Fleshlight Review (2024) – Top 10 Best Fleshlights To Buy


I am the first sex toy expert to ever review Fleshlights. I tested my first Fleshlight (it was a Fleshlight ICE) over 10 years ago and I have tested over 50 Fleshlights over the years (including now defunct models like the V-Stroker, Blade, Sex in a Can, and many others).

I masturbated with each Fleshlight for months, I tested them during sex, in the shower, in the car and in this guide I am going to help you find the best Fleshlight for you.

I have been very blessed to get know this company a decade ago and the people working behind the scenes (Hi Kenny!). I could easily claim to be the foremost Fleshlight expert in the whole wide world.

Top 3 Best Fleshlight

  1. Go Surge – Pocket size, realistic feel
  2. Riley – Amazing vagina, Riley
  3. Flight – Discreet but powerful orgasms

Keep reading for 10 more amazing Fleshlights.

What Is A Fleshlight?

How do I even describe a Fleshlight? A Fleshlight is pure poetry, it’s the warm morning sun, it’s the smell of fresh coffee, it’s a lover’s kiss, it’s the magical day you finally become a man, it’s…

…it’s a plastic vagina.

Yes, really.

It’s not as gross as it sounds, I promise. Or maybe it is and I’ve just become desensitized. Either way, a Fleshlight is a male masturbator. It’s basically a plastic tube that’s tight and ridgy on the inside, and it’s meant to offer the user a pleasurable masturbatory experience, hopefully close to the real thing, or even better. Ambitious, right?

There are a million varieties and riffs off this product, numerous pocket pussies, truly horrible masturbators, scary knock-offs, and even some good ones – I should know, I’ve tried them all.

This right here, however, is premium quality, and that comes with a premium price tag. There are numerous advantages to not just ordering the first monstrosity you find on Amazon – mainly the fact that you don’t have to worry about STDs – but when it comes to plastic vaginas, let’s just say you get what you pay for.

And what you’re paying for is an out of this world, aesthetically pleasing lady part you’re going to play with all night long and she’ll never complain. Because she doesn’t have a mouth. Or limbs. You pretty much only get the important bit.

How Do I Choose?

Like with any other product you’re looking for, you’ll wanna spend 8 months studying all the available options and reviews, otherwise your anxiety and decision paralysis will haunt you for the rest of your life.

When it comes to male masturbators, you want to cover the basics: quality of experience, ease of use, discretion, and price. So, we’re going to ask some simple questions:

  • Experience: Is it a good wank?
  • Ease of use: Is it an easy wank?
  • Discretion: Is it a discrete wank?
  • Price Is it an expensive wank?

Some of these will meet some of these requirements, the best will meet all of them. But it really just depends on what’s important for you. Ideally, you want the perfect fleshlight to hit all 4.

What Are The Best Fleshlights?

And now, the question you’ve all been waiting for: which are the best fleshlights? I’ve been reviewing these babies for a long time, now, so I’ve been in and out of every fake plastic vagina you can imagine, some good, some bad, and some Crazy.

What I have here are some of the best of the best, and no, this post is not sponsored by Fleshlight. Although, if you wanna talk business, I’m not above shilling for you, Fleshlight, always a pleasure. Call me!

1) Go Surge Lady

go surge lady

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What does it do for me? The major selling point for this lady is its subtlety and discretion. It’s a smaller, compact, light, travel-friendly version that ensures you and your penis have a good time no matter where you are in the world. I can see you now, wanking in Paris, wanking in Rome, wanking in Stockholm – the world is your oyster. Or like, your porn studio.

And you don’t have to compromise on the feeling, either. Look at the inside of this monster, it’ll show you a good time. The one thing to note is that it’s not as sturdy as other toys, but that’s the price you pay for convenience. And what better travel partner can you ask for? At least the Lady will never complain that her feet are sore. She doesn’t have any.

  • Experience: Awesome!
  • Ease of use: Super easy
  • Discretion: Nobody will guess
  • Price: Cheapo

2) Fleshskins Blue Ice

fleshskins blue ice

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What does it do for me? Fleshlight is well aware that their products are pricey, so they’ve taken it upon themselves to create some budget alternatives for those who aren’t quite flush enough for a high-end wanking experience.

The price is its main pro, but it’s also cool and portable, comes with its own case and everything. Now, on the con side, it’s not as mind-blowing as some of its more expensive offerings, and it’s very, very basic. It’s also considerably flimsier than some of these other products, but that’s to be expected. But it’s still a viable toy that gives your special “me” time that extra oomph you were looking for.

  • Experience: Handjob+
  • Ease of use: Super easy
  • Discretion: Mum’s the word
  • Price: As cheap as it gets

Is it a good wank? This one’s self explanatory, and it covers the experience itself. What is this toy like on the inside? How intense is the experience? Will the ridgy bits blow your mind? What about your load? Just how good a wank can you get out of this thing?

