12 ½ Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives: The Good, The Bad, And The Crazy

When I got the brief for this article, my first reaction – not gonna lie – was to laugh and ask “WHAT cheaper alternatives? Your hand? A sock?”.

What I, and you will find instead, is that not only are Fleshlights not the be all, end all of sex toys, but that there are other alternatives for men out there, and a lot of them are cheaper. A lot of them are WEIRD.

If you are interested in enhancing and expanding your masturbatory repertoire and experiencing some sensations that you haven’t before, then strap in boys, we’re going for a ride.

Top 3 Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives

  1. Belladonna – Ugly AF, but feels amazing
  2. Ella – Cheap and cute, great value
  3. Fleshskins – Fleshlight experience on a budget

Keep reading below for the full list of Fleshlight alternatives, from the most expensive to the cheapest!

What are the available male sex toys, other than Fleshlights?

I had erroneously believed that the sex toy market is all (well, maybe not ALL, but like a solid 90%) about the ladies, and that men were…well, just out of luck. But boy, was I wrong. Do you know the amount of rubber holes, sleeves, masturbators, and other crap people make?

If you do a quick search on any of the shops included on this list, you will be able to find a selection of toys that appeal to a variety of needs and desires, or that scare the bejeezus out of you: sleeves, and masturbators, and strokers, oh my! And higher prices open up even more possibilities.

Can I make a Fleshlight alternative?

Yes, that’s right, you can make your own Fleshlight, right in your own home! The internet is a horrible place, so it will include recommendations and tutorials for fruit you can masturbate with, sandwiches you can masturbate with, jars of various creams, sauces, and spreads that you can masturbate with…you get the picture.

I’m not saying don’t do it, just maybe at least TRY to preserve your dignity, first.

Do yourself a favor and delete these from your browser history when you’re done, you don’t want your last search to be “How to masturbate with a watermelon” in case you die tomorrow.

That sounds like a lot of work, why not just buy a damn Fleshlight?

Well, Barbara, I don’t know, maybe not everyone has $70 – $200 to spend on their penis. Maybe none of the sleeves appeal to you – although we’ve reviewed a VERY nice selection of the best Fleshlight that you may want to check out, no pressure, CLICK HERE – and maybe, just maybe, the look of Fleshlights just freaks you the hell out. I mean, have you seen those mouth ones? YIKES.

Don’t you just hate it when an article goes on and on with an overly long intro when all you want is to just get to the main point?

Let’s move on to the actual toys. I’m going to review the best ones, or the most weird. Just letting you know what’s out there.

I’m going to list them from most expensive to the least expensive, but they’re all going to be more affordable than the average Fleshlight (Classic Pink Fleshlight, for reference), which retails for $64.95.

$64.95 Fleshlight Classic Pink

price to beat

Or if you’re a cheapskate like me, you can get away with just a Fleshlight sleeve for $49.95. The first couple of alternatives are actually offered by Fleshlight themselves, because they’re nice guys like that, and everything else is sourced from other places.

Now look, prices are accurate at the time of writing this, but they are subject to change, so keep that in mind. I don’t want y’all flooding my inbox with “bUt tHe pRiCE iS wrOooOnG”.

You can find out what the toy actually does, but if you want to skip the babble and just get to the YAY or NAY part (I wouldn’t skip it if I were you, I’m hilarious), then I included a quick summary section helpfully phrased as “should I stick my penis in this?” to get the information you really want to know.

Is it going to be an excellent, inexpensive Fleshlight alternative, or will it shred your penis? Of course, you can always just skip the review altogether and find out by playing Russian Roulette and just sticking your member in it and seeing what happens. Your choice.

$39.95 Fleshskins Blue Ice

see it

fleshlight fleshskins blue ice

Get this now

What does this do for me? We’re starting out in full force with a product that is super interesting – Fleshskins Blue Ice is an offering from Fleshlight, but its “thing” is that it offers the same pleasure at a lower price point.

How were they able to cut down on the price? Well, this thing is all sleeve, actually. That’s right, there is no hard case like with a regular Fleshlight, which has a number of advantages. First, it’s cheaper, which enables you to enjoy the Fleshlight experience on a budget. Then, there’s the fact that this is still textured and made out of the same material as a regular sleeve, which means you don’t lose out on quality.

The other thing I should mention is that this has finger holes to supposedly ensure a good fit. I…can’t really make fun of this. I mean, the finger holes are kinda dorky, but otherwise, it sounds great, and the price is right, especially compared to other similar-priced alternatives on the market.

Sure, it doesn’t have that signature vagina look, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a drawback – in my eyes, this is WAY less creepy, and more discrete. You want your grandma to be confused, not horrified, when she stumbles across your sex toys.

Should I stick my penis in this? I can’t fault this, so I’d rush to stick my penis in. I’m not even being paid to say that!

