Edging: How to Perfectly Execute It

Premature ejaculation can be cured – naturally. Forget about sprays and numbing creams, practice Edging, and take charge of your life.


There are three main reasons why you want to start Edging.

First of all, Edging will make you aware of your PONR (point of no return), second, it will push back your ejaculatory threshold by building resistance in your body, and third, it will build mental strength over your urge.

1) Your PONR (point of no return)


Discovering your PONR is essential, especially from a mental and motivational point of view.

When you are able to feel your PONR, you become responsible for your ejaculation.

It’s easy to complain about premature ejaculation when you feel like it “just happens” to you, but when you learn to feel your point of no return things change forever.

Next time you’re having sex, if you feel your PONR but instead of stopping keep stimulating, and go over it, you are consciously choosing to prematurely ejaculate and can’t blame anyone for it.

Responsibility is essential.

Taking full responsibility for what happens in your world is the first fundamental step to transformation. If you don’t feel responsible for your results you can’t change them.

2) Edging Can Save You 10 Years of Your Life

The second reason why you want to start Edging is that it will push back your PONR by raising your ejaculatory threshold.

If you have premature ejaculation you’re likely to have a low ejaculatory threshold. A little bit of stimulation and a low level of arousal is enough to make you reach your PONR and climax.

A lot of people (especially those older than you) will tell you that all you need is time and practice and that by growing older you’ll naturally become able to last longer in bed.

Well, thank God you were born in this amazing time where you can learn anything quickly if you’re willing to put in the effort.

A consistent practice of Edging will save you from having to “learn by experience”. Instead of wasting your best years suffering from premature ejaculation with the “appealing” idea that one day when you’re 75 you’ll be able to last longer, you can accelerate this process with the practice of Edging and enjoy long intercourse now – no matter how old you are.

3) Master Your Urge to Ejaculate

Generally speaking, you are not allowed to ejaculate at the end of each Edging session but you can usually ejaculate every two or three sessions (depending on your age).

This is hard.

When you’ve masturbated and taken yourself close to ejaculation for 20-30 minutes, being able to pull up your pants and move onto something else without ejaculating requires loads of willpower.

In this way you learn how to become stronger than your biological sensations, stronger than your urge basically, and this will help you become a man in control.

Remember you are absolutely not repressing your arousal but you’re on top of it: you feel it, your body is craving an ejaculation but you’re mentally cool.

How to Execute an Edging Session

First of all, in order to Edge, you need privacy for at least 20-30 minutes, and since one of the causes of premature ejaculation is the bad habit teenagers have of masturbating in a rush (to avoid their parents catching them or entering their room), you want to make 100% sure you’ll have at least half an hour to yourself before starting.

Also, if you haven’t yet, get one of these today. They feel like a real vagina, are perfect for edging, and will noticeably speed up your improvements.

Basic Edging:

1) Stimulate yourself until you get an erection. While you do, be attentive and feel every sensation in your body (especially in your pelvic floor).

2) Using some silicone-based lubricant, stroke your penis starting from the base and slowly moving towards the top (avoiding the fraenulum and the glans at the beginning).

3) When you feel you’re getting close to your PONR, start moving down the shaft again and completely stop when you reach your PONR (or when you’re about to reach it).

4) While you wait for your arousal to subside, feel every sensation in your body and take slow deep breaths. Be a man, face your sensations, feel them fully – don’t run away from them.

5) When the sensation of imminent ejaculation has disappeared, restart the process again.

6) After 20 minutes of Edging, stop, put your pants on and do something else.

Congratulations, you have completed a session of basic Edging.

Practice this simple basic Edging session for about two weeks before expecting to see any improvement in your performance.

Edging is not a one-stop solution, but only the beginning of serious ejaculatory control training. There are many other physical and mental aspects you need to tackle to achieve absolute mastery in bed and of course, there are more advanced types of Edging as well as I describe in my training program The 47 Hour, but Edging is probably your best first step, besides quitting watching porn of course, but this is a whole other story.

Sometimes you’ll miss the PONR and ejaculate, that’s normal and part of your learning curve.

Take it easy and keep practicing. With time you’ll sharpen your attention skills and become able to feel the subtlest sensations in your body and everything will become clearer and easier for you to manage.

Following the training in The 47 Hour you’ll naturally develop the ability to feel every phase of the ejaculation process in detail and instinctively pause, slow down or accelerate according to the feedback your body gives you. This is the level of sexual mastery that will totally transform your sex life as it did for me and many other men.

As I always say to my students, think big but start small.

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