This depends on your personal preferences and…your anatomy, but trust me, when a fleshlight ensures a good wank, you’ll know it when you see it. There’s a reason why some of these babies have an obsessive following, and it’s not because they’re repped by porn actresses. Okay, maybe that’s part of it.

We’re ranking on tightness, diversity, intensity, and how fun it is to use. Different people have different preferences, but the universally good ones are easy to spot – they have the most reviews.

3) Super Tight Sleeve*

super tight sleeve

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What does it do for me? They weren’t very creative in naming this one, so I don’t need to sit here and try to sell the advantages to you, it’s pretty self-explanatory: this sleeve is super tight. Like, insanely tight. If you’ve already experienced all you can experience in the Fleshlight world and you’re bored, then this baby is the right choice for you. It’s true that there are no crazy ridges and little bits inside, but it provides a nice, consistent tightness.

super tight interior

The con on this one is that the more endowed of gentlemen will perhaps have a harder time enjoying this one (boo hoo), but it can also be an instant orgasm situation, so watch out. I would not recommend this one to beginners – unless you’ve got a skinny penis! – this is for hardcore wankers. And I’m not saying that as an insult.

*Fleshlight case not included

  • Experience: Very intense
  • Ease of use: Experienced wankers only
  • Discretion: Potential sounds
  • Price: The price is right

4) Ice Lady

ice lady

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What does it do for me? One of my personal favorites, the Fleshlight Ice series brings something to the table that none of their other toys can offer you: full visual stimulation. The Ice Lady and all its other counterparts are fully clear, which means you can get an eyeful of all the action going down while you use it.

While the inside is still a standard Fleshlight sleeve like any other, with nubs and pulls and rings and chambers, the added visual stimulation factor is very intriguing and it makes it different than anything else you’ve ever experienced. It can be intensely erotic, or, perhaps, off-putting – that’s up to you to decide.

But especially if you’re using this with a partner, either you or them will highly appreciate this little entree to voyeurism into one of the most intimate experiences a person can have. Don’t knock it till you try it.

  • Experience: Multi-sensorial
  • Ease of use: Beginner friendly
  • Discretion: Virtually invisible
  • Price: Budget friendly

Is it an easy wank? If there’s anything sadder than a bad wank, it’s a difficult one. You’re over here with your pants around your ankles, your hands are shaking, your penis is turning purple, and you just want to stick it in, damn it! The last thing you want is an instruction manual wank.

So, I’m rating these based on how easy a wank they procure for you. Do I need to study beforehand? What if I suck at tech stuff? Do I need to go get my glasses to read 14 pages of instructions? Can I just take it out and go?

They may not seem like important questions NOW, but go back to that pants-around-the-ankles scenario – you’ll wanna have this one figured out quick.

5) Mini Lotus*

mini lotus

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What does it do for me? One of the star products of the brand, the Mini Lotus is practically a classic. It’s one of the most popular sleeves, and with good reason – the twists and turns it takes on the inside is going to bring you to your knees – literally. You will be worshiping this thing all weekend long, mark my word.

mini lotus interior

It’s one of the best in the business, its legendary status isn’t for nothing. The only thing you need to worry about with the Mini Lotus is that you might become addicted, or end up with a chafed shaft. It’s not a good time.

*Fleshlight case not included

  • Experience: Godlike
  • Ease of use: Drunk friendly
  • Discretion: Practically silent
  • Price: Anyone can afford it

6) Quickshot Pulse

quickshot pulse

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What does it do for me? One of the smaller, more compact offerings, the Quickshot Pulse comes in to offer an inexpensive alternative to Fleshlight’s heftier toys. It’s easy to use, good to travel with, and it even has some special features. Most notably, it’s open-ended on both sides, which means you can use it even with a partner, not just when you’re alone.

The downside with some of these cheaper versions is that they don’t have any bells and whistles and are super basic. What you see is what you get, but when you’re paying under 50 bucks, there isn’t really a lot of room for complaints, now, is there? You just get a hold of it and go to town. The tighter you squeeze, the more feeling you get.

  • Experience: Handjob+
  • Ease of use: Like using your hand
  • Discretion: Tiny
  • Price: Doesn’t get cheaper than this

Is it a discrete wank? Wanking secretly can be really fun and intense, or really awkward and anxiety inducing – take your pick. Now, it’s entirely possible for a masturbator to offer a mind blowing experience, while also being awkward and clunky, and impossible to use in a shared home. You’ll see what I mean when we get to some of the spaceships I’m going to show you.

Of course, discretion is in the eye of the beholder. If you live alone, you may not care about how noisy it is or that it looks like you’re holding a coffee machine and having your way with it.