$34.95 Quickshot Vantage

see it

quickshot vantage

Get this now

What does this do for me? Another budget alternative from Fleshlight (knocking it out of the park here, guys!), the Quickshot Vantage is smaller than the original Fleshlight (less than half the size, apparently), but it doesn’t lose any of the properties that make it successful.

This is one of those that has two holes, so it’s shorter, and they recommend using it DURING a blowjob, so it’s a two-in-one kind of deal, really, isn’t it? You can play with it alone, or you can invite a friend to use it on you. That should also make clean-up easier.

This isn’t bad, by any means, and the difference in price compared to a regular one can make it worth it, but I just think there could maybe be a more interesting option to pursue, instead? I’m probably just nitpicking, at this point.

I will say that, like the previous option, this is more inconspicuous than a regular Fleshlight – or similar alternative – because it’s missing the giant vagina or alien mouth at the entrance. That will come in handy when you need to take it apart and wash it; you don’t want your friend/roommate/mom asking who left the plastic pussy in the sink.

Should I stick my penis in this? Yeah, I would. $35 is nothing!

$29.95 Cal Exotics Super Head Honcho Masturbator

see it

super head honcho

Get this now

What does this do for me? I’m going to be honest – technically, this isn’t THAT different from other similar toys. A rubber masturbator is a rubber masturbator, you know? The thing about the Super Head Honcho is that it’s actually a second version of this toy; the follow-up to the Head Honcho, but with some significant improvements.

Except for that horrible stupid name.

It still follows the same sort of concept, as it’s a stretchy sleeve, basically, that you masturbate with. Nothing mind-blowing, there; although it should feel like it’s blowing you. WORDPLAY. But this one’s longer than the first one (by 20% apparently, if that makes you feel better?), so if your penis is just toooooo damn long for a regular masturbator, this one should be more comfortable. Okay, enough bragging now, we get it, you’ve got a big boy, Jesus.

Moving on.

The Super Head Honcho also features two open ends, better stimulators, and a stronger suction action.

So, you can masturbate Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. The two openings also make it easier to clean, and you know how much I love a squeaky clean sex toy.

Should I stick my penis in this? Do it! (Pretend) Do it! (I’m inserting) Do it! (clapping hands emojis)

$24.99 Cyberskin Stealth Dual Ended Stroker

see it

cyberskin stealth

Get this now

What does this do for me? You know how cheap bootlegs sometimes try to cram in MOAR features than the original in a shallow effort at legitimacy and originality and it ends up being a weird hybrid that looks and feels cheap? Well, this is sort of like that, but it’s like a Frankenstein that didn’t go horribly wrong and is actually good!

This works pretty much in the same way as a Fleshlight, in that it has a sleeve that comes out for easy cleaning (10/10 no crusty vagina), but you will also recognize other features from some of our other contestants, here. It’s dual-ended, so you get to enjoy pussy on one end and deepthroat on the other, although the design on this one is much less crass on this one compared to the Riodong Pocket Pussy.

The other thing you’ll notice is that this comes equipped with a suction cup that you can mount on the wall or on any smooth surface you like so you can use the stroker without having to hold anything.

Should I stick my penis in this? Bootleg or not, this is a good product that deserves to have your appendage inside it, and for $24.99, what can go wrong? We’ve seen literal rubber sleeves for around the same price; at least this has some other stuff going for it as well.

$24.95 Doc Johnson’s Belladonna’s Pocket Stroker

see it

belladonna pocket pussy

Get this now

What does this do for me? For real, this is ugly AF. If we were going off of look alone, I’d give this a 3/10, kill it with fire, watch it melt to make sure it’s really dead, and then run away.


We’re professionals, so we’re going to give this a proper go. Keeping that in mind, I will say that Fleshlight have pornstar inspired products as well (yes, of course we’ve reviewed them), so if there was ever going to be a very similar, but cheaper alternative, this is it.

And you know what? It’s a top seller and an all-around satisfactory toy, if we listen to the hundreds of men who’ve bought this thing.

And for $24.95, the truth is I can’t REALLY complain about the way this looks (and to be completely honest, I’ve seen even uglier ones on this very website – Vicky Quickie, anyone?), other than that “life-like” UR3 material they keep bragging about. There is nothing life-like about this plastic vagina, but I sure hope it feels better than it looks.

Should I stick my penis in this? Well, as of now, 724 other men have stuck theirs in it (well, not in the same one), so why not? If you do it in the dark, you won’t even notice how ugly it is.

$23.69 PALOQUETH Male Masturbation Cup

see it

paloqueth male masturbation cup

Get this now

What does this do for me? I KNOW what you’re thinking: “What makes this slightly creepy Fleshlight bootleg different than every other creepy Fleshlight bootleg?

IT VIBRATES. I love toys that vibrate. I’m actually excited about this one.

I know it’s manufactured by a brand you’ve never heard of and sold on Amazon with one of those absurd titles, so that seems sketchy, but don’t knock it ‘till you try it. Yes, it looks like a thermos with a plastic vag in it. Try not to think about it too much. But that’s not all there is to it.

