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This page includes a list of deals, discounts and promotions.

If the live status is ON, it means the contest is still available.

If it says ENDED. It means it’s expired.

While this is within my control for things on my website (such as the Fleshlight contest), they are not entirely in my control when other websites are involved.

So if a coupon code doesn’t seem to work anymore for example, then please contact us so that we can do something about it or at least update its status.

Good luck!


FREE Fleshlight – Find Santa and Win a Free Fleshlight – 3 Fleshlights Available

Update: (ONLY 1 Left)

Live Status: ENDED ●

banner free fleshlight

We’ve hidden a fake link on our website. Find it, and a Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady will be yours completely FREE generously donated to’s readers by our friends at

(U.S. Shipping Only. Mail Boxes not allowed. Mail Forwarding Services not allowed). You must be 18yo to partecipate and an ID will be required in case you win.

Next time I promise we will do our best to get World Wide Shipping.

fleshlight classic pink lady

Here is how to Win a Free Fleshlight (3 Fleshlight Available  congratulations Juan and congratulations Ben1 Fleshlights Left!!!! congratulations Samuel)

1- Browse our articles

browse articles gif

2- Click some links

click some links gif

3- Find the 1 fake link. The fake link goes to a 3rd party Santa Claus image. It is a fake link because apparently you would think the link goes to a certain page but actually… it’s a trick! Because if you click it, you will be redirected to a Santa Claus page looking like this:

santa claus gif

Find it and send us an email: support at saying:

Hey guys,
I found the Santa Claus fake link.

It’s at this URL

and it’s in this block of text:
Bla bla bla bla bla fake link bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Copy paste the page URL where you found the fake link and the block of text in which you found the fake link.

The first 3 people to find the fake link to Santa Claus win a Free Fleshlight Classic Pink Original, shipped and gifted by our generous friends at

Good luck and Merry Xmas!


25% Off One Item on

Live Status: ON ● 

As far as I know our coupon is still working. If not, please let us know.

Get one item 25% off on with our coupon code: TALKSEX

Activate coupon


15% Off on Your Favorite Aneros,

Live Status: ON ● 

Get 15% off on with our coupon code: LetsTalkSex

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