Hell, you might not care even if you don’t live alone. Your roommate will walk in and you’ll just keep going

The point is, this aspect is important to a lot of people, so we gotta take it into consideration.

7) Flight Commander

flight commander

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What does it do for me? Fleshlight is boasting that this thing is one of its best selling products for a reason – it feels great, it’s compact, you can take it with you on the road. An adventure for the ages, just one man and his fucktoy. I’d watch the hell out of that movie.

You know how usually, when they sell you something as a “travel size” “mini” or “compact” version it means that you get a trashy quasi knock-off product that doesn’t work even half as well as the original, even though it’s still expensive? Yeah, fortunately this one doesn’t suffer from that.

In fact, it even boasts some special increased suction technology so you can get sucked right into your fantasy, no matter where you are, including on the plane.*

*no seriously, please don’t jack off on the plane, that is weird bro.

  • Experience: You’ll fly away
  • Ease of use: Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Discretion: Luggage friendly
  • Price: Affordable

8) Stamina Training Unit (STU)

stamina training unit

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What does it do for me? If you didn’t know, you might miss it on the website, because it doesn’t have a funky name, just literally Stamina Training Unit. Well, despite the utilitarian name, this baby is still a toy, and one that gives you intense pants-feelings, too.

stamina training interior

Especially created to help you last longer and longer, this product is the stamina coach you’ve been looking for your whole life. Yes, that’s as kinky as ever. Just like the best athletes in the world, training is a huge part of improving your sexual experience, so if you feel like you could use some help in that department, I wouldn’t pass this one over.

  • Experience: Professional
  • Ease of use: Practice makes perfect
  • Discretion: Shhhhh
  • Price: Quality costs

Is it an expensive wank? And finally – the detail you’re all here for: just how expensive is this wank you’re having? Listen, these are high quality pieces of masturbation heaven, so if you’re looking for a quick wank for 12 cents, may I direct you to aliexpress?

I thought so.

What I’m saying is, these things don’t come cheap, BUT the experience can be out of this world and completely worth the money, or it can be…okay, I guess. But no one wants to pay $150 for an “okay” orgasm, so money talks, in this case.

9) Universal Launch

universal launch

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What does it do for me? One of Fleshlight’s ultimate spaceship offerings, the Universal Launch is…A LOT. In all the best ways possible. From the name, you can tell this thing has one objective, and one objective only: to launch your rocket into space. Or at least make you feel like it did.

With a million different doodads and thingamajigs, the main advantage of this baby is that it’s…well, universal. That’s a couple of steps up from the Quickshot Launch, that works with Quickshot toys only. This thing takes most sleeves Fleshlight makes, so you can enjoy your fave… at 250 strokes per minute. I dare you to do that with your hand, I’ll wait. It’s like a one-way trip to Carpal Tunnel.

While quieter than its previous iteration, it’s still a mechanical contraption that’s going to make mechanical sounds, so be aware of that. It’s a lot of cash, but there’s nothing better on the market when it comes to automatic masturbators.

  • Experience: Load-blowing
  • Ease of use: Complicated
  • Discretion: Too loud
  • Price: Elon Musk only

9 ½)  Quickshot Launch

quickshot launch

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Here I have to make a mention of The Quickshot Launch, which is the Universal Launch’s ugly stepsister. While the experience itself is out of this world, complete with vibrations and other exciting things to discover. The downside is that this thing is MASSIVE, which can make wanking uncomfortable, and very, very conspicuous. There is no way to hide the fact that this doodad is milking your wang. Nor can you hide the noise. Perfect if you live alone, imperfect if you’re…anywhere else.

Best overall

But who is the winner, the undisputed queen, the champion, the toy that makes you scream YAAAAAAAAS QWEEEEEEEN like the gays at the bar? Without further ado:

10) Destroya

destroya texture

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What does it do for me? It’s the one, the only, Destroya!

*cue confetti*

If you’re a Fleshlight afficionado, you knew this was coming, so my apologies that I was not able to maintain suspense and surprise you. What can I say, a good wank is a good wank. And when it comes to that, Destroya has held the title in a tight grip for years.

This gorgeous piece of pink rubber has it all – the crazy bits that make your penis feel funny, the anatomically-correct lips, it’s modeled after a literal pornstar, and while you can’t put a price on good vagina, it’s one of the most affordable toys they offer.

It’s good for beginners who may be intimidated by some of the other offerings, but it still shows experienced gentlemen a good time. It’s no wonder thousands of men have orgasmed inside this thing. Plus, you can pack it up and take it with you when you’re traveling – and a guaranteed orgasm you can travel light with is priceless.