You can take it apart and slip a bullet vibrator in it, on the sleeve. That will make the entire thing vibrate and intensify the sensation. And there is even a spare suction cup attachment that you can use to mount it on the wall and enjoy a hands-free experience, instead? And for $23.69? Where has this thing been all your life?

Should I stick my penis in this? I almost feel like there’s got to be a catch to this, because it seems too easy, but for now, I’m going to tentatively say an enthusiastic STICK IT IN!

$19.99 THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy

see it

thrust pro pocket pussy

Get this now

What does this do for me? Great, we’re talking about my least favorite word pairing in the world: pocket pussy. Look, I’m an alliteration whore and I don’t mind getting a little gross, but this is just…anyway, try to ignore the name, ‘cause this thing actually seems to be good!

It’s getting excellent reviews across the board, and for $19.99, you can’t go wrong with this baby. I was feeling pretty good about this option, until I encountered those dreaded words: “crafted to look and feel just like the real thing”.


When I read stuff like this, it makes me wonder if the men who made this (or who wrote this description) have ever met an actual, honest to god human vag? And I say “men” because you bet your bottom dollar a woman didn’t look at this and thought “Yep, looks about right!”

But regardless, the concept is distinctly Fleshlight-y, from the shape to the internal sleeve. It looks like a Fleshlight and quacks like a Fleshlight, but it doesn’t have that premium price tag.

Should I stick my penis in this? This one is getting my seal of approval – forget the creepy-looking rubber pussy! YOLO!

$19.99 Riodong Pocket Pussy

see it

riodong pocket pussy

Get this now

What does this do for me? Jesus, where do I even start? Okay, so it has not one, but TWO ends. It’s party in the front AND party in the back. If you can’t decide between a mouth sleeve and a vag sleeve, this gives you the best (?) of both worlds; just on different ends of it.

Creepy alien mouth (THIS GAL HAS TEETH AND A TONGUE) aside, the inside of this looks like your run-of-the-mill sleeve, with all the different patterns you would expect. It’s textured differently on each end, to supposedly offer a sensation that replicates the real thing, and they meet in the middle, which means you could be inside one side and coming out the other. How romantic.

I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw this thing, I was rubbing my palms together like a cartoon villain, ready to tear this trashy bootleg apart, but…it’s actually good?

Should I stick my penis in this? Let me just say this on the record, I wouldn’t stick any body part into some rubber monstrosity that has TEETH (it says it has “soft” teeth? What are soft teeth?). But it seems to actually be decent, so don’t let its supremely creepy appearance steal your cheap sorry, “affordable” orgasm.

$17 Titanmen Tools – Tool Box UR3 Masturbator

see it

toolbox ur3 masturbator

Get this now

What does this do for me? Ok this one made me LOL when I saw it because to me, it looks like a bee hive. Right? Can you see it? Good, because I’m afraid the interesting things about it stop there. This is a rubber ribbed sleeve that you masturbate with.


I’m not saying it’s not good, I’m saying it’s BORING. Like, I don’t wanna knock it, but it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. It doesn’t do anything special, it doesn’t light up, doesn’t shoot fireworks out of your shaft, and doesn’t talk dirty to you while you have sex with it. It’s just a piece of rubber that sorta makes your penis feel good.

To be completely honest with you, I don’t even want to finish this review because I’m so bored. What can you say about it? Even that color is boring. Oh yeah, it has two openings, so it washes easily. And it doesn’t have that creepy mouth/vagina replica at the entrance, so I guess it gets points for that. I can’t even reach the minimum word count. Womp womp.

Should I stick my penis in this? It’s a no from me, dawg. Like, your little buddy won’t fall off or anything, but I can think of roughly 473596 better things to stick your penis into, even for $17. NEXT!

$15.99 Ashlynn’s Butt

see it

ashlynn butt

Get this now

What does this do for me? In a way, I feel like this toy has said it all with that name alone: Ashlynn’s Butt. Like, do you really need to know anything else? It’s pretty self-explanatory. You look at the pic of the toy and you understand that this is modelled after a girl pornstar named Ashlynn and her booty.

They say it’s a “realistic” butt masturbator, but if you look at the close-up pics, they look horrendous.

That hole, man. Look, enough beating around the bush, this is a cheap piece of junk. It’s an empty, plastic shell that looks like what would happen if a swirly penis had a butt. I’ll spare you the agony of finishing this review – it’s not a winner, guys.

I’m sure it would do in case of emergency, because it’s “lightly ribbed” and stretchy, but so are other things that are cheaper and frankly, more attractive than this. Like the masturbator before it, I can’t come up with anything exciting about it, because it doesn’t…do enough.

Should I stick my penis in this? Look, this is really boring. And not to give you spoilers, but for less money, you can get a Tenga Egg, and if you’re gross, you can reuse it. So, this for $15.99…eh. Should you stick yours in this? Eh.

