G-Spot Mastery Review: Good Instructions for Good People

When it comes to learning about the way that women function sexually, a lot of guys feel like they’re totally at sea. You grow up with one set of genitals which are all out in the open, and when you’re confronted with someone who has their genitals tucked mysteriously inside, it’s natural to feel a little bit lost…

Lloyd Lester, the author of several eBooks pertaining to sexual technique, has decided that men need concrete and actionable information to please their women, and that is where his eBook package G-Spot Mastery comes in.

This set of six eBooks are all designed to help you gain more control over your sex life, to please your partner and to simply give you more confidence in getting the kind of sex life you have always wanted.

The Basics of G-Spot Mastery

G-Spot Mastery consists of six eBooks of varying lengths and varying topics. All of the books are dedicated to the idea of increasing your female partner’s pleasure through a set of techniques. All of the techniques are described in detail, and two of the books have excellent illustrations that allow you to figure out what is happening.

quote from G-Spot Mastery

Women will seek you out: “Women will be able to sense this quality about you, once you immerse yourself into this process, mindset and lifestyle”

Altogether, you get well over two hundred pages of good information that is presented in a clear and easy to read format. When you are going through information like this, you do not want to read through a wall of text, and the formatting is very straightforward and easy on the eyes. In addition to the eBooks, the material is also available in audiobook format, which are well-produced and easy to download and to listen to.

quote from G-Spot Mastery

Connection: “get her as relaxed and comfortable as possible, and obviously get her as highly aroused as possible…”

For the price, this is a lot of information to receive, and you know how we were talking earlier about needing actionable information? This set of eBooks is the perfect option when you feel like you want some written instructions to get your girlfriend or wife to a really happy, very pleasured place.

Secrets of G-Spot Orgasms

Secrets of G-Spot Orgasms is the first book on the list, and it is the first one you should read as well. Everything that follows up is based on the foundation laid out by this 70-page book, and if you have never considered g-spot play before, this is where you should begin. The book itself is laid out fairly simply. The first four chapters tell you all about the g-spot and why you want to play with it. Be willing to trust Lester’s information here, and do not skim it. You can’t use a tool until you understand it, and the g-spot is the same way. There’s a handy diagram that shows you precisely where the g-spot is and the motion that you have to use to reach it.

quote from G-Spot Mastery

She’ll feel the break: “frequent eye contact – and vocal attention – are also important, and helpful”

After that, there are eleven chapters that give you a detailed step-by-step guide on to how to get your girlfriend to a g-spot orgasm. When I was started reading this, I was a bit skeptical. Who needs information on how to get your girlfriend into bed? The more I read, however, the better it got. Even if you are a little skeptical, read through the information.

Finally, there are two chapters that talk about the aftermath. This is a great thing. If you have only every watched a woman have a g-spot orgasm in porn, you are missing out on something very important. This book takes on the idea of what happens to a woman after she climaxes due to her g-spot, and it talks about what comes next.

All in all, the advice given in this book is a good way for you to ease into the subject.

If this is her first time experiencing g-spot stimulation (or stimulation with this particular technique,) she will obviously notice the difference in sensation and pleasure between what she’s feeling now and what she has felt in the past (during clitoral or vaginal stimulation, and orgasms.)

-from Secrets of G-Spot Orgasm

Secrets of Squirting Orgasms

table of content from G-Spot Mastery

Table of Content: All you need to know to give her powerful squirting orgasms is here

Like Secrets of G-Spot Orgasms, Secrets of Squirting Orgasms is a lengthy eBook coming in at around 72 pages. In this book, Lester continues a positive trend of treating your lover as a person who may be a little doubtful about what is going on and who might have a wide variety of reactions to what you yourself are doing.

Once again, he hits the nail on the head by pointing out that women come in all shapes, sizes and smells, and if you can’t deal with this, then you probably shouldn’t be having sex with one! He’s also fairly emphatic about the fact that your partner’s pleasure comes before your own.

There is a certain amount of repetition between Secrets of G-Spot Orgasms and Secrets of Squirting Orgasms. However, instead of making it seem that he is just duplicating content, it instead feels like he is creating two complementary volumes. While I pointed out that Secrets of G-Spot Orgasms felt like a beginner’s book, Secrets of Squirting Orgasms feels a lot more advanced.