  • Experience: Better than sex
  • Ease of use: Shockingly simple
  • Discretion: It’ll be your little secret
  • Price: Worth every penny

How Do You Use It?

If you’ve reached this age and this page and you don’t know how to masturbate, I’m not going to demonstrate it for you. This isn’t THAT kind of website.

(okay, I lied)

What I can help you with, however, is explaining how Fleshlights work. Really, it’s pretty straight-forward, and you don’t need to overthink it. Just allow your male instincts to take over.

You have a soft fleshy piece of silicone in your hand that you can warm up under the tap. It’s tight and warm now, and it’s textured on the inside, so what’s your first thought?

That’s right, you stick your manhood in it. If that fella on American Pie did it with a pie, you don’t need any instructions on how to use this piece of plastic that is literally shaped like a vagina. Or a butt. Or a mouth. More on that later.

Just hold it in your preferred wanking hand and go to town on it. When you’re ready for a change of pace, switch hands. I don’t know why we do it, but it does feel different, right? Am I crazy? Is it like having a stranger wank you? Let me know in the comments.

Why Would I Want A Fleshlight?

Look, it’s not like basic hand wanks are ever gonna go out of style, but why not entertain some other possibilities? Especially if you happen to find yourself on the wrong end of a lockdown, you’ll want something to keep you busy – and healthy!

The best thing about Fleshlights, aside from the obvious, is that they offer variety and cater to different tastes in a way your hand just…can’t. Try as it might, it’s just average.

With a Fleshlight, you get to experience different levels of tightness, different textures, and more complex products. If you don’t want a basic fuck sleeve, you can opt for one of those spaceship-shapes thingies that vibrate and launch your member into space. Sounds fun, right?

It’s all about exploring, expanding your horizons, and leveling out the playing field. Ladies get a million varieties of sex toys – long, short, fat, skinny, vibrating, rotating, they make sounds and have lights, you can connect them to Wi-Fi and send work emails – why not share that experience? Okay, maybe not that last part, I made that up, but the rest of it.

Make all your vagina dreams come true.

Will This Make Me Feel Less Lonely?

I respect you too much to lie to you, so let me put it like this: no.

Look, man, it’s just a vagina-shaped piece of plastic. It won’t talk to you (unless it’s one of those robot dolls they were developing a few years ago) and it won’t keep you warm at night. You can’t share your hopes and dreams with it. I mean, you can, but it would be pretty weird.

If what you’re looking for is company you can have sex with, get a body pillow. Otherwise, sex dolls are this way ->.

The other thing I need to mention here, since I’m sure you’re wondering – no, this doesn’t feel like a real woman, either. Some of these models have labia, but the resemblance stops there. Just because it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck doesn’t mean it’s a vagina.

How Do I Clean It?

Everyone’s least favorite part, but cleaning is inevitable. Once the high wears off and you recover from panting, you’re sitting there holding a plastic tube full of spunk.

Your mom won’t clean after you, and neither will your partner, so for this one, you gotta put your big boy pants on and do it yourself.

We actually have a nifty little guide for that, but here are some the highlights you need to keep in mind:

  • Warm water and soap are enough. You don’t want scalding hot water that will deteriorate your plastic lady, and you don’t want harsh cleaning agents, because that can also eat away at her.
  • You don’t need to use any cleaning tools, so don’t poke her with a bottle cleaning brush. Don’t laugh, you’d be horrified at the things I’ve seen. Use your fingers, and nothing else.
  • When she’s good and squeaky clean, lay her down on a towel to try off. Do not – I repeat, DO NOT lay her down on the radiator. You do not want to see how mangled $60 can get.
  • Obviously, for some of the more complex doodads, things get a little more complicated. If you’re dealing with one of the Launch products, simply remove the sleeve and clean that separately, and wipe off the toy itself.
  • Do not – I repeat DO NOT – submerge this under water, unless you want to cry into $200 of what is now worthless plastic junk.

Anything I Shouldn’t Do?

If I had to give you advice about what not to do with a Fleshlight, we’d be here until Christmas, but I’ll stick to some common sense things to ensure the durability of your investment and the quality of your experience:

  • Don’t wash it too vigorously

I know we literally just talked about how important it is to wash this thing thoroughly, but don’t overdo it. It’s a sex toy, not a pair of muddy boots, despite being a rubber shaft. Don’t scrub too hard, and don’t use very harsh cleaning agents, otherwise you might damage the toy. If you or a partner has long nails, be careful – you wouldn’t want to poke holes right through your plastic vagina.

  • Don’t death grip it

Keeping with the maintenance etiquette, pls don’t deathgrip the life out of this. Listen, it’s tight and nubby and provides enough rollercoaster sensations on its own, you don’t need to squeeze it until your penis turns eggplant-purple. That’s not good for your future enjoyment and it’s definitely not good for your plastic lady friend.

