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How We Fight Taboos

Destigmatize Conversations

Why is breast augmentation socially accepted while penis enlargement remains a taboo subject? We aim to promote open and honest discussions about penis enlargement, eliminating the shame and secrecy that often surrounds this topic.

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Facilitate Access

By fundraising to make penis enlargement options more affordable, we aim to ensure that individuals from all walks of life can access the tools they need to enhance their penis size.

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Create Resources

We strive to provide accurate and evidence-based information on various methods of penis enlargement. Education is key to making informed decisions about one's body.

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Combat Body Shaming

Donate an Inch is committed to combating body shaming and promoting a culture of acceptance. We advocate for the idea that everyone's body is unique, and the choice to pursue enhancement is a personal one that deserves respect.

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How You Can Help

Choose a one-time payment or sponsor a penis with a monthly contribution.

Donation amount
Donation frequency

One-time donation

With a one-time donation you will contributes to the creation of educational materials and resources, helping spread accurate information about various methods of enlargement. You will assist in subsidizing the cost of penis extenders making this effective method more accessible to those who may not afford it otherwise.

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Monthly Contribution - Penis Sponsorship

Join our unique initiative and become a part of a transformative experience through our Penis Sponsorship program. This groundbreaking opportunity allows compassionate donors to make a monthly contribution, directly supporting individuals on their journey toward increased penis size. Through our program, sponsors are kept in touch with the recipients, creating a personal connection that goes beyond financial support. Receive updates on progress, milestones, and the positive impact your contribution is making. Personalize your sponsorship by sending messages of encouragement, letting the recipient know they have a community cheering them on.

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Donation Tracker (Updated: December 17th 2023)

This snapshot reflects the impact of our collective efforts in breaking stigmas and fostering positive change. Thank you for your ongoing support!


💰 Total Donations: $3910


📦 Penis Extenders Delivered: 29


💝 Penises Sponsored: 4


🥊 Taboo-Fighting Hours: 100+

Donate An Inch - FAQ

Donate an Inch breaks the stigma around penis enlargement, empowering men to make informed decisions. We offer support, education, and financial assistance to those seeking penis enhancement, overcoming barriers like affordability.

Your donation supports our mission to make penis enlargement accessible. Various donation amounts contribute to creating educational materials and subsidizing devices like extenders. Every contribution, big or small, makes a vital difference.

To become a recipient of our charity, please join the waiting list here. We'll reach out to you via email when it's your turn. Rest assured, we carefully review each application to ensure our support reaches those who genuinely need it.

Spread Awareness: Share our mission on social media, engage in conversations, and help break down stigmas.

Absolutely. Donate an Inch takes your privacy seriously. We use secure payment gateways and adhere to strict privacy policies to safeguard your personal information. Your data is handled with the utmost confidentiality and is never shared with third parties.

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