G Balls 2 App Review: Crack Nuts With Your Pelvic Floor

Review a product that offers not only sexual enhancements but health benefits too? Yes sir, I’d be delighted.

I was intrigued by the offer of reviewing G Balls 2 because of the health aspect. Yes, pelvic floor is important especially if you’re the wrong side of 30 like me. Of course the ‘better sex’ aspect was also appealing. OK, OK. I went for it because of the sex.

What Are The G Balls 2?

The G Balls 2 are a funky little device that helps you to tighten up those pelvic floor muscles, the theory being that with tighter pelvic floor you have better sex.

These pelvic floor exercisers are not just a stuff ‘em in and squeeze offering though, oh no. These are much classier because they come with an app to guide you. It’s a sexual personal trainer making sure you complete the exercises properly and don’t sneak off to eat a Kit-kat in the toilets. The G Balls 2 team call it ‘first sex fitness coach’.

Ding-dong: G Balls 2 Calling

My postman delivered the G Balls 2 when I was away, so my neighbor brought them inside when she fed my cat. The G Balls 2 stood proudly on the fireplace while she checked the house over for several days running. She’s still talking to me so I assume there was no give-away.

gballs2 discreet delivery box

A discreet delivery box but it creaked at the sellotaped seams

I think the packaging was a bit thin though. The box itself is sturdy but it was wrapped in shiny paper that you could practically see through if you held it to the light. The reverse of the package was held with sellotape but the edges barely met.

That said there were no mishaps and the package arrived clean, undamaged and I was not found out by prying neighbors.

On unwrapping it my first impressions were that the G Balls 2 looked smart – not at all like a sex product but more of a medical aid. The box is white and red and the G Balls 2 picture looks almost futuristic – to my mind anyway, but I am from the provinces.

presentation package gballs 2

G Balls 2 smart presentation box. I’m impressed

Unwrapping The G Balls 2

The Balls

My set of G Balls 2 are a clean blue colour with a silky matte feel. They also come in pink if you prefer the girlie look. The details say they are made from medical grade silicone, and they certainly feel like good quality to me.

opening gballs2 packaging

A nut-crushing pelvic floor awaits you

The second of the balls is a bit bigger than the first so it looks like a skittle. I didn’t have any worries about fitting the device inside me.

The Retrieval Cord

The retrieval cord is black and measures 4.5 inches in length. I had some fun swinging the G Balls 2 around by the cord until I realised it was the app’s antenna, so I quickly stopped messing about with it. I’ve included that faux-pas in my review because it indicates how strong the antenna is, which is important because it’s the retrieval cord and looks a bit flimsy.

The Controls

The on-off button is miniscule. I had to squint and hold it to the light.

gballs2 squeezable

Super smooth and squeezable like a cherub’s cheek

If you press once the light comes on and it flashes at you until paired with the app. Press it again and it vibrates which frightened me as I assumed it didn’t do anything on its own (more on that later). A third press turns it to ‘squeeze for vibrations mode’, and to turn it off you press and hold for 3 seconds.

Despite the button being all but non-existent it’s actually pretty easy to turn on and off.


Other bits in the box were the USB charging cable, an instruction manual, an instruction manual in Russian, and a white silky bag to keep it all in.

So far, so good.

The Measurements

Let’s get scientific for a moment – hold on let me find my glasses. OK. The G Balls 2 measure 31 x 83 mm and they weigh 54 grams.

complete gballs2 set up

Contents of the G Balls 2 package

Here’s what’s on the G Balls themselves.

Power toggle key: Small as I’ve said, but responsive.

LED light: Plenty bright enough and indicates what it’s about to do

Reset key: If you get confused start again at the beginning.

Charging port: This had me stumped to begin with. The instructions say it’s ‘a hole near the string’, but I could only see an indent in the silicone. After looking at it for a while (hours) and worrying that I might cause some damage, I finally pushed the charger into the silicone and it plugged straight in. When you pull it out after re-charging it re-seals like magic. I like this a lot. Perhaps I should get out more often.

Antenna: It’s plenty long enough but I found you do need to keep your phone within a metre or so to prevent disconnection.

Touch sensitive area: This measures how strongly you are squeezing that pelvic floor.

Pairing With The App

Patient I am not, but I managed to get a connection on my third attempt.

I have android and I found the app quickly in Google store (link at the bottom of this article) and it downloaded in a few minutes. A cartoon lady looks happily at me every time I check my texts, which makes me feel a bit guilty about not doing the exercises. Perhaps that’s the whole idea.

To pair them you download the app, get it started and then turn on the G Balls. They will either connect or not. If they don’t, try again.

The G Balls 2 work both with android and iphone, but if you don’t want to use the app you can use them independently.

gballs2 magic kegel personal trainer

The chirpy personal trainer

The Practical Exam

I was app-rehensive (BOOM!) given my allergy to anything that requires commitment, particularly physical activity, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The Instructions

Being female, I read the instruction booklet before use. I particularly liked a diagram of the female anatomy that clearly stated where the ‘anus’ was, just in case you were confused about kegel training. The instructions are clear and there’s a good trouble-shooting section.