  • Don’t stick anything else in there that isn’t a penis

Despite man’s natural inclination to stick things into holes, I would advise not to. Your penis – yes. Your hand – sure. Don’t go stretching this thing around a water bottle, don’t stick your whole fist in it, don’t stick your feet in it, and please, PLEASE don’t let your dog get a hold of it. Have you ever seen a mauled, mangled plastic vagina? The image would haunt you forever.

The History Of Fleshlights

There’s no denying the fact that men and women have always been looking for ways to step up their masturbation game.

In fact, one of the oldest dildos is believed to be roughly 2000 years old (hehe)!

So sex toys definitely aren’t anything new. But it really hasn’t been until more recently in human history that sex toys, like the Fleshlight, have surfaced in the mainstream.

In the past, men would use cloth and fabric, and all sorts of other basic materials to craft rough male sex toys.

But Steve Shubin is the man who is single-handedly responsible for creating the Fleshlight, the world’s leading male masturbator.

Legend says that Steve’s wife couldn’t have sex for a while (after the birth of a child if I remember) and Steve didn’t want to cheat on her and was tired of using his hand.

That’s when a stroke of genius hit him and Fleshlight was born. The very first patent for the Fleshlight was granted to Shubin in 1998, which would mark the beginning of a sex toy revolution.

Over the years, Shubin and his team at Fleshlight have continued to refine and improve upon their original design.

But the principles remain the same: A Fleshlight is a handheld, portable masturbator, designed to look and feel about as close to the real deal as possible.

Today, you can find Fleshlights in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from realistic vagina and anus replicas to Fleshlight Girls, modeled after the pussies and buttocks of your favorite adult film stars.

Who invented the Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight was invented by a man named Steve Shubin. He obtained the first patent for the product in the late 1990s, and it quickly became a popular sex toy for men around the world.

Shubin’s invention revolutionized the male sex toy industry and remains a popular choice for men looking to enhance their solo play experiences.

The Pros & Cons Of Using A Fleshlight

A more realistic masturbation experience, variety, quality, and durability are just some of the best advantages to using a Fleshlight. Whereas the cost of purchasing one, and the size and discretion of most Fleshlight cases are their biggest downfall.

Let’s take a better look at the pros and cons of using a Fleshlight.


  • Realistic masturbation: One of the best things about using a Fleshlight is that their orifices look just like real vaginas or anuses, and are designed to simulate the exact same sensations of sexual intercourse. In other words, they can offer a more realistic and satisfying way to masturbate than using your hand alone.
  • Variety: Fleshlights come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and textures, so you can choose one that suits your preferences and fantasies. As mentioned, there are vaginas and anus Fleshlights. But there are also non-descript Fleshlights, basic stroker sleeves, and Fleshlight Girls, modeled after all your favorite adult film stars! Fleshlight even has toys designed for women as well!
  • Solo or couple play: Fleshlights can be used for solo play, which is great for any guy who’s ever feeling lonely. But they can also be used by couples as well, as a way to spice things up in the bedroom.
  • Safe and hygienic: Fleshlights are made from 100% body-safe materials and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Fleshlight even sells its very own Fleshwash sex toy cleaner, and a Renewing Powder to help keep your Fleshlights in pristine condition.


  • Cost: Fleshlights can be more expensive than other types of sex toys or masturbation aids. While you can buy basic strokers and masturbation sleeves for anywhere between $10 and $20, even a basic Fleshlight will cost you about $50 (at the time of writing) or more before tax.
  • Cleanup: Fleshlights are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, but they will gradually lose some of their original feeling and texture.
  • Noise and privacy: Depending on the model and how you’re using it, Fleshlights can be a bit noisy during use. This may be a concern if you live with others or have thin walls. Alternately, Fleshlights are a bit bigger than a lot of other male sex toys, so they’re a bit more challenging to hide and keep secret.

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Tips For Using A Fleshlight

Experimenting with different positions, warming up your sleeve, and adjusting the suction of your unit are some of the simplest, and best ways to use your Fleshlight.

Using it isn’t very complicated.

After all, you just pretty much stick your thing into it and do whatever comes naturally.

So I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain to you how to use one.

But there are a few things you can do to have an even more pleasurable experience with your Fleshlight!

Let’s take a look!

Trying different position

Just like real sex, I recommended trying different positions when using your Fleshlight to help spice things up.

For the best results, I recommend pairing your toy with a Fleshlight Shower Mount so that you can set up your Fleshlight in as many different configurations as possible to help you explore different positions.

While the classic method is to use your Fleshlight by holding it in one hand and moving it up and down with your arm, there’s really no limit to what type of positions you can try.

For instance, you can use a Fleshlight while sitting, sitting, or laying down.