$11.99 TENGA Egg Stepper Textured Male Masturbator

see it

tenga egg

Get this now

What does this do for me? We can’t NOT talk about the Tenga egg; it’s one of the classic masturbators. You’re probably assuming it’s not a literal egg, and this is just wordplay? No, it’s pretty much what it says on the tin: an egg that you masturbate with.

It’s a pretty cool concept, actually: you open up the case, peel the film over the hole, fill it up with your favorite lube, and then go to town. What’s special about this, compared to other masturbators, is that it’s made out of a different material, so it’s stretchy. You stick your penis in and just pull the egg down your shaft, towards the base. Like your favorite sock, but better!

The inside is all textured, like most masturbators and sleeves, so you’re in for a pretty good time. You know, once you get over the fact that you are MASTURBATING WITH AN EGG. But that’s not weirder than doing it with a disembodied plastic mouth, so it’s all good.

Something to note, here: TECHNICALLY, this is disposable – use it and throw it away. Like rebound sex after a break-up; you never have to see her again! BUT, according to the website, if you’re careful with cleaning and handling, you should be able to stretch out this relationship for a few more tumbles in the hay.

Should I stick my penis in this? Yes, you should absolutely stick your penis in it! $11.99 says you’ve got nothing to lose! Well, except $11.99.

$9.99 Screaming O Open Faced Textured Male Stroker

see it

scream o open faced taco

Get this now

What does this do for me? I love this. I LOVE it. It’s so so stupid. No, really, wait ‘till you see the most horrifying, but the most hilarious words you will ever encounter in your life. In a bit. For now, let’s talk about what it is: a piece of ribbed silicone. No sorry, in the marketing world, it’s a “textured male stroker”.

Back to reality: It’s literally a slab of bendy plastic with some ribbing and you’ll love the instructions on how to use it on the website.

Are you ready?

“Fold it into a taco shape around your penis”



There’s a joke here somewhere about eating meat tacos, but even I’m not that disgusting, so I’ll refrain, but I KNOW you’ve made the joke.

I can’t even take this seriously. It’s a piece of silicone. THAT YOU ROLL UP LIKE A TACO. Around your man meat. And they want you to stay hard after that? I’m sorry, I’m probably not giving this a fair chance, I just don’t think I’d be able to stop laughing the moment this touches my penis.

Should I stick my penis in this? Don’t pay $10 for this, man. You can achieve the same effect with a makeup brush cleaning glove. Or a tanning glove. Or pot holders. They come in sets of 2 AND they’re cheaper. DIY masturbators, get your DIY masturbator here! Either way – HARD PASS.


$0.46 Real Pocket Pussy Artificial Vagina Man Masturbators Toy Male Aircraft Cup Adult Sex Toys Sex Product For Men

see it

real pocket pussy aliexpress

Get this now

What does this do for me? I am not going to dignify this thing with a number, because it doesn’t deserve it. It can have ½, which is the amount of stars I would give this garbage. I left the entire title in because it’s dumb and hilarious, and as you may be able to tell, this is from Aliexpress, which I think tells you all you need to know about the level of quality you can expect from this.

Spoiler alert! It’s not great.

But after I stop laughing, we are going to address the way this thing looks and how it works. This thing looks so bad, but what do you want from a male sex toy that is currently $0.46? That’s right, that’s less than you’d leave in the cup of that crazy guy in front of the bank yelling about how the end of days is near.

So, what does $0.46 buy you? A pink rubber tube that is vaguely reminiscent of a gear shift, because of the finger indentations. I assume that censored end is a pussy-like entrance, but otherwise, we have no idea what this thing looks like inside!

What’s hilarious is that it has a ton of good reviews for a mystery toy that promises to be a “real” pocket pussy. Maybe they don’t show you the inside because one of the (still good!) reviews mentioned HAVING TO CUT A HOLE IN IT BECAUSE THERE WAS NOWHERE TO STICK YOUR PENIS INTO.

I think I rest my case.

Should I stick my penis in this? WHERE would you stick your manhood in a SEALED silicone tube? If you want to keep your penis, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.


Do you want to piss away some money for the LOLz? These won’t be cheaper than the average Fleshlight, but they want to be comparable. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

$149 Titan By Kiiroo™ Interactive Vibrating Sex Toy For Men

see it

kiiroo titan

Get this now

What does this do for me? I know what you’re thinking – “But this thing is like 150 bucks!!!”

Yes, that’s true. So, then, why did I include it on a “cheap” alternatives list???

Because I wanted to. Now shut up and listen.

Have you ever wanted to get more intimate with your Alexa or Amazon Echo? You kind of can, now? No, it won’t talk to you, but it looks exactly like one of those, and like these, it will get you hard and make you wanna yell OH YEAH, TECHNOLOGY!

The Titan has “touch-sensitive vibration technology” – I wish they’d just say, it’s a sleeve and a ton of (okay, 9 – YES NINE!!!) bullet vibrators. That’s gonna buzz the hell out of your member. They really like to emphasize this is an “interactive” male masturbator.

What the hell does that even mean?

