How To Get Bigger Boobs: 6 Alternatives to Surgery

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Want to know how to get bigger boobs? Then you’re not alone

Breast enlargement surgery numbers rise again, but what’s fueling the increase?

Cosmetic surgery becomes more popular every year. It doesn’t take a great deal of searching to find a surgeon offering to increase your breast size or change the shape of your nose, so what’s going on? Previous generations didn’t turn to cosmetic augmentation to the extent we do.

Plastic surgery in the 60s and 70s was something that happened after an accident or illness. So what is prompting this increase? Is the human race simply becoming vain, or is there another explanation?

Celebrity Bigger Breasts and Social Media

Celebrity culture is a driving force behind our expectations of appearance. Physically perfect film stars with their bigger breasts and flat stomachs are dangled in front of us as examples of beauty.

Whilst these body perfect images may encourage healthy eating and exercise, they do generate a lot of pressure.

With these perfect representations, it’s not surprising that in the USA alone 300,000 women had breast implants in 2019. According to The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures are for bigger breasts. Eyelid surgery comes a close second.

Not just women are on the quest for physical perfection either, as procedures for men are increasing too. The most popular procedures for men are nose jobs and fat-removing liposuction, particularly on the chest area.

Celebrity openness about surgical enhancement has lifted the taboo nature of surgery, whilst social media sites such as Instagram have increased the individual’s visible presence.

The rise of the selfie is thought to have prompted an increase in plastic surgery, as photos are spread far and wide across the internet.

Bigger Breasts Surgery is Not As Expensive As It Once Was

The average cost of bigger breasts in the UK is $4000 – $5000, and it’s even cheaper in the USA. European surgeons offer breast augmentation at half the price to feed the growing demand for bigger and perkier breasts.

Ten years ago a boob job was more than double its current price, but improved techniques and growing competition have forced a price war. This means that bigger breasts through surgical breast enlargement are within the reach of mere mortals.

There is no argument that breast augmentation works, as bigger breasts are clearly evident after surgery has been performed. However, surgery comes with risks. A breast enlargement, or simpler breast uplift, is a surgical procedure requiring a general anaesthetic. Anaesthetic comes with its own risks, alongside any potential issues with the breast surgery itself.

Saline versus Silicone

When surgery is considered an option, a choice will need to be made between silicone and saline implants. Saline implants are inserted into the breast, and once in place they are filled with sterile water, whereas silicone implants are filled with silicone gel before insertion into the breast. Many women believe that silicone implants feel more natural to the touch, because silicone gel mimics the texture of fat.

Safety Concerns

Insertion of a foreign body into the breasts can result in rejection. This risk is lower with a reputable surgeon, but with that safety comes a high financial cost.

Another risk is scarring of the internal tissues and external skin of the breast, which may change the shape of the implants. This can result in an uneven bust and breasts with lumps. Long term breast pain can also be an issue with implants.

Risk of Rupture

A saline implant rupture would produce a deflated breast, with the saline water absorbing into the body. A silicone rupture would be harder to identify, and may lead to a slow leakage of silicone into the body. It is not easy to identify a silicone rupture, and an MRI scan would be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

All the risks listed above would require further surgery for correction. A doctor should always be consulted about breast augmentation, as they may have details of reputable surgeons. Independent doctor recommendation is an obvious benefit to invasive cosmetic procedures, which can be risky.

What Are the Alternative Treatments?

If someone is unhappy with their physical appearance, then there are other potential ways to improve the body without resorting to risky cosmetic surgery. Scare stories are rife, particularly around breast augmentation. A general anesthetic and the potential for infection should not be taken lightly.

On top of these immediate issues is the lifespan of silicone and saline breast implants, which need replacing every ten to fifteen years. Although techniques have improved over the years, scarring is a possibility too.

So what are the options for bigger breasts if going under the knife just doesn’t appeal?

There are a number of refinement treatments such as Botox, something we hadn’t heard of ten years ago, but we are all aware of now, is a popular anti-wrinkle treatment that works by freezing the facial muscles.

Wrinkle fillers, skin peels, and laser hair removal are other non-surgery options, but they still require a qualified professional to administer them and can be expensive.

1) Breast Enlargement Creams

A cheaper route for bigger breasts are pills and topical creams. They are popular choices because they are non-invasive. They are more convenient and far less risky than surgical enhancements.

Breast pills claim to increase bust size by up to three cups, avoiding the need for a breast augmentation. They usually include ingredients such as fenugreek and fennel. Ancient Greeks used these plants to boost female hormones during menopause!

There is an array of vitamins included in most pills for good measure too. If you choose the pill route, then do your research thoroughly.

A potential issue with breast pills is that boosting effects are not limited to one area; they can affect your whole body!

If you are considering surgery for breast enlargement, then it’s worth trying out some of these options first.

Do Pills And Supplements Actually Increase Boob Size?