The choices are really limitless!

Regardless, the idea is that you should try to experiment, play around, and find positions that work for you.

My favorite position is under a pillow doggy style.

Warming up your Fleshlight

Warming up your Fleshlight can make the material feel more like human skin, and it’ll totally change the sensations you’ll feel as you slide in and out.

But how do you warm up a Fleshlight?

The easiest way is to use an actual branded Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer.

To use, you’ll simply insert the Sleeve Warmer into your Fleshlight’s sleeve, and give it about 5 minutes to heat up to a ball-tingling 105° Fahrenheit.

Alternatively, you can also use hot water to warm up your sleeve, like I did in my videos.

While both methods are effective, I definitely recommend the Sleeve Warmer as it’s more effective, less time-consuming, and less messy than heating your sleeves up with water.

To heat your Fleshlight with water:

  1. Remove the sleeve from the case: The sleeve is the soft, inner material. It can be removed from the hard plastic case for easier warming.
  2. Soak in warm water: Fill a sink or large bowl with warm (not hot) water and submerge your Fleshlight sleeve for several minutes until the inside is warm. You can also run warm water over the sleeve, which is convenient if you’re in the shower or bath.
  3. Reassemble the Fleshlight: Once you’ve warmed your sleeve to the desired temperature, re-insert it into the hard plastic case, and twist the suction cap back on.

Now that your Fleshlight toy is warmed, you’re ready to lube it up and have the time of your life!

How To Make Fleshlight Tighter?

If you want a tighter feel, you can adjust the suction cap or add a bit of manual squeeze pressure.

And you’ll also be glad to know that Fleshlight carries several Super Tight sleeves (currently available as both Lady and Butt), which are designed to provide a tighter, more restrictive masturbation experience.

  • Adjust the suction cap: If you’re new to Fleshlights, you’ll be glad to know that each Fleshlight case has a cap on the end, which allows you to manually adjust the amount of suction you’ll experience when sliding in and out. Loosen the cap to reduce suction. Or, close the cap tight to experience the suction of a high-powered Hoover vacuum… Just know that when you increase the suction, things can be a bit loud… so don’t do this if you’re trying to keep quiet.
  • Add manual pressure: You can use your hand to apply pressure to the outside of the Fleshlight while using it to create a tighter feeling. For best results, you should remove the sleeve from the case. Squeeze the sides of the Fleshlight while thrusting to increase the sensation. If you try with the case on, just be careful not to break it.

What Are Fleshlights Made From?

Fleshlights are made from a patented material called Real Feel SuperSkin.

This material is specifically designed to replicate the feel and texture of human skin, giving users a more realistic and satisfying experience.

Real Feel SuperSkin is similar to silicone and TPE, but it’s actually a unique, proprietary blend of materials that have similar properties as other sex toy materials.

While the exact composition of Real Feel SuperSkin is both patented and not publicly known, it is unique to Fleshlight products.

So if you’ve never played with a Fleshlight, know that they truly do feel far superior and more realistic than other male sex toys and masturbators.

And rest-assured that SuperSkin is non-toxic and free from any harmful chemicals like phthalates that you always want to avoid in your pocket pussies.

The material is also hypoallergenic, making it safe for use even for those with skin sensitivities.

Where To Buy a Fleshlight?

You can buy Fleshlights and Fleshlight products from a wide range of online retailers, including LoveHoney and Adam & Eve, which specialize in selling male and female adult sex toys.

But I truly recommend buying your Fleshlight products directly from the manufacturer.

  • Adam & Eve – One of oldest online sex shops in the world, AdamEve is a staple in the online sex toy landscape. You can find a section full of Fleshlights, as they’re an authorized reseller.
  • Lovhoney – No introductions needed for this company that is now likely the biggest and best online sex toy shop in the world.
  • Fleshlight – Buying directly from Fleshlight ensures that you’ll be getting the best price and genuine products, and you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that you’ll have access to the company’s customer support if you run into any issues with your purchase.
  • Amazon – Additionally, you can also find Fleshlights for sale from vendors on Amazon.

Amazon vendors sometimes charge more for their wares, and you might not always get a genuine product.

So while there’s nothing wrong with buying Fleshlight toys from Amazon, just make sure to read customer reviews, check their shipping and return policies, and compare prices before you order.

How much is a Fleshlight?

A Classic Fleshlight sleeve costs about $55 (at the time of writing). But if you want a sleeve and case, or any other type of higher-end Fleshlight products, the price can be a lot higher than that.

It really depends on the specific product you choose, and there sure are a lot of different types of Fleshlights out there, all with different colors (pink, skin tone, see-through), orifices (pussies or butts), and inner sleeves.

And of course, different combinations of these options will cost different prices.