The most important part of this book definitely felt like the Other Variations chapter, where he starts to explore a lot of the fun you and your lover can have with g-spot play. Pay special attention to the chapter on anchoring, and creating pleasant associations for your partner.

Lester once again gets points for making consent a part of his work; there is a lot of checking in with your partner and making sure that she’s doing okay. His guide puts the man squarely in the driver’s seat, but there is no implication that he wants you to treat your lover like a doll, like some of the other guides out there.

Advanced Fingering Techniques

Advanced Fingering Techniques is very short, but it makes up for it by being punchy, interesting and perhaps the most helpful book in the lot once you have gotten past the basics. This book is only useful if you have a fairly thorough understanding of the material from at least Secrets of G-Spot Mastery. If you do, however you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

This is very much a supplemental book, as the length indicates, but the truth of the matter is that everything here is quite important. It goes into the slightly more complex technique of milking a g-spot, something that requires patience and attention from both partners.

Lester makes the intriguing suggestion of pairing the techniques described here with general massage therapy training, and given that I know that basic massage knowledge makes you very popular at parties, this idea makes sense.

One thing that I do appreciate with Lester’s work in general and with Advanced Fingering Techniques in particular is that this is all described in a very matter-of-fact way. There is no mystery and no real mysticism associated with the techniques beyond calling them yin and yang techniques. They are simple movements that anyone can master.

The average woman has never been touched in the new and unique ways that you are going to learn to do here. So, it‟s also important for you to allow her to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

-from Advanced Fingering Techniques

Best Sex Positions and Thrusting Techniques for G-Spot Orgasms

This book, coming it at around 16 pages, is another supplemental book, but like Advanced Fingering Techniques, it is one that complements the two larger books very nicely. It is also one of the only two books with illustrations, which I feel could have been used in Advanced Fingering Techniques as well. However, if there were two books that were going to get illustrations, I am glad that this was one of them.

We’ve probably all ready books on sexual positions and been left cold. In other books, the positions look nerve-wrackingly difficult or require a type of flexibility that only comes with years of gymnastic training. Most of the positions used here, however, are great for normal people having sex in their bedrooms. I would have liked to see something about what to do if or your partner are heavier or disabled in some way, but as it is, there are some fun things here to try.

My favorite position described is the Russian Plunge, which gives both man and woman a lot of control over what is going on, and in general, the variations of woman-on-top add interest to sexual play. Each position comes with its own hot tip, which is a fun way to shake things up.

Advanced Sexual Positions and Thrusting Techniques for G-Spot Orgasms

I would recommend Best Sex Positions and Thrusting Techniques for G-Spot Orgasms for just about everyone, but Advanced Sexual Positions and Thrusting Techniques for G-Spot Orgasms is something that I might leave for my more adventurous, more athletic friends.

Fireman Ladder quote

Secret Technique: “The Fireman Ladder is an extraordinary position that can give a woman plenty of G-Spot stimulation due to the angle of penetration.”

Positions like the Starfish, the Reverse Thrust and the X-factor all require a fair amount of muscle and coordination, and though I and my girlfriend are relatively fit people, they did make me raise an eyebrow. However, Primal Instinct, a variation on doggy-style, is a fantastic one that is hot as hell and easy to do, and as with the previous book, this one comes with some hot tips to integrate into your sexual play.

Once again, this is a supplementary book, but it can also be used independently of the main book if you wish. The illustrations are simple and straightforward, giving the entire eBook the feel of being a rather dirty science textbook. The couple portrayed do not have much in the way of facial features, but they did have rather goofy smiles on their faces, which I found more entertaining than off-putting.

Try increasing the intensity of sex by making out in front of a wall. She can use her hands to push back against you, making each thrust feel even more powerful.

-from Advanced Sexual Positions and Thrusting Techniques for G-Spot Orgasms

quote from G-Spot mastery ebook

Watch out: “Many guys underestimate how important penetration orgasms are to women…”

Crack Her Sensual Code

Crack Her Sensual Code is a book that stands apart from the ones that have been discussed so far, and frankly, though it does have good information, it is perhaps my least favorite of the set. Lester gets off to a strong start by talking about sexuality incompatibility, how to overcome it, how you may just have to walk away if you can’t and communication.

