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HerSolution. It sounds like the answer to a question, but what is that question? To be or not to be? Where to find a man who can operate the washing machine? These are issues which need addressing, but HerSolution is actually a potential answer to that other age-old question ‘Why don’t I want sex anymore?’

What Is HerSolution Then?

It’s an all-natural libido-enhancing supplement that may boost your sex life. No prescription required. Take it daily, and you may find you feel sexier than Christina Hendricks in a turtle neck.

Haven’t We Heard of HerSolution Before?

Well-spotted. HerSolution Gel is what you’re thinking of. It’s a libido enhancer too, but it’s a topical lotion that you apply directly to your vagina. HerSolution, without the gel bit, is a daily supplement that may build you up from the inside. Gels are great for lubrication, and HerSolution Gel also claims to get you immediately fired up with its topical application of tingly goodness. HerSolution is about getting in the mood on a consistent, long-term basis, and having your own natural lubrication.

What Does HerSolution Claim?

It claims to bring about a noticeable increase in your appetite for sex, and although it isn’t a gel, it still claims to help with dry vagina, bringing more vaginal lubrication, faster. That’s the kind of thing we like to hear, because vaginal dryness is a real passion-killer. There’s just no way you’re going to enjoy sex if it feels like you’re getting a carpet burn on your clitoris.

If you’ve never had an orgasm before, HerSolution claims it can get you there for the first time. Its all-round health boosters and natural ingredients may get you in peak climactic condition.

How Does HerSolution Work?

Libido pills work on the promise of boosting estrogen levels through natural plant extracts. HerSolution claims to do exactly that too. It may also balance the hormones and nutrients that support female sexual health.

Because it’s a pill, there’s no mess, no scrubbing the bed sheets, and no dying of mortification when your friend pops round, but you’ve not made the bed yet. Plus, if you want to get in the mood before you go out, and spend your evening anticipating a great night in the sack, you won’t need to worry about slipping off your bar stool.

What’s in HerSolution?

We’ll take a quick peek for you…

Niacin – This component is said to increase blood flow to the vagina, and dilate the blood vessels. It’s also believed to help create sex hormones. Well, get us some niacin! It’s also an ingredient in cornflakes no less. We never thought cornflakes could be a sex enhancer. We bet Mr Kellogg was rampant.

Mucuna pruriens – Sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, but mucuna pruriens is a source of L-Dopa (not the rapper). L-Dopa is the chemical that eventually leads to dopamine, the happy chemical that we all love. When we are happy, we relax, when we relax, we think about sex. And food. You know the old saying, ‘Smile and your vagina smiles with you’ or something like that. Mucuna pruriens is thought to promote ovulation, reduce anxiety and improve depression symptoms.

Hops Extract – Yes, hops is also found in beer. In non-alcoholic forms it may relieve vaginal dryness.

Cayenne Pepper – Increases blood flow and gets you hot for real. Plus it’s really good on pasta. The more blood you have flowing, the more it oxygenates your genital regions and BAM! Your knickers are on the lampshade. On second thoughts, wait till you’re home from your in-laws house.

Is It Safe?

We’re not doctors here at LTS, and our first-aid certificate has expired. We can’t tell you for sure if it’s safe. However, HerSolution also has a doctor endorsement, as it’s made by a cGMP compliant pharmaceuticals-grade manufacturer. It’s also had 10 minutes of fame on The Doctor’s TV show, where it was recommended for its ability to relieve a dry vagina, and increase sex drive.

Is HerSolution Expensive?

We won’t lie, it’s not cheap. You’re not going to find it on offer in the supermarket. HerSolution is a top quality sexual supplement and if you want it, then you’ll need to pay out. Are you still there? Good, because in reality, when you weigh up the benefits you might receive, then it’s not that much. What would you pay to have regular orgasms and feel good about yourself?

If you don’t fancy sex any more, then a libido supplement might help you back into the groove. Remember those days when you were literally humping your partner leg in the cab home like a mongrel on heat? It would nice to get those days back. You might not like the idea of taking pills, but libido supplements are really just multi-vitamins for your vagina. She deserves a treat now and then.

If you can’t get things going through de-stressing, a better diet and more imagination in the bedroom, then you may want to give them a go. Make your solution HerSolution, and a better sex life may beckon you from the land of Great Bonkings. See you there, don’t forget your passport and wine.

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