choose Universal Launch? Well aside from being compatible with various Fleshlight models (which means endless possibilities), it offers an immersive VR experience like no other – all while leaving your hands free for other activities! It will not be able to interactively respond but hey – conversation is not a priority when you’re having such a good time!

What are VR Sex Toys?

VR sex toys, also known as virtual reality sex toys, are the latest innovation in adult entertainment. They’re essentially high-tech gadgets that combine automatic masturbators with a video headset to stimulate the sight, sounds and sensations of sex. The goal is to create an immersive sexual experience that feels just like the real thing – or even better!

How do VR Sex Toys Work?

So how do these fancy gizmos work? Well, most VR-compatible sex toys come with VR goggles for a hands-free experience that Normal toys can’t match. These toys interact with VR porn by mimicking the actions and speed of whatever hot scene you’re watching. It’s all thanks to Bluetooth technology, state-of-the-art motion sensors, and haptic feedback technology working together in perfect harmony. Just imagine being able to feel every thrust or stroke exactly as it happens on screen – it’s like being in two places at once!

What are the different types of VR Sex Toys?

As for types of VR sex toys, there are several options available depending on what gets you excited. There are automatic masturbators or strokers designed specifically for men that mimic the actual sensations of sex. For women, there are interactive vibrators which respond to movements seen in VR content. And let’s not forget about teledildonic devices – these allow you to control a partner’s toy over long distances using internet connectivity! Nowadays, we’ve truly moved beyond one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to pleasure.

How to use VR Sex Toys?

Using VR Sex Toys is a breeze once you get the hang of it. First, ensure your device is fully charged. Nothing kills the mood like a dead battery! Next, download and install the necessary app on your smartphone or computer. Most VR sex toys come with detailed instructions on how to do this. Once installed, sync up your toy with the app – usually via Bluetooth – and voila! You’re ready for some virtual fun. Remember to use compatible lubricants to avoid any damage to your toy.

How to clean and store VR Sex Toys?

Cleaning and storing VR Sex Toys are essential steps in maintaining their longevity and ensuring safe use. Always clean your toy after each use using warm water and mild soap or a specialized sex toy cleaner. Avoid submerging electronic parts in water though; a damp cloth will suffice for these areas! After cleaning, let it air dry completely before storing it away in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Silicone storage bags can be great for keeping them dust-free!

Can I use a VR Sex Toy with a partner?

Absolutely! VR Sex Toys like the Kiiroo Onyx+ and Pearl2 couple set are designed specifically for partner use. These toys allow you to feel each other’s movements in real-time, no matter how far apart you are. Just remember that both of you will need compatible devices and a stable internet connection to get the most out of your experience.

What is the best lube to use with VR Sex Toys?

When it comes to lube, Beware that Silicone-based lubricants will degrade silicone sex toys over time, so it’s best to stick with water-based lubes when using these devices. Trust me; there’s nothing sexy about a degraded masturbation sleeve! Also, always check the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and maintenance because you want your pleasure gadgets lasting as long as possible!

What are the Best VR Sites available to use with these toys?

Absolutely, here are some of the top VR sites that you will want to check out:

  1. WankzVR: Known for its high-quality performers and immersive content, it’s no wonder they’ve been crowned VR Site of the Year twice in a row.
  2. BaDoinkVR: This site offers a diverse selection of categories and models, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  3. VirtualRealPorn: As one of the pioneers in the field, they offer an extensive library of scenes and compatibility with almost all devices.
  4. SexLikeReal (SLR): With over 7,000 videos from more than 60 studios around the world, SLR is like the Netflix of VR porn.
  5. Czech VR: If we’re talking about quality content, we cannot miss out on Czech VR. This site offers an immersive experience that will make you feel like you’re right there in Prague…or wherever else they film their scenes.
  6. Naughty America VR: This site brings you closer to your favorite adult stars through immersive virtual reality experiences.

Can I use my VR sex toy while it charges?

While some VR sex toys will allow you to use them while charging, it isn’t recommended. It’s best to let your gadget juice up fully before taking it for a spin – not only will this ensure optimal performance, but also prolong the life of your toy. So as tempting as it may be, try to wait a little and let your toy charge in peace.

Will using these toys increase my stamina during sex?

Ah, the age-old question of stamina! Using VR sex toys could indeed help increase your stamina during sex. Think of these toys as personal trainers for your intimate moments – they provide a safe space to explore different sensations and rhythms at your own pace. Over time, this will help you understand better what makes you tick and how to control when you want to cross that finish line.

How to choose the best VR Sex Toy?

Choosing the best VR sex toy can be a fun and exciting journey, but it’s not as simple as picking up the first shiny gadget you see. It requires some careful consideration and research to ensure that your new toy will meet all of your needs.

  1. Take a moment to understand what you want from this experience. Are you looking for an immersive porn experience? Or maybe something to heat up a long-distance relationship? Perhaps you’re just interested in improving your bedroom stamina? Whatever it is, knowing your desires will help narrow down the options.
  2. Consider compatibility and ease of use. Not all VR sex toys are compatible with every platform or device. For instance, if you have a favorite webcam model or game that you’d like to enjoy with your new toy, make sure they’re compatible before making a purchase.
  3. Quality and durability should also be top priorities when choosing a VR sex toy. Look for products made from high-quality materials that are built to last – no one wants their fun cut short by faulty equipment! Reading reviews like this one will provide valuable insight into the overall build quality and longevity of different devices.
  4. Check Interactive features and connectivity. The best VR sex toys offer advanced features such as motion tracking or haptic feedback which can significantly enhance your experience.

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