Well, in this case, it means you can play by yourself, adjusting speeds and modes, OR you can connect to VR and 2D videos to interact with lovely, but virtual ladies who are there to offer you a good time.

Is that creepy? I mean, duh.

But I love how with every technological advancement we see, three seconds later, we find some way to use it to make porn. That is commitment to the cause.

If that’s going a bit too far down the rabbit hole for you, then maybe keep things in the real world, by connecting to a partner’s device for long-distance shared masturbation, instead.

Sidebar – Look, if you want relationship advice from me (no one should take relationship advice from me), cut the crap and just break it off, because long-distance relationships don’t work. If you MUST, then I GUESS this can help to “share your pleasure with them”. Can you feel the cringe?

Don’t look at me, I didn’t write that sentence.

Should I stick my penis in this? I guess objectively, I can’t say “don’t”, because this is cool, but…does this VR thing give you the heebie jeebies? That’s reaching Black Mirror levels right there.

Disclaimer: No penises were harmed in the making of this review.

Update 2023:

The above article was written a few years ago. We’re now expanding it (see below), but the new part has been written by a different person in our team. You may notice a different writing style.

What Is A Cheap Fleshlight?

A cheap Fleshlight is basically any male sex toy that’s cheaper than a classic Fleshlight, and that still provides a similar masturbation experience, but all without you having to empty your bank account on an expensive, branded product!

As you likely know, a Fleshlight is a male sex toy that looks almost exactly like a flashlight. Except once you remove the top cap, instead of a lightbulb, you find a vaginal or anal orifice ripe for all your masturbation needs.

Pretty cool, right?

But as much as I think classic Fleshlights are great, they do tend to be a bit pricey compared to a lot of other male sex toys on the market, and not everyone has the means to buy one.

This is exactly where cheap Fleshlights come in.

Are cheap Fleshlights the same as real Fleshlights?

Yes, a cheap Fleshlight is the same as a Fleshlight as it’s meant to be used as a masturbation tool. But most of the cheap Fleshlights I’ve reviewed are not made by Fleshlight, and are more affordable.

All of the products on our list of cheap Fleshlights are meant to provide dudes with an alternative way to get off, which makes them similar to masturbating with a real Fleshlight.

But when you choose a cheap Fleshlight, you don’t get the same level of realism, quality, or durability that you would when buying a classic top of the line Fleshlight.

So as much as they’re both similar in the way that they can help you spice up your masturbation routine, real Fleshlights still reign as the better, higher-quality sex toy option.

Why buy a cheap Fleshlight?

You should be a cheap Fleshlight if you want a pocket pussy or masturbator, but you don’t want to spend a significant amount of money.

In other words, the biggest reason to buy a cheap Fleshlight is because they’re less expensive than buying a real Fleshlight.

After all, not everyone has “Fleshlight money” just sitting around in their bank, especially not when some Fleshlight models cost $100 or more when you include taxes and shipping costs.

But that’s precisely the beauty of a cheap Fleshlight!

You get to enjoy all the fun and excitement of a high-end male masturbator, without having to break the bank to add a bit more fun to your masturbation routine.

How can I use cheap Fleshlights with other toys?

Try using different lubricants, like tingling, warming, or flavored lubes, or you can use your other toys with a vibrator, lining them up to use them one at a time, with a partner, or whoever else your imagination desires.

In other words, there are many ways you can pair your cheap Fleshlights with some of your favorite toys!

Using your favorite Fleshlight alternative with your go-to lubricants can help switch up the sensation a bit.

Just make sure that whatever lubricants you’re using are in fact compatible with your toy’s material (remember water-based lubes are always the safest best!).

And don’t think vibrators are just for the ladies! Guys can get in on the action too!

Pop a male bullet vibrator in your favorite cheap Fleshlight and get ready for a buzzing good time!

Or, if you’ve ever dreamed of having a reverse gangbang with several hot chicks, why not line your cheap Fleshlights, and masturbate with them one after the other.

When using cheap Fleshlights with your existing sex toys, your imagination truly is your only limit.

So, go ahead!

Experiment, play around, and have fun!

How To Make A Cheap Fleshlight

Using towels, sponges, rubber gloves, and a few rubber bands, you can easily create your own homemade cheap Fleshlight.

Simply wrap the rubber glove in a towel or sandwich it in between a couple dish sponges, use the rubber bands to hold everything together, and voila! You’ve got yourself a homemade cheap Fleshlight!

Since a Fleshlight is basically just a sexy-looking hole on a soft, squishy material, there are many ways you can make your own homemade Fleshlight alternative.

I should also mention that building your own cheap Fleshlight can be time-consuming and often, it’s not nearly as sexy or as fun as using a store bought sex toy.

So while there are plenty of ways to make your own DIY pocket pussy, there really aren’t any homemade or DIY solutions that can rival the real pleasure that you’ll get from using a good, high-quality sex toy.

Below, I take a look at three simple ways you can build a homemade Fleshlight or pocket pussy from household items.

