Fun Factory’s DeLight Review: Luxury and Class in an Intriguing and Seductive Shape!

Unique Shape and an Eye Catching Design

What drew me to Fun Factory’s DeLight Click ‘n’ Charge was the weird shape. I was looking for things to try, and just as I was thinking “Well, if you’ve seen one vibrator, you’ve seen them all,” I came across .

I’ll admit I tilted my head a few times, trying to figure out what went where, but after I figured it out, I decided right away that this was the one I really, really wanted to try. While I was waiting for this toy to arrive, I read a few reviews, and mostly, I saw people who were thrilled. That’s always a good sign, and I was eager to see if this toy lived up to the hype.

Is the Fun Factory Delight Click ‘n’ Charge the right toy for you? What I can tell you right off the bat is that it is definitely the right toy for me!

Packaging That Can Keep a Secret

Fun Factory‘s a company that has a great reputation all over the European Union as a discreet luxury toy maker, but they seem to be less well-known in the US or Australia. I hadn’t heard about them, so I didn’t know what I was going to be getting in the mail.

What appeared was a discreet brown package was indistinguishable from the books that I had ordered that arrived the same day. The packing list was folded to hide any indication of the contents, and the only identifying information was my name and address. Well done!

When I opened it up, I found a classy beige box nestled in wads of brown paper. This box had a slipcover that slid off without any problems, and then the box inside opened to reveal a red interior that showed off a set of instructions, some technical specifications, a small packet of complimentary lubricant (called Toyfluid), a bag holding the DeLight Click ‘n’ Charge, and a magnetic charger.

fun factory delight in protective bag

The Fun Factory Delight: fancy slipcover, slick bag and the toy itself.

Magnetizing Fun for Everyone

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Fun Factory Click 'N Charge Delight
I’m seriously of two minds regarding the magnetic charger. There are two small metallic circles on the curve of the toy that allow you to stick the charger to it, and it’s true that there is a lovely metallic click when you do it. However, I thought that it was a little too easy to knock the connection loose, as I did when I went to charge it. Maybe this is a little less of a problem for someone who is less than a klutz than I am, but all I know is that I need to set it on a table that’s a little out of the way so I don’t prevent the device from charging.

magnetic port

Another look at the Fun Factory DeLight, checking out the charging mechanism.

When the device is charging, the charger itself and the three button interface on the toy light up red. When the light goes off, you know that the charge is complete. The first charge takes quite a while, between four to six hours, so I decided to spend my time reading the instructions.

Wow, This Is a Lot of Paper

Fun Factory knows its stuff, and it wants you to know it! You get technical specifications which tell you about the worst case scenarios when it comes to using this toy. I will admit that I was a little worried when they talked about “uncontrolled exothermic reactions,” but the gist seems to be that though the toy is warm, it should never be uncomfortably hot. If it gets uncomfortably hot, don’t put it next to your genitals. Seems simple enough.

The second page has all of the care instructions, and its worth noting that this toy is a little more delicate than some of the vibes we’ve talked about here. The DeLight Click ‘n’ Charge is a toy that is NOT waterproof. You can use mild soap and water to clean it, but do not submerge it in water, don’t plug it in and use it near water, and don’t try to run it through the dishwasher.

While we’re on the topic of care, remember that the DeLight Click ‘n’ Charge is partially made of hard plastic and partially covered with silicone. Do not use a silicone lubricant on this toy. Doing so will not only create a foul odor, it can result in the rapid deterioration of the silicone covering. A water based lubricant is absolutely the best choice for this toy.

Another important caution is that you should not bring credit cards and other items with magnetic strips near the DeLight Click ‘n’ Charge, as it can make them stop working. This may be the most dangerous sex toy I’ve ever tested.

A lot of people have said that Fun Factory gives too much information with its toys, but I don’t agree. All of the instructions are important and handy, but I will say that they could have been printed a little larger.

Taking Control

Now, I love sex toys with some variety, but there’s definitely something to be said for easy to use, single purpose toys. The DeLight Click ‘n’ Charge vibrates, and it does so very, very powerfully. On the top of the curved handle of the toy, there are two buttons, a plus button and a minus button. Holding the plus button for a two seconds gets the vibrations started.

delight buttons

A quick pic of the control interface when it’s lit up and vibrating. Vibrations unfortunately prevent very clear pictures.

After that, you can raise the vibrations by pressing the button a few times, with each pressing raising the intensity of the vibrations, or you can simply hold the plus button down until you get to a vibration that you like. The minus button brings the intensity down again and a final press turns it off entirely.

What isn’t obvious is that when you push the vibrator to the highest setting, you can press the plus button again for two seconds and get a kind of stuttered rising vibration. Hit the plus button for two more seconds again, and the intensity increases even more. This is a trick that I didn’t figure out until I read the instructions. It’s all there in very, very tiny print, and I am glad that I read it.

The Sexy S-Curve

It took me a little time to figure out how you use this toy. It’s lovely, but when you look at it, you might be wondering what goes where.

delight in my hand

The sexy “S” shape makes this vibrator a unique experience

Essentially, the blunt, rounded end goes inside your body, snugging up against your G-spot, and at the base of that curve, there is a little knob that sits right up against your clitoris. The curved handle rises up between your legs, and at the top of the arch are the control buttons, which make it very easy to adjust the vibrations while the DeLight Click ‘n’ Charge is in action.

I frankly love this design. This is the very first G-spot vibrator that I have ever had that was completely comfortable for me. The insertable end is small, but the curve is absolutely perfect for my anatomy, and the knob at the base of the curve fits perfectly against my clitoris.

In addition to good looks, the DeLight Click ‘n’ Charge is also capable of being used hands free. I found that once it was inserted, the curve held it to my body remarkably well. If you have hand issues, take note. This is a great toy to try if you are worried about holding a vibe against your body.

