Fleshlight Blade Review: Suction Power in Your Palm

Bored? Horny? Is Fleshlight Blade right for you?

Sometimes you just need sexual pleasure on command:
No strings attached, no mothers in law, just pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation.

Fleshlight Blade is another of those awesome pleasure machines designed to fulfill your inner beast, unleash your balls and give you some well-deserved relaxing time… on demand.

In this review I’m about to tell you what makes Fleshlight Blade different from the other Fleshlight sex toys and also why I don’t like it.

fleshlight blade

Fleshlight Blade features a great looking orifice but a silly looking case

As you know I have personally reviewed and tried quite a few Fleshlight and while it’s a great pleasure tool, the only thing I found disappointing is that the Fleshlight case is hard man…

Yeah, it is true that you can regulate the suction from the bottom cup, but when you’re there, thrusting, stroking, enjoying, watching… come on, you really don’t feel like stopping and changing the suction.

Your animal instinct feels more like… hmmm… like… squeezing it. Like squeezing that male masturbator around your penis!

That’s what Fleshlight Blade is all about. Squeeze it, feel it on your penis, feel the sensation and regulate the tightness using the same hand you’re stroking with.

From this point of view in fact Fleshlight Blade is by far the best Fleshlight around.

Great? Here’s What I Don’t Like About Fleshlight Blade

Fleshlight Blade looks ridiculous.

It might even feel awesome and tight… but Fleshlight Blade is ugly. What’s that Conan thing supposed to be?

Get to the Fleshlight Blade’s page and have a laugh watching the pictures and videos they use to market it (actually there are also a couple of nice clips to watch).

I understand they thought a hilt-shaped case would have been the best way to integrate the squeezability in the design, but I think it could have been done better.

Fleshlight Blade’s Powerful Feeling

If you like me own a few Fleshlights already, imagine how it would be like when you’re there stroking and thrusting… Imagine how it would be like to squeeze this warm, moist and incredibly textured sleeve on your penis while you stroke it up and down… I bet you would get off very quickly.

If you have never tried a Fleshlight before and are wondering how Fleshlight Blade would feel like, then imagine a warm, soft, sucking and massaging feeling from the head to the base of your penis… a sensation you can regulate by simply squeezing the toy.

Fleshlight Blade Sleeve

Fleshlight Blade’s inner sleeve

One More “Nice” Thing

There’s one more thing about Fleshlight Blade that I like, and that’s the oval shaped orifice which resembles a vagina much more than a classic round-faced Fleshlight does. Don’t feel guilty if you’ll want to lick those sexy labia, it’s normal.

How Far Do You Want To Take It?

Let’s say you are telling yourself:

“You know what my friend? I’m gonna give this sucker a try!”
You have 4 main options when buying Fleshlight Blade:

Blade: For the Budget Buyer

If you’re on a budget or are super rich but feeling stingy right now, just buy Fleshlight Blade as it is with no frills or frolls at $44.96*. Sure you won’t get any lube and you’ll still need to buy some lube somewhere in order to use this male masturbator… But if the drug store next door has got cheaper prices then these, you can always get it locally.

Warrior’s Blade: If You Like To Fantasize

If you’ve got strong imagination or like the juicy breasts of the girl on the cover, then get Fleshlight Blade together with the Hustler version of Conan. The price is $59.93* and here’s the trailer if you’re curious (like I’m sure you are – nobody has ever missed to click this). Update: trailer is gone.

Blade Nobility Pack: Lube included

I think this is the best option, priced at $54.68*.

Nowadays if you want to watch a movie you can find plenty online for free. I don’t see the need to buy the Conan one. About the lube instead, Fleshlube is just perfect for Fleshlight masturbators. I have tried a variety of lubes with my Fleshlights and no one beats Fleshlube.

Blade Warrior’s Survival Pack: If You Got Cash

Money is not a problem? Just want the best and only the best? All right, this is the fourth option: Fleshlight Blade + Movie + Lube + More. We’re not talking thousands here, at the moment the complete package costs $81.23* and gives you all you need to enjoy your Fleshlight Blade at its fullest.

Weird to see, awesome to feel. Fleshlight Blade is the only squeezable Fleshlight available and definitely a must try.

Note: Just a heads up, Fleshlight Blade is not attachable to the Fleshlight Shower Mount.
* Prices may change, check the official Fleshlight website for up to date prices.

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