Alternatively, you might want to go for one of the pornstar Fleshlights.

While these are some of the best-selling, and sexiest (in my opinion) Fleshlight out there, they’re also some of the most expensive Fleshlights you can buy.

So to recap, the price of a Fleshlight really depends on what you’re looking for.

But whether you’re after a cheap Fleshlight or are willing to spend a little extra for that pornstar touch, there is a Fleshlight product out there, just waiting for you.

Is Fleshlight shipping discreet?

Yes, as I have shown in my multiple Fleshlight reviews and unboxing both here and on my YouTube channel, the box is completely anonymous.

When you buy from Fleshlight, you can rest assured knowing that your purchase will arrive in a completely discreet, nondescript box.

The company doesn’t even put the word Fleshlight on the box or shipping label, because they know how much privacy and discretion is to their customers. You will see as a sender: ILF LLC (which stands for Interactive Life Forms – Fleshlight’s corporate name).

Generally, if you’re buying from a reputable sex toy retailer, like Lovehoney or Adam & Eve, they’ll also ship your product in a completely non-descript package.

But if you’re buying from any other type of third-party retailer or Amazon vendor, you’ll want to make sure to read their shipping policy before you click that buy button.

Key Decision-Making Factors: What To Consider When Shopping For A Fleshlight

The case, orifice, and internal texture are the three most important decision-making factors to consider.

And by now, I’m sure you’re raring to run out the door and buy a Fleshlight.

But before you do, make sure you understand that there are all sorts of different Fleshlights and sleeve combinations, each with its unique set of pros and cons.

In my opinion, the number of options is great. But it actually makes it super hard to try and decide what Fleshlight to buy. Some call this Paradox of Choice (there’s a great book about it).

And since not many people can afford to buy them all, let’s take a better look at the most important decision-making factors to keep in mind before you buy!

The Fleshlight Case

Fleshlight cases come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, including the original cases, see-through (Ice) cases, Vibro cases, and Flight cases.

Let’s take a better look at each.

  • Original cases: These are the classic Fleshlight cases that have a cylindrical shape, similar to a flashlight, and a screw-on cap on both ends. Currently, it looks like you can buy an original case in white, black, gold, or blue (this keeps changing – a few years ago there were red cases too!).
  • See-through cases: These extra spicy cases are most often paired with the Ice series sleeves, which allow you to see directly into your Fleshlight while you’re… uh… inside of it.
  • Vibro case: As the name might suggest, this case is a bit longer than other cases because it’s designed to be used with the Fleshlight Vibro sleeve. The Vibro sleeve has special pockets to hold small vibrating bullets for a bit of added stimulation during use.
  • Flight cases: These cases are a bit smaller and more discreet than the original cases. They also have a sleeker shape that’s easier to hold and maneuver. I like these cases a lot, but some people don’t.


Fleshlights also come with a variety of orifice designs, such as Lady (looks like a vagina), Butt (looks like an anus), and Fleshlight Girls (looks like the vagina or anus of your favorite pornstars) to suit different preferences and fantasies.

  • Lady: This orifice is designed to look just like a vagina, complete with realistic-looking lips, clit, and vulva.
  • Butt: As the name suggests, this orifice is designed to look like an anus. Butt sleeves have a bit of a tighter internal sleeve to help simulate the tightness often associated with anal penetration.
  • Pornstar: Finally, you can also find sleeves that are molded directly from the naughty bits of your favorite pornstars, including popular stars like Mia Malkova, Riley Reid, Stoya Destroya, and more. Depending on the star you choose, you may be able to find either their vagina or butt sleeves.

The Internal Texture

There are many textures and designs available with Fleshlight sleeves, including more complex or layered designs that can offer a variety of sensations throughout the sleeve.

For example, some sleeves are smooth inside, while others have nubs, nodules, ridges, or other patterns for added stimulation.

Fleshlight even has a Super Tight sleeve to provide that extra squeeze we all crave, and some sleeves, like those from the Ice and Turbo series, come with all sorts of unique twists and turns designed to squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of you.

Fleshlight Accessories

If all these choices so far weren’t enough to convince you that Fleshlights are pretty freaking great, then maybe adding in an accessory, such as the Shower Mount or Sleeve Warmer, or both, will!

