Deon Black – Sex Coach and Best-Selling Author

Deon Black is a Sex, Life and Dating Coach. He is also a successful published author of 3 books.

In 2013 he published a best-selling sex book called “LAST” (now out of stock) then rebranded as “The 47 Hour“, which is a stamina training guide to help men last longer in bed.

In 2010, while browsing internet forums and sex toy blogs he realized the wealth of misinformation and sleaziness around the world of sex toys. He decided to do something about it and create a true, honest, fact-checked resource for sex toy shopping advice and use.

He founded and has been sharing his hands-on knowledge and experience with the world since then.

For the past 10 years, Deon has been using sex toys, shopping sex toys, testing sex toys, living and breathing sex toys. He has a collection of hundreds of sex toys including Fleshlight, penis extenders, vibrators, Aneros prostate massagers, BDSM gear, Sex Robots and much more.