Basic towel and glove cheap Fleshlight

One of the easiest ways to make a DIY Fleshlight alternative is to use a towel and rubber or latex glove (as long as you’re not allergic).

Simply, roll the towel with the glove’s finger inside of it, and then wrap the outer wrist part of the glove around the outside of the towel.

If needed, you can use a couple of rubber bands or a piece of string to secure the glove in place.

And voila!

You’ve got yourself a homemade hole, ready and waiting for you to fill it!

The best part about this method is that you can roll the towel as tight, or as loose as you want it.

You can also try adding more rubber bands if you want to make things feel a bit tighter.

Building a cheap Fleshlight from a Pringles can

Pringles aren’t only a great snack! Their containers can also be used to build cheap Fleshlights.

All you’ll need is a Pringles can (or any other similar-sized container), a couple small dish sponges or hand towels, and a rubber or latex glove.

Essentially, the Pringles can is about the same size and shape as an actual Fleshlight.

So all you’ll need to do is fill it with a soft, spongy material, such as a small dish sponge or a couple hand towels, and you can tell yourself you’ve built your own sex toy!

Similar to our first technique, you’ll want to find a rubber or latex glove and sandwich the fingers and palm between your filling of choice.

Next, you’ll need to insert your sponge and glove filling into the Pringles can.

At this point, you should have the wrist part of the glove hanging outside of the can.

Lastly, wrap the wrist of the glove around the outside of the Pringles can and secure it in place using a couple of rubber bands.

And now that your Pringles can Fleshligh is complete… Well, I’m pretty sure you can figure out what to do next.

Have fun!

Hollowed-out cucumber cheap Fleshlight

Okay, so this next DIY Fleshlight alternative is taking things a bit far with the produce section.

But if you’re into the idea of adding food to your masturbation routine, or if you’ve been looking for new and cool ways to use your vegetables, then I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of this idea.

The soft inner texture of a cucumber can be a surprisingly great masturbation tool.

The idea is to hollow out the cucumber so that you can use the harder, outer skin as the casing for your homemade Fleshlight.

Once you’ve chosen your cucumber, you’ll want to slice it in half lengthwise and then hollow out the center.

The trick here is that you can choose how much of the cucumber to hollow out to adjust how tight you want your cucumber Fleshlight to be.

Similar to our other two homemade Fleshlight alternatives, you’ll want to use a rubber glove or condom placed in between the two halves of cucumber as your sleeve.

If you feel that your “sleeve” is too loose, you can try wrapping it in a hand towel, or sandwiching it between two sponges, and then placing that in between the two halves of your cucumber.

Lastly, you’ll want to either tape your contraption together, use a few rubber bands, or simply hold the whole thing around your penis while you pound away.

Is a cheap Fleshlight safe?

Yes, using a cheap Fleshlight is safe. All of the products we’ve listed here today are completely safe to be used for all your masturbation and sexual needs.

That being said, some individuals may have skin sensitivities that might flare up depending on the materials in your sex toy.

So it’s important to always be aware of what materials your toys are made from.

Most sex toys are made from body-safe materials, and allergic reactions are a very rare occurrence.

But when buying cheaper, lower-quality sex toys, there’s always a risk of not being sure what the toy is made of.

Similarly, the real risk of using a cheap Fleshlight is if you build your own.

And that really depends on the products or materials you use to build it.

While the materials I’ve mentioned, like hand towels, a Pringles can, or a cucumber are all body-safe, other materials that you might want to use to build your own sex toy can pose a threat to your health and well-being.

For instance, you should never use any materials that are sharp or abrasive or anything that could cut, scratch, or chafe your skin while you’re going at it.

And you’ll also want to avoid using anything toxic.

So don’t go trying to build a homemade pocket pussy from an old paint can or anything else you might find in your garage.

In the end, if you choose to buy any of the cheap Fleshlights that we’ve listed above, or you make your own sex toy from soft, spongy, and non-toxic materials, it should be perfectly safe to stick your penis into.

Is Buying A Cheap Fleshlight Worth It?

Yes, buying a cheap Fleshlight is worth it if you’re looking for a way to improve your masturbation routine, and you’re not yet ready to spend a significant amount of money on a higher-end sex toy like a Fleshlight.

But that doesn’t mean that cheap Fleshlights are the best option for everyone.

If you don’t have a lot of cash to spare, or you just want a cheaper option, then a cheaper Fleshlight alternative is the way to go.

But if you’re a dude with some extra cash, and you’re looking for a top-notch sex toy, then buying a branded Fleshlight can definitely be worth it.

That said, all of the cheap Fleshlights I’ve covered are great toys, and they should be just as effective at helping you get off as any Fleshlight can be!

What’s the cost difference between cheap Fleshlights and real Fleshlights?

A cheap Fleshlight can set you back anywhere from a couple of bucks to $50 or more.

Meanwhile, when you compare the cost of a legit Fleshlight with a case and add on taxes, and shipping and handling costs, you’ll be looking at closer to $70 to $100 for your toy and getting it all the way to your bedroom.