Using The G Balls 2

They actually feel quite large and I was surprised by that. It took some time to get them in the right place. You’ll know if they’re not quite right because it makes you need a wee instead of providing you with a cue to grip and squeeze.

The G Balls give you feedback on performance using a ‘work-harder’ green indicator bar. I was pleasantly surprised to be pretty good from the off. The sensors mark how well you squeeze and send this info to the app. On occasion my mind wandered and I missed the instruction to squeeze, so feedback was varied. I would have been better squeezing to music I think.

Pelvic Training

If you’ve had a baby recently or you want to tighten up those pelvic floor muscles for smoking hot sex, then the pelvic training set up may help you. Here are the trainer offerings from G Balls 2 app.

    • A personalised virtual coach

This is a very grand title for a questionnaire.

    • Six comprehensive training courses

I’ve worked my way through a few of the training courses and those had staged sub-courses. Each course (and sub-course) gets progressively harder and faster. It’s not possible to cheat the programme. I have tried.

Here are the courses:

  1. Entry Level
  2. Honeymoon
  3. Planning a Baby
  4. Young Mom
  5. Muscle Recovery
  6. Hot Lover
    • Voice Guide

The perky American lady telling me when to squeeze was encouraging and she seems inoffensive, but by the end of each training session I wanted to kill her. Particularly annoying was ‘then relaaax!’ which is fine, but after the 20th time it really got on my nerves.

This may be a cultural thing as us Brits seem to prefer exercising in silence with only pain for company. Or it could have been a reaction to squeezing my pelvic floor for ages which made me a bit over-sensitive and shivery.

    • Daily Targets

If you’re really going for it, perhaps after a birth or preparing for a hot date, you can set up a daily training target to fail at.

    • Badges and Reward System

You can earn badges and rewards if you follow the training program, which I thought was a bit ridiculous. I mean, I am a grown up! (just). Maybe if I played more computer games instead of reading I would have enjoyed the experience more.

gballs2 app training options

Training options – choose your punishment

Going App-less

You don’t need to download the app if you’re fed up with technology, you can use it independently. G Balls 2 recognizes the strength of your squeezing and adjusts the vibrations to suit.

You can also just turn it on and it vibrates like a bullet vibrator. I admit this distracted me for a while.

Any Other Uses?

Err, well. The sustained vibration setting was very strong so naturally I had to test it.

It’s just as good as a vibrating bullet and you can pretend it isn’t a sex toy in case your grandparents visit. I’m not sure it was built for ‘private me time’ but hey, what can you expect? This is letstalksex.net after all.

Clean Up

Clean up is easy, you just wipe them down. The G Balls 2 are only splash-proof though, so don’t submerge them or put them in the dishwasher.

One niggle is that the silicone is not entirely flat, there are joins around the antenna and on/off switch which need a bit more cleaning attention. Their website says you can use them in a condom so that might be a way forward.

Pros Of The G Balls 2

The G Balls 2 look good, feel smooth and do the job. I like the app set up too, because if you are a bit lazy like me it motivates you to try harder. You don’t often find a product that does what it claims to do, so I’m impressed by these.

If you’re using them after giving birth then they give you a boost to get sorted out down there. That said, I mostly used them without the app and concentrated on the pressure sensitive setting. Squeeze and they buzz – simple. There’s a bit of faffing to get the G Balls and the app to pair up and it’s REALLY irritating when the connection breaks.

Cons Of The G Balls 2

Once the G Balls are inserted you need to keep your knees apart otherwise the connection fails. That’s fine, but it’s head-explodingly frustrating if you forget. I had to retrieve and re-pair several times which is not so easy when the minuscule button is covered in lube.

They also seem quite heavy to me, but I guess as I progress and I’m able to crack nuts with my pelvic floor then it might lighten up. At this stage it’s easier to lie down with the G Balls 2. When I’m standing up I seem to be squeezing almost constantly in order to stop them escaping (I don’t think they actually would, it just feels that way).

One last moan – the retrieval cord/antenna felt strong when I was swinging it like a pendulum, but when those brand-new Schwarzenegger pelvic floor muscles have hold, it does feel quite weak and I worry it might snap. I really don’t like retrieving the G Balls 2.

G Balls 2 Overall Conclusion

Kegel training is actually quite hard going. I did pelvic floor exercises after my child arrived and tried to ruin my sex life, but I think something similar to the G Balls 2 would have been helpful.

If you’re into health apps then I think you’ll like this one. It’s simple to use and improves your sex life. Oh yes, it actually does improve your sex life – my other half noticed the difference.

The G Balls 2 make use of up-to-date technology and that’s a big plus. The whole set-up is well managed and dare I say it, slick. I didn’t encounter any problems along the way when I followed the instructions. It’s my fault the connection kept disappearing.

Overall I think these are a good purchase. If you are serious about kegel training and want some help, then the app set up is a good support BUT if you’re not going to use the app then they are probably overpriced.

Hope that helps folks!

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