HerSolution Gel Review – Women’s Libido Enhancer

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HerSolution Gel

When HerSolution Gel’s website claimed it had ‘instant arousal in a bottle’ our ears pricked up. It would be frankly rude not to review such claims, for the public good of course!

Before we go any further, we need to make something clear. Although HerSolution Gel is promoted as doctor recommended, we need to point out that it’s not a medical cure for any problem you might be experiencing ‘down there.’ If you are dealing with something uncomfortable, and it worries you, there is no excuse. See a doctor.

Now that’s said, let’s look into the fuss about this ‘super lube.’ It claims a lot; so here’s a review of the product and what it says it can do.

What Is HerSolution Gel?

It’s a bottled gel – no surprise there, that lubricates the vagina and claims to boost libido with its unique blend of natural ingredients. It’s delivered discreetly to your door in plain wrapping, so no embarrassment when you have to collect the parcel from your neighbour’s house.

Who Is HerSolution Gel For?

It’s aimed at women and couples who are having issues with a vagina drier than an AA meeting, and for those whose sex lives are suffering as a result. Of course, anyone who just fancies a good quality lube with extra benefits might enjoy HerSolution Gel.

What’s In It And How Is HerSolution Gel Different From Other Lubes?

It’s more expensive than standard pharmacy offerings, but then the lube is different because of its natural, botanical ingredients.

It’s true that a lot of lubes on the market have synthetic ingredients and silicone as the main component, which don’t always do sensitive lady parts a lot of good.

HerSolution Gel doesn’t have any silicone or filler ingredients, but is full of these natural ingredients which they claim have no taste or smell.

1) L-Arginine. A component that claims to increase blood flow to the vaginal and clitoral regions, encouraging stimulation. Increased stimulation promotes orgasm. Result!

2) Natural Botanical Essences. These all-natural, paraben-free formulas claim to deliver a ‘potent rush of intensity’ right where you need it! There’s a mix of essences in a special blend, including hops extract, which is said to help with falling oestrogen levels, one of the causes of vaginal dryness. There is also Mucuna Pruriens, which triggers dopamine. Dopamine is that nice happy hormone that makes you feel content. Next up is Ginkgo Biloba, which may support menopause symptoms and increases the ability to orgasm. Phew! Oh, it also contains cayenne – that of pepper fame, which is what makes the product warm. Be careful if you have an allergy!

3) Other stuff. Aloe, Shea and Cocoa Butter, lovely moisturisers found in many products, which encourages your own natural lubrication to kick in. The lube has been mixed to create a super-smooth product, a Barry White of the lubricant world.

What Can HerSolution Gel Do For Me?

It might, we repeat, might make you a happier person. You know what they say ‘Happy Vagina, Happy You’ or something like that.

If you are having sexual problems because of dryness, then this lube may help you out. If you’ve never had an orgasm before, it could get you closer, as it heightens your sensitivity to pleasurable touch. If that makes you happier, then it’s great stuff and worth paying for.

So, will you become a raving nymphomaniac if you try this gel? Potentially, but as all people are different, all effects are different.

It does have a 67-day money back guarantee though. You can even use the entire product first, as you only need to return empty bottles. That sounds like a good deal.

Is HerSolution Gel Safe? How Does It Work?

Well, there is a lot of store put in the ‘doctor approved’ slant. The recommendation happened when ‘The Doctors’ TV show reviewed the lube and described it as an excellent lube for women with vaginal dryness, and for women who want a greater sex drive.

These are the steps HerSolution Gel claims the product takes:

1. Alleviates dry vagina
2. Increases blood flow to the vagina by dilating blood vessels
3. Intensifies sensations, which lead to…
4. Full Body Climax

So, on a basic level, it potentially helps in achieving full body climax by making you wetter than a weekend in Wales, and hotter than a fortnight in Dubai. Practically speaking you just squeeze the tube and apply the gel. Better still; get someone else to apply it.

Can I Use HerSolution Gel With Condoms?

The gel doesn’t contain silicone, so it’s safe for condom use, and toy use too. In fact, the website claims there are no known side effects.

Does HerSolution Gel Work On Him?

Their official website doesn’t say, but we know that if you are enjoying it, he’s enjoying it too, even if the libido-enhancing blend only works on women!

HerSolution Gel isn’t a Mills and Boon romance. This lube is about reclaiming that knee-shaking good sex, or potentially experiencing it for the first time. If you suffer from vaginal dryness, or lack of libido, then this may be the one to try out.

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