And if you’re feeling really fancy and want a pornstar’s molded bits, well, let’s just say that you’ll need to keep saving your pennies.

Just kidding, they’re not that expensive! But they are more expensive than classic Fleshlights, and all of the cheap Fleshlights I’ve covered here today.

What’s the best cheap Fleshlight?

Tenga Eggs are the best cheap Fleshlight in my opinion.

But if you have the budget for it, I strongly suggest trying some of the higher-priced alternatives I’ve reviewed, or even splurging on a full Fleshlight case and sleeve.

With male sex toys, you really do get what you pay for.

There’s nothing wrong with using a cheap Fleshlight.

But higher-priced sex toys generally work better, last longer, and provide a better masturbation experience overall.

Key Decision-Making Factors When Choosing The Best Cheap Fleshlight

Type, material, and size and discretion are three of the most important factors to consider when browsing for a cheap Fleshlight.

Since this article is about “cheap Fleshlights,” I’ve rated the entire list based primarily on price.

But there are many other factors that you might want to think about when shopping around for cheap Fleshlights.

So to help you choose the best cheap Fleshlight for you, let’s take a better look at some of the most important decision-making factors to consider.

Types of cheap Fleshlights

Strokers, Tenga Eggs, fake butts, DIY Fleshlights… If you’re new to the world of sex toys, you might be surprised to learn that there are all sorts of different sex toys for men.

Here are just a few different types of cheap Fleshlights you can find.

  • Strokers: Masturbation sleeves or strokers are handheld devices that are designed to simulate the feeling of penetrative sex. Strokers are typically made from soft, silicone, or TPE sleeves with vaginal, anal, or oral orifices that you can use to stroke your penis.
  • Tenga Eggs: Similar to strokers, Tenga Eggs are disposable male masturbators that look just like eggs. They’re made from soft, stretchy material that accommodates any penis shape, and their insides have different textures to provide you pleasure in all the right places.
  • Fake Butts: As you might have guessed a fake butt is a male sex toy that’s designed to look and feel exactly like a real butt. Made from soft materials like silicone or TPE, fake butts feel real and can be used in any number of positions, enabling you to have a more realistic, visually satisfying experience.
  • DIY Fleshlights: Finally, there are the DIY guys. The dudes who don’t want to spend very much money on good quality sex toys. These guys are crafty and will make a DIY Fleshlight with just about anything, from Pringles cans to sponges, socks, hand towels, and even cucumbers (see above).

As you can see, there are a ton of different cheap Fleshlights out there.

So don’t be shy!

Get to know what the world of male sex toys has to offer, and I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll tickle your fancy in all the right ways.

Cheap Fleshlight materials

Silicone and TPE are two of the most common materials used for male and female sex toys.

On the other hand, real Fleshlights are made from a patented material called SuperSkin.

SuperSkin is designed to look and feel as close to real human skin as possible.

When buying cheap Fleshlights, just know that they’re not going to be made from this same material.

Most male sex toys will be made from either silicone or TPE, which are both body-safe options, as long as they do not contain phthalates or any other harmful chemicals or additives.

  1. Silicone: Silicone is a popular material for male sex toys because it is soft, pliable, and durable. It is also non-porous, which means it won’t harbor bacteria.
  2. TPE/TPR: Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and thermoplastic rubbers (TPR) are often used as more affordable alternatives to silicone sex toys. TPE is soft and pliable and can be molded into a variety of shapes and textures. That said, TPE/TPR toys are less durable than silicone and can be more difficult to clean. So they’re really not my favorite.
  3. Rubber and latex: You might also find some cheaper Fleshlight alternatives made from rubber or latex. While these materials can still provide a sexy, erotic experience, they’re not as durable as silicone or TPE/TPR, and some individuals may have sensitivities to products made with latex.

Cheap Fleshlight size and discretion

Obviously, if you’re trying to keep your new sex toy a secret, you don’t want to buy a Fleshlight Launch or a full-size sex doll, which are both much larger sex toys that are practically impossible to hide.

Instead, if something smaller and more discreet is what you’re after, then you’ll want to choose a smaller Fleshlight alternative, like a pack of Tenga Eggs, which can easily be hidden at the back of your sock drawer.

Regardless, just make sure to consider the fact that all of the different alternatives I’ve reviewed above are different sizes, and all offer different levels of privacy and discretion that may affect your masturbation routine.

Cheap Fleshlight lubricants

It’s also important to understand that different sex toy materials may require different types of lubricants.

Fleshlight sells its own branded lubricant, known as Fleshlube, but you can use any water-based lubricant with Fleshlights or any of the cheap Fleshlights that I’ve listed here today.

For the most part, water-based lubricants are your best friend!

They’re easy to clean and are generally compatible with all sex toy materials.

Just stay away from oil or silicone-based lubricants as these may not always be compatible with your sex toys, and they may actually degrade or damage your sex toys’ material.