I look at the curved handle, and I see something that was made for rope play. I could easily see running some cord through the loop and using it to hold the toy in place.

Starting My Morning Off Right

I decided to leave the DeLight Click ‘n’ Charge plugged in all night. I’d seen reviews that stated that a full charge is important, and that a few full charges will lead to more powerful vibrations down the road, so I decided to err on the side of caution.

a sample of lube included in the package

The Fun Factory DeLight comes with a complimentary package of high-quality lube.

I woke up, I used some Liquid Silk on both the blunt end and the clitoral knob (pretty sure that’s not what they call it, but that’s what I’m going to call it), and got it inserted while it was not turned on. I was braced for a little difficulty because I’ve got a slightly narrow vagina, but to my surprise, it went in without any problems at all. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of lube helped, but with just a little bit of pressure, it slid right in and locked to my body in the best way. I could tell that everything was lined up correctly, with the toy making contact with my G-spot and my clitoris, so I tried it on the first setting.

Shaking Down the House

This is a powerful toy. It’s not as powerful, as say, the Hitachi Magic Wand, which has cornered the market on intense vibrations, but it keeps up with the other high-end powerful vibes. Even at the first level, one push of the button in, I got a pleasant deep thrum that could definitely get me to an orgasm if I wanted to make a slow and leisurely morning of it.

However, it’s always fun to really see what a toy can do its first time out, so I started playing with the buttons. You have between six or seven levels of vibrations that you can enjoy by pressing the plus button and letting it go, but I found that it was a lot more enjoyable to simply hold the plus button down consistently until it reached the level of vibration that I wanted.

Basic Vibration

This is the basic vibration that you get to go through as you ramp up the intensity. It’s wonderfully smooth and steady, and I think overall, it was my favorite. If you need smooth and steady pressure to orgasm, this is the one to stick with. I stayed with it for a very long time, and I found that it’s totally worth the build up.

If you are the kind of person who loves a really intense, very steady vibration, this is the one for you. I know some people cannot orgasm at all if the motion is too irregular or even if there is a pulse, and if that describes you, this is the setting to choose.

Second Interval: Slow Pulse

Once you have the vibrator cranked up to the highest level, you can start fooling around with the actual motion of the toy, which I happily did. I found that it the pulsing, which is strong, fairly rapid and very powerful, was a lot of fun, but it was already beginning to leave me feeling just a little tender. I winced and moved on to….

Third Interval: Powerful Pulse

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Fun Factory Click 'N Charge Delight
Yeah, if the second interval’s slow pulse was too much for me, I probably should have know that the third interval, with its even more powerful pulse, was going to be simply too intense. I winced a little and turned it down, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to need to!

As a matter of fact, I know that this toy would suit a lot of my friends very well. When it comes to sensitivity, I’m rather on the more delicate side, and too much vibration simply makes me feel like I’m going to be bruised in the morning.

This intensity was one that was going to get painful and then numbing if I left it on too long, so I turned it down pretty quickly from there. I will say, though, that if you like leaving your lady parts feeling a bit pummeled, this is the setting for you.

Messing Around, Having Fun, Hitting All The Right Spots

After I turned it down, I realized that there was one design feature on this toy that I had totally underestimated while I was playing with it. The way the shaft of the S curls against my inner and outer labia is something that I like, a LOT.

fun factory delight on bed

The Fun Factory Delight doesn’t exactly clash with my bedspread, but it doesn’t really match, either. Cant’ have everything.

I’m someone who needs a lot of stimulation in the entire area. I love getting a lot of vibration against it; after all, I learned to masturbate by stuffing a rolled-up pillow between my legs and rocking against it. This is something that makes a big difference to the type of orgasm I get.

I rolled around a lot as I got comfortable with this toy. First I tried it on my back with my legs spread and discovered that it would mostly stay where it was. If I wanted more pressure, I would have to push it against myself, but it doesn’t take a lot of finger manipulation at all.

Then I rolled over on my side with the toy clenched between my legs, and that was where I really started getting into it. I’m afraid to say that a lot of my more analytical thoughts went out the window at this point because that is exactly how I am going to use this toy in the future, and I wholly intend this toy in the future. A lot.

I found that by hooking my fingers through the hook, I could create a sort of wave of sensation as I rocked against it. This was how I got myself off, and it was fantastic. Seriously. Try this one.

Dirty, Linty, and Worried About the Charger: A Few (Very Minor) Quibbles!

This is a great toy, but I do have two minor quibbles with it.

First, it seems to get dusty and linty quicker than any toy that I own. I do note that the copious amount of instructions tell us to wash it prior to first use and before any use thereafter, but that’s pretty standard. I own a few silicone toys, and they don’t pick up dust this fast. When it comes to storing this toy, I’m going to be using those bags they gave me, I think.


magnetic charger plugged in

Here I am showing off the interface. The connection is a bit flimsy for my taste, honestly

Second, I like the magnetic charger, but I think it could honestly stick a little harder. I’ve knocked it free by accident a few times, which is a minor thing, but at some point, I’m going to plug this thing in for playtime, knock it loose without noticing, and be very unhappy when it dies off midway through my happy fun time.

Cleaning Up Is Made a Breeze

Nice and easy to clean up. I used a bit of soap and water, and it was as good as new. The seams between the plastic and the silicone are very tight, so no worries about moisture staying where it should not. Just remember, don’t dunk it in a sink full of water or run it through the dishwasher!

Bottom Line: Go On, Get This One!

If you are someone who is into G-spot orgasms and simultaneous clitoral stimulation, this is definitely the toy for you. It is absolutely worth every penny you paid for it, and judging by the reviews of the people who have been using it longer than I have, it definitely lasts a good long time.

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