Fleshlight offers a wide variety of accessories to enhance your masturbation experience, including:

  • Shower mount: The Shower Mount can be attached to any smooth surface, like the walls of your shower, allowing you to enjoy hands-free use of your Fleshlight.
  • Universal Launch: The Fleshlight Launch has two handles and a convenient attachment, allowing you to attach your Fleshlight to an iPad or tablet. This accessory makes for a more realistic, POV experience while watching porn.
  • Sleeve warmer: This accessory warms your Fleshlight sleeve to body temperature before use. The sleeve will heat your sleeve to a ball-tingly 105° Fahrenheit. Talk about HOTTTT!
  • Renewing powder: This powder helps to restore and maintain the soft and supple texture of your Fleshlight sleeve, keeping it in good condition for longer.
  • Fleshlube and Fleshwash: While you can use any water-based lubricant, there’s no doubt that using your Fleshlight is better when it’s wet. Most Fleshlights come with a sample of Fleshlube. And Fleshwash can be purchased separately to help you clean and maintain your new favorite toy.

How Does A Fleshlight Work?

A Fleshlight works just like an actual vagina or anus, minus the fact that it’s not an actual biological bodily orifice.

But it doesn’t really work on its own. It’s just a masturbation sleeve. So you’ll need to put in some work if you want to have a good time.

Fleshlights are made of a sturdy outer casing and a soft and supple inner sleeve that’s designed to simulate the sensation of penetrative sex.

All you have to do is lube up the sleeve, insert yourself into the opening, and then move the sleeve up and down to create a stimulating sensation.

Just be sure to clean your Fleshlight properly when you’re done, or else things could get a little funky.

How do Fleshlights look and feel?

A Fleshlight looks a lot like a regular flashlight, except instead of a bulb at the end, it has an orifice that’s designed to look just like a real vagina or anus.

Some Fleshlight, like the Flight series, are not designed to look like neither a vagina or anus. Instead, they’re simply a nondescript hole made from super soft, sexy Superskin.

As for how it feels, you’ll really need to buy one and try it out for yourself! But let’s just say that it’s soft, supple, and always ready to please.

When you slide yourself inside, you’ll feel like you’re being enveloped by a warm and welcoming embrace, just like it feels like when you insert your penis inside a woman!

Depending on the texture and design of your Fleshlight sleeve, you’ll experience a variety of stimulating sensations that you’re going to love!

Best lube for Fleshlights

The best lubricant for Fleshlight is either Fleshlube or any other water-based lubricant.

While you can use Fleshlube purchased directly from Fleshlight, any water-based lubes should be compatible with Fleshlight’s Superskin material and won’t damage or degrade it in any way.

Plus, water-based lubricants are easy to clean up and won’t leave any stains on your sheets or clothing.

How To Make Your Own Fleshlight

To make your own Fleshlight, you’ll need to collect a few basic items that you should have around the house, like a container, a hand towel or a couple dish sponges, and a plastic bag or rubber glove.

Just make sure not to use anything sharp, abrasive, or toxic.

Trust me, the last thing you want to do is cut or scrape your skin in this sensitive area when you’re just trying to have a good time.

And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

So if you’re feeling brave, here’s a quick guide to making your own homemade Fleshlight or pocket vagina:

  • Find a tube or container that’s big enough to accommodate your junk. I’ve often heard of guys using empty Pringles cans for just this purpose.
  • Fill the container with a soft, squishy material like a sponge, foam, or soft rubber. You want something that will feel nice and tight around your penis. But you still need to make sure that you’re only using body-safe items.
  • Insert a textured lining into the hole. You can use a latex glove, a condom, or a plastic bag. Just make sure it’s not rough or abrasive, or you could end up with a painful surprise when you stick your member in.
  • Lube up and get busy! Once you’ve crafted your crude contraption, slap on some lube and have fun! Just remember to go slow and be gentle, and never use any items that could hurt you or your prized possession (I mean your penis!).

Now, I know this sounds like a fun project, but let me be clear:

Making your own sex toys can be dangerous and may cause serious harm, especially if you don’t know what the items you’re using are made from.

So instead, I strongly encourage you to invest in a high-quality, professionally-made product that’s designed to be safe and effective.

Maybe a Fleshlight is out of your budget.

But there are still plenty of other great, high-quality male sex toys that can show you a good time, without you resorting to a Pringles can!

Are There Any Good Fleshlight Alternatives?

Yes, there are plenty of good alternatives to Fleshlights that you can try if you’re looking for a similar experience.

A few popular alternatives include:

But these are just a few options! There are all sorts of similar masturbators and male sex toys on the market!

But Fleshlight truly is one of the best companies out there if you’re looking for a high-quality male sex toys.

Is Fleshlight Worth It?

Yes, because of their unique design, and their high-quality Superskin material, I truly believe that any Fleshlight is worth the cost.

Fleshlight is one of the leading names in the world of male sex toys, and their products are truly crafted to a higher degree of quality.

They also have such a wide range of products available that I’m sure they have something available for all men and all different budgets.

So if you’re willing to invest in one, just know that you’ll be getting a high-quality, top-of-the-line male sex toy that’s designed to provide one of the most realistic and satisfying masturbation experiences imaginable.

And that’s something I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

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