Cheap Fleshlight accessories

Fleshlight’s branded accessories, vibrators, sex toy cleaner or wipes are all great accessories that you might want to consider buying with your cheap Fleshlight.

If you choose to purchase any branded Fleshlight product, like the Classic Lady or the Quickshot Vantage that I’ve listed above, you’ll be glad to know that Fleshlight sells a bunch of accessories that will be compatible with your toy.

These include the Fleshlight Shower Mount or Sleeve Warmer.

If you choose any other non-Fleshlight alternative, lubricants or small, bullet vibrators are probably the best accessories to pair with your toy.

Additionally, I recommend trying different lubricants to accessorize and play with your cheap Fleshlight in different ways.

Try your Fleshlight alternative with warming or tingling lubes, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, there are plenty of tasty flavored lubes that you can try too!

Or, like I mentioned above, you might even consider inserting a smaller, bullet vibrator into your Fleshlight alternative for a bit of added stimulation.

What cheap Fleshlight material is best?

For all male and female sex toys, silicone is one of the best materials to look for. It’s soft, pliable, easy to clean, and is considered a completely body-safe material, which is why you’ll find it in some many sex toys.

But while silicone and TPE sex toys are great for spicing up your masturbation routine, Fleshlight products, made with SuperSkin, are likely the best, and most durable option.

I’m not saying that you have to buy a higher-priced sex toy.

By all means, if it gets you off, and you like, the power to you, brother!

But the fact is that higher-priced sex toys are generally made with better-quality materials that will last you longer, and provide a more realistic experience.

Just always look for sex toys that are made from body-safe materials, which should be free of phthalates and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Cleaning And Storing Cheap Fleshlights

To keep them in good condition, it’s important to clean your Fleshlight after each use, and keep them stored in a clean, cool, and dry location like a closet or your bedside drawer.

You never want to put your sex toys away if they’ve been in contact with bodily fluids, semen, saliva, or lubricants.

For the most part, you should start by rinsing your toy with warm water.

You can also use mild, unscented soap to clean the insides and outsides of your toy.

Just be sure to rinse it thoroughly to avoid leaving any soap behind, which may cause irritation during your next use.

After cleaning, allow your sex toy fully dry before storing it.

Depending on the toy that you’re using, you can store it back in its original case, or simply place it in any clean, cool, and dry place where it will stay clean until the next time you’re in the mood to crank one out.

Can I reuse single-use cheap Fleshlights, like Tenga Eggs?

No, you should never reuse any single-use products, especially if the manufacturer explicitly states that the product is designed for one-time use.

Listen, pal, I get it.

You love your Tenga Eggs and you want to use them over and over again.

So, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I truly don’t recommend reusing any single-use products.

I don’t care how much you’ve got saved up, how many rounds you’ve got left in you, or if you sanitize it with a flamethrower after every use.

It’s all about hygiene and following the manufacturer’s direction here, folks.

Tenga Eggs are explicitly designed by their manufacturer to be used only once.

So you might be able to reuse a Tenga Egg. I honestly don’t know what will happen if you do.

But if you do decide to give it another go, don’t be surprised if it falls apart or makes a mess.

Don’t say that I (or Tenga) didn’t warn you!

How often can I use and reuse a cheap Fleshlight?

Although Tenga Eggs are only designed to be used once, many of the other cheap Fleshlights I’ve listed here can be used as often as you desire.

The only thing to remember is that you’ll need to clean your toy regularly to keep it in good shape.

Additionally, for branded Fleshlight products, you might need to routinely apply a dash of Fleshlight Renewing Powder to ensure your toy maintains its original texture and consistency.

But other than that, as long as your toy isn’t broken, and it’s not a Tenga Egg, have fun going at it as many times as you want.

Just make sure to take a break every so often, clean your toys when you’re done with them, and always be sure to hydrate to replenish all those lost electrolytes!

Are These Real Cheap Fleshlights?

Yes! These are all real cheap Fleshlights!

And while Fleshlight might be the leading name in the world of high-quality male masturbation sleeves, there’s nothing wrong with saving a bit of money and choosing a cheaper Fleshlight alternative.

From Tenga Eggs to all of the other sexy toys I’ve listed here, there are plenty of other options available for great male sex toys to spice up your tired, old masturbation routine.

Where to buy cheap Fleshlights?

Fortunately, you can find male sex toys and many of the cheap Fleshlights I’ve discussed today from online sex toy retailers, including:

  • Lovehoney: You can find all sorts of cheap Fleshlights, and branded Fleshlight products for sale at this reputable online retailer.
  • Adam & Eve: Another great online retailer that sells all sorts of sex toys, lingerie, BDSM gear, and more!
  • Fleshlight: If you want to buy any Fleshlight products, you might be able to find them on the other sites I’ve mentioned. But I suggest buying them directly from the manufacturer to ensure quality and authenticity.

Whenever possible, I truly recommend buying sex toys directly from their manufacturer, which ensures that you’ll receive an authentic product.

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