As a matter of fact, I might recommend Crack Her Sensual Code just for the fact that he shows us how important it is for men and women together to come towards a mutual understanding of what they find sexy and how to enhance each other’s lives, This is something that you just don’t see in a lot of eBooks in this genre.

Where Lester starts to lose the thread is when he starts talking about training your lover, teaching her to associate certain sensations with other sensations as in his chapter on the pleasure button. It’s actually a little disconcerting the way that Lester swings from being someone who believes that consent and communication are essential to talking about covert manipulations that are pretty subtle and sneaky.

The section where he discusses introducing anal play to your girlfriend or wife is actually quite good. He emphasizes trust, pleasure, an understanding of her body and patience. The chapter on the pleasure button does seem like it was written by someone else.

We rarely make big, giant changes in our lives overnight. Our brain just doesn’t work that way. And, when we do try to force a major change to occur within a short period of time, the plan usually backfires on us.

-from Crack Her Sensual Code

quote about not enjoying

Pay attention to the signs: “She may try to pull away from you, or she may push you away. Again, stop, and ask her if she’s ok…”

The Audiobooks

For those who absorb information better through their ears than through their eyes, those who have difficulties reading on a screen or for those who are just looking for something compelling to listen to when they are on their morning run or their commute, there’s the G-Spot Mastery audiobooks.

This audiobooks are pretty no-frills. There’s just a male voice reading what is in the eBooks themselves. When the narrator first starts to talk, there was definitely a weird moment when I thought that he sounds a bit like an eager science teacher, but after a few minutes, I decided that that is a good thing. The voice is neutral enough that it is very easy to simply sit and absorb the content. I can’t help but think that a female voice might have been a better choice for this audiobook, but there’s little wrong with the one they chose.

Talking It Out

I’m somewhat torn on Lester’s stance on whether you should tell your partner that you are going to be trying to give her a G-spot orgasm. His statement is that you should try to give her a G-spot orgasm without telling her what you’re doing. He claims that most women will be too nervous or too tense to enjoy themselves if you tell them what’s coming, that their societal training will get in the way of really enjoying themselves. I can see where he’s coming from.

However, most women prefer to be in the loop rather than out of it! G-spot orgasms are extremely intense, and if a woman does not know what’s happening to her, she might balk. For example, G-spot orgasms can make a woman feel as if she is going to urinate. The societal training to be a “good girl” is strong, but you know what is also strong? The societal training that tells you not to wet the bed! If she thinks she’s trying to hold back a full bladder, no amount of you telling her to let go is going to do any good.

Lester had a good point when he said it is important not to scar the experience with stress or anxiety, but ultimately, you and your partner are in it together. Think very, very carefully before you go ahead without telling her what you’re doing.

G-spot mastery technique quote

Scary Medical Advice

In both Secrets of the G-Spot Orgasm and Secrets of Squirting Orgasms, Lester says that g-spot orgasms are intense, and they are, but some of their medical cautions are a little over the top. Yes, some cardiac conditions require attention when it comes to physical exertion, but for the most part, that does not include sex.

As it turns out, most doctors state that sex as a physical activity is a good thing for cardiac patients and people with heart disease. As long as you can walk up a set of stairs or walk six minutes on a treadmill, you’ll be fine.

Short of something truly disastrous, you are not going to kill your girlfriend or wife by giving her a g-spot orgasm. Be careful, but don’t let this book’s scary medical advice put you off. It’s good to know your partner’s medical history for a number of reasons, but you generally don’t have to worry about her kicking the bucket because you’re amazing at what you do!

Wrapping It All Up

quote about rare men from G-Spot Mastery

Be that rare man: “It takes a rare man to take things to this level. And that is why these rare men get treated like “gods” by the most beautiful, sexy and wonderful women.”

Overall, G-Spot Mastery is a good buy if you are interested in thinking about g-spot orgasms for your girlfriend and enhanced sexual play for you as a couple. Buy the whole lot and read it in one sitting, or pick and choose what you look into using our review as a guide. There are definitely some rough spots, but over all, this collection is excellent for getting some really fun times going!

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