BSwish’s BNaughty Deluxe Review: Classy Bullet With a Fantastic Design

Last time, we reviewed BSwish’s BMine Classic, a traditional battery-operated bullet vibe. This time, we’re taking things to the next level with a battery-operated corded bullet vibe. BSwish offers affordable toys with a luxury aesthetic. I have to say that the BNaughty Deluxe looks like a lot of the classy pricier toys that I’ve been reviewing.

My experience with the BNaughty Deluxe turned out to be a fun, impressive, and a little kinkier than I thought it would be.

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Packaging: Discreet and Simple

The packaging in which I got the BNaughty Deluxe was discreet and straightforward. The toy came in an unpadded manila envelope, making it to my door with no problem at all. I did think that maybe a little bit of padding would have protected the toy a bit, but as it got to me and it works, I’m not too worried.

bswish bnaughty box

Nice package, if a little flimsy. No identifying information at all, so that’s great!

BSwish gets right to the point with its toys. When I popped open the rather large and elegant box, everything was right there. The package includes the bullet vibe itself, a bag to hold it in, and a small set of instructions. The vibrator consists of an insertable bullet end connected to the controller with a sturdy cord.

Basics: Waterproof, No Silicone Lube, Requires Batteries

This toy is waterproof, meaning that you can take it into the shower and into the bathtub with you. If you’re a fan of water like I am, this means that you’re going to have plenty of shower fun!

The covering of the toy is made of silicone. Remember that this means that you should stick with a water-based lube rather than a silicone lube. I always pull out my favorite, Liquid Silk, for this purpose.

Finally, this toy requires two AAA batteries which are NOT included. If you want to make sure that you can have lots of fun with no delay, pick up the batteries before the toy shows up.

bswish bnaughty packaging

Here’s a shot of everything you get, including the box and the soft bag to hold everything in.

Putting It All Together: Simple Battery Insertion

I am no mechanical whiz, and the instructions are plain. I had to spin the batteries around a few times in their spaces before I figured out which one went which way. It wasn’t until I’d fumbled with it for a bit that I realized that there’s a plus and minus sign that is designed to help. If you read signs better than I do, you’ll be fine.

I was a little startled to hear a little rattle when I shook the handle. Even with the batteries in and the door holding them in place locked, the rattle continues. I’m not sure what it is, but I hope it’s not a loose part. That would be pretty disappointing.

Controller: Comfy, Intuitive and Bright

The controller and cord means that this toy is not really meant for discreet play. This is definitely something that you use for some solo fun or for some partner teasing.

The controller itself fits my hand well, and when I handed it off to my partner, it was comfortable for him, too. There are only two buttons on it, a power button and a button with two arrows traveling in a circle around a minus sign, which is the mode button.

bswish bnaughty remote

This is the controller lit up and the bullet in my hand. Check out the sizing on the toy!

You do not have to bend your hands to hold the bullet against you, and the buttons are easy to push and do not need a lot of pressure. This is a good choice for people with hand issues like arthritis.

Touching the power button lights the controls up a bright red. Like I said, it’s not made for discretion! When the red light is on, the toy is ready to go.

The shape of the vibrating bullet portion of the toy is adorable, and I love it! It’s an oval shape with some ridges along the length. The silicone covering makes it soft to the touch, and it’s just a pleasure to look at. I like the size, which makes it perfect for some interesting play options.

Modes 1-3: Steady Vibrations, Increasing Power

Clicking through the first three modes reveals steady vibrations that become more intense. The vibration is very powerful, almost surprisingly so. The feel is consistent and pleasant. This alone can get someone off if it is placed on the clitoris.

Mode 4: Rapid Pulses Followed By a Long Pulse

I’m not sure what to make of this one. There were more than ten short pulses followed by a long pulse. This is not bad, but it is neither sharp enough nor interesting enough to hold my attention. I’m giving this mode a pass.

Mode 5: Strong Pulses

Now we’re back in business! I like this mode a lot, and I even like it more than I like the steady vibrations. The pulses are sharp and strong and I spent a lot of time with this one, just enjoying it.

Mode 6: Strong Rapid Pulses

Best yet. The strong fast pulses are a no-frills orgasm machine. I like this one a lot. I would bet money that a lot of other women will too.

Small Size Packs a Punch

One advantage that I did not see coming with this toy is that it is small enough to be held not just in the vagina but between the labia. I could press it flat against my clitoris, and then let my labia hold it in place. I was able to walk with it on my clitoris, though somewhat gingerly. This actually intensified the sensation a lot! Give this a try if your anatomy is compatible.

I also liked the fact that when the controller is held in someone else’s hand that the short cord acts as a leash. That gives this toy a kinkier use than I would have thought it had. This is a game I will definitely be playing in the future.

Plenty of Power

For a bullet toy, this is quite powerful. The motor feels like it’s good for a lot of extended use, and when I turn the toy up to mode 2 or 3, the power of this small toy is clear. If you are someone who needs a powerful toy to get off, this is a good choice.

bswish bnaughty bullet

This is the bullet portion, which is just adorably small.

Despite the power of the toy, it is not that impressive when inserted vaginally. Something about this toy made it a poor fit for me in terms of G-spot stimulation. If you need something for a G-spot orgasm, it might be best to try something else.

The Ridges Do Nothing!

It’s true. The ridges that run along the edge of the bullet do not add anything to the experience. They’re nice to touch with your fingers. They are nice to look at. That’s about it!

Cleaning Up: Easy and Quick

The toy is waterproof, so I had no problem running it through some water and a mild soap. It came clean, and dried quickly.

No Anal, Please!

Some people use bullets for anal insertion, but this toy is not designed for that. Bullets designed for anal insertion have reinforced bases and cords that will not yank out. The connection between the cord and the bullet feels very sound, but I don’t feel like testing it.

Do play with this toy by pressing it against the anus or against the perineum. If you want actual anal penetration, try something with a flared based or a reinforced cord.

Partner Play

There’s lots of possibilities for playing with your partner using the BNaughty Deluxe. Hand your partner the controller and let them control how the toy feels for you. Use the toy to stimulate their nipples, the base of the penis or the testicles.

Though this toy is excellent for solo fun, it is also great in the hands of a willing lover.


Remember that there is no way to lock this toy and that the buttons are easy to push. This means that if you throw this toy into your luggage, a single jolt or quick drop can activate it. You do not want to be going through an airport and have your luggage start to buzz.

If you want to travel with the BNaughty Deluxe, just take the batteries out. As a matter of fact, taking the batteries out will make them last longer anyway!

Summing Up: Small but Fierce!

I would recommend this toy to anyone who likes the idea of a small but fairly powerful bullet. The texture of the bullet is pleasant, and the power is impressive for such a small toy. The controller is comfortable on the hands. The cord is short, but that’s a not a problem.

I can recommend this toy for both solo play and partner play. It can be used vaginally inserted or externally on the labia or pressed flush against the clitoris.

Find out how creative you can get with this upgrade on the classic bullet vibe!

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