Build Your Own Fleshlight Review – DIY Fun For The Adventurous

In this Build Your Own Fleshlight review we’ll help you build the best Fleshlight for YOU.

Build Your Own or BYO Fleshlight is a flexible and popular way to buy Fleshlight toys while enjoying a never before seen combination of cases, sleeves and orifices of your choice.

BYO fleshlight review

BYO Fleshlight is an awesome concept. If you are picky or just like to try multiple combination of sleeves and orifices, BYO Fleshlight is exactly what you need.

So if you would like to combine the best of everything Fleshlight has to offer, this may be your best bet.

The best thing about BYO Fleshlight is that you can really combine a number of awesome possibilities and build your own Fleshlight according to your own taste, preferences and needs. It’s kind of like building your ideal girlfriend:

I want her blonde, with big… that doesn’t complain… and one that likes inviting her shapely girlfriends over a night…

But, beside the color of the case which is not particularly relevant, there are a wealthy amount of sleeves and orifices to choose from whether your goal is to please or train yourself.

But let’s take a quick look at the Fleshlight sleeves that are available and how actually the BYO Fleshlight process works.

The first step is choosing the case color.

Step 1: Choose the color of your BYO Fleshlight Case

Choose the case

You can choose between black, blue, red and silver.

As you can see, while you do have option when choosing the case, you cannot have a golden case (the one used for the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit) and not even the transparent case of the Fleshlight ICE or the sleek case of the Fleshlight Flight.

You do have options, but there are some cases that belong to specific Fleshlight models and that are not sold in the BYO package.

Anyways, the case color is not extremely important, so let’s move on to the orifice.

Step 2: Which Fleshlight Orifice Do You Prefer?

Choose the Orifice

The second step in building your own Fleshlight is about choosing an orifice. There are four orifices you can choose from: butt, mouth, lady (vagina) and cheeks. The “pure” orifice is missing from the collection and it’s only available with some specific Fleshlight like the Flight or the Stamina Training Unit for example.

Choose the lady if you want to experience intercourse pleasure, the mouth for oral sex on command and the butt and cheeks for naughtier satisfactions.

Step 3: Get The Right Fleshlight Sleeve

Here’s where the game gets interesting. The internal sleeve is what really makes the difference. When you Build Your Own Fleshlight you can choose among 12 Fleshlight sleeves:


Fleshlight Sleeve Destroya

Fleshlight Sleeves Review – Destroya

This sleeve alternates rings of bumps, piercings, soft teeth and fangs to grab and stimulate at 360 degrees. The further you go inside it, the tighter it gets and the more intense the stimulation.


Fleshlight Sleeve MiniLotus

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – MiniLotus

The Mini-Lotus sleeve takes the realistic vaginal sensations of the normal Lotus texture closer to the orifice, so that every man can enjoy them, right from the entrance.


Fleshlight Bi Hive

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – Bi-Hive

Not as extreme as the Destroya, the Bi-Hive alternates pleasure-points, ribbons and soft rings to gently massage the user while increasing the sensations for intense climax.

Wonder Wave

Fleshlight Wonder Wave

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – Wonder Wave

One of the best selling textured masturbation sleeve and very popular among first time buyers, Wonder Wave features a textured canal enriched with mind-blowing waves.


Fleshlight Original

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – Original

The Original Fleshlight sleeve is flat and smooth. This sleeve is perfect if you have a very sensitive penis and therefore want a light sensation, or if you have an above average girth and want a smooth experience. The diameter is one inch.

Speed Bump

Fleshlight Speed Bump

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – Speed Bump

All these soft massaging beads… hmm. This Fleshlight sleeve is tight and intense. If you like strong sensations, go for it.

Super Tight

Fleshlight Super Tight

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – Super Tight

All right, Speed Bump is a tight sleeve, but take a look at Super Tight: 1/2 inches (13mm) in diameter. The biggest difference is that Super Tight is flat and smooth inside. So if you want it tight and ribbed go for Speed Bump, otherwise Super Tight will do it for you.


Fleshlight Vortex

This sleeve is crazy. An hypnotic spiral of sexy chambers will grab you and take you on a unforgettable trip.

Super Ribbed

Fleshlight Super Ribbed

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – Super Ribbed

This is great if you want to test your stamina. Super Ribbed feels good, too good… so good that you may come before you even realize it. If you’re after uncontrollable pleasure, a Super Ribbed sleeve may be the best Fleshlight for you.


Fleshlight Sleeve Heavenly

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – Heavenly

This is another of those sleeves that can drive a man nuts! Heavenly has an elegant and incredibly stimulating texture… They say it’s like flying with an angel, a naughty beautiful naked Angel I would add…


Fleshlight Sleeve Tornado

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – Tornado

Twister canal and deep indentations are just some of the features of this Fleshlight Sleeve. You can get addicted to Tornado and use it like if there is no tomorrow…


Fleshlight Sleeve Barracuda

Fleshlight Sleeve Reviews – Barracuda

Barracuda is one of the most controversial Fleshlight Sleeves in my opinion. You’ll encounter some resistance when entering it the first time and find more ease as you thrust, just like with a partner who is losing her virginity with you.

Step 4: Fleshlight Add-Ons To Spicy Things Up (optional)

This is optional but a lot of fun. There are quite a few add-ons that can make your Fleshlight experience much better and in some cases much more realistic (like with the incredible V-Stroker for example).

Here they are:

Shower Mount

Fleshlight Shower Mount

BYO Fleshlight Accessories – Shower Mount

Wow, the shower mount is a must. Best thing about it, you don’t need any hole in the wall since the attachment is suction based. So stick it on the wall, plug in your best Fleshlight (the one you have just built) and enjoy hand-free masturbation. I know, we are in 2014 so I should be used to this, but I’m not: the Shower Mount is a genius idea and everyone should have one in their house. Pure pleasure.

VStroker Virtual Sex Adapter

Fleshlight V Stroker

BYO Fleshlight Reviews – V-Stroker

This is amazing virtual sex so close to the real thing. In fact when you attach the Vstroker Virtual Sex Adapter to your Fleshlight case your thrust will be transmitted to the girl on your computer that will moan and scream according to your rhythm and intensity. If you haven’t yet you gotta look at this and tell me if this isn’t the most brilliant invention since the wheel.

So Fresh and So Clean Combo Pack

Fleshlight Fleshwash

All right, all right. After having so much fun with your sex toy you’ll want to clean it and this combo pack helps you with just that. Keeping your favorite male sex toy tidy and scented.

Fleshlube Elements Pack

This Fleshlube Elements Pack contains Ice, Water and Fire lubricants to make your masturbator sex toy smoother and sexier while adding some spice in the middle… You don’t want a life without spice, do you?

Fleshlube Water (4oz.)

Let’s say you hate water, ice and fire. What do you do? Here’s Fleshlube Water, a soft, silky and smooth lubricant that will make your rides much more realistic and powerful.

Step 5: Have Fun!

Buy a few combinations and then let us know which one you think is the best Fleshlight sleeve, by ticking your favorite on the poll below.

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