Potentially a breast enlargement supplement or gel can boost smaller breasts. There are many on the market, so you’ll need to look around for your favorite. Total Curve is a two-step program, which may help you to increase boob size. It claims to help you internally and externally.

For the internal part, you take a Total Curve supplement twice a day. This supplement contains phytoestrogen extracts and circulation boosters such as fennel seeds and Dong Quai roots.

For the external boost, you’ll receive a gel that you need to apply twice a day too. This contains Volufiline – a substance that may boost the fatty tissues in your breasts.

Total Curve along with Brestrogen, topical lotion offer a money-back guarantee.

2. Foods That May Increase Boob Size

Before you get your hopes up, we’re not going to list pizza, curry, Chinese, chocolate, birthday cake or beer. Sorry.

The following foods may increase boob size because they contain a high level of phytoestrogen, otherwise known as plant estrogens, which may support female sex hormones. Phytoestrogen is the main component in breast enlargement pills which are taken to potentially increase boob size in women.

  1. Nuts – Walnuts, chestnuts, brazils (not chocolate-covered) – They have phytoestrogen in piles.
  2. Meat – Chicken may support the production of estrogen. It also includes proteins that support muscle growth.
  3. Seeds and Grains – Wholemeal seeded bread with flaxseed- said to produce phytoestrogen when eaten regularly.
  4. Greens – Mother knows best. She knew how to increase boob size too. Greens, such as cabbage and broccoli support good general health which is needed to ward off anemia and help your body strength. Perfect for carrying out those chest presses. Oh, don’t worry, they are coming.
  5. Fruit – Cherries, strawberries, peaches, and prunes all contain piles of vitamin C, which helps the skin stretch if you increase boob size.
  6. Saw Palmetto – This is a plant indigenous to the Caribbean. It’s been in the press recently as it’s said to naturally increase breast size due to its testosterone dampening effects. This might allow estrogen to rule the roost. You’ll have to look for a supplement though.

No-one likes a hospital stay. Instead of breast implants, consider these natural methods.

3. Breast Enlargement Exercise

Certain exercises are recommended to enhance breasts, particularly ones that strengthen the pectoral muscles. If you place your palms together, with your elbows pointing out, the pectoral muscles are the ones you feel when you push.

By strengthening these, you bulk up the muscle behind the breast, pushing the top layer of breast tissue forwards. As you strengthen these pectorals your posture will improve too, which automatically pulls your breasts higher.

However, if you are exercising to obtain bigger breasts, then one thing to be aware of is that too much cardiovascular exercise can shrink your breasts.

Push-ups and ‘planking’ also build up chest muscles and encourage breast enlargement. However, if you are exercising to obtain bigger breasts, then one thing to be aware of is that too much cardiovascular exercise can shrink your breasts. They are made of fatty tissue, which melts away with dieting and exercise.

Will Exercise Increase Boob Size?

Yes, it probably will. If you are slim, then putting on some weight will automatically provide you with bigger breasts, because women tend to store fat on their boobs and bum. For most, this is the work of the devil, but for someone trying to increase boob size, it can work nicely.

Try enacting another optical illusion by trimming your waist with crunches. You won’t actually increase boob size, but the smaller waist will make it seem that way.

Unfortunately, the best exercise to increase boob size is a chest press. Do not recoil in horror; they are really not that bad. Throw away images of sweaty, steroidal men on a weights machine. You only need to start by placing your palms together and pressing.

This technique builds up the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts, helping them to sit up and look a good deal perkier. Do enough, and the muscles will push your boobs forward. Hello boys!

Having good posture can also make breasts appear larger as they are pushed forward. When stomach muscles are pulled in and shoulders are pressed back, the breast moves forwards and upwards giving the illusion of larger breasts.

4. A Better Self Image = No Need To Increase Boob Size

Why oh why, do so many women want to find out how to increase boob size anyway?

Keira Knightly hasn’t got any, and the only reason someone would kick her out of bed is so they could bonk her on the floor. Big boobs just get in the way of important life tasks such as sleeping on your front or bouncing on a trampoline.

Big boobs just get in the way of important life tasks such as sleeping on your front or bouncing on a trampoline.

Still, if you’re hell-bent on looking for ways to increase boob size, then we’re here to assist as always. Just like that lovely little department store lady, we’ll sort your boobs out for you. Look for celebrities who have the same body shape as you.

They are full of confidence and prove you don’t need to increase boob size to be famous or beautiful (or clever or interesting). If you can accept who you are, and embrace the athletic waif look you will be onto a good track.

If, however, you’d rather chew off your own arm than look at yourself in the mirror, then change the way you look. Hair, clothes, body shape, and weight – they can all change if you want. Just don’t expect the lovely Keira to sport a heaving bosom anytime soon.

Wow. That image is so crazy our brain is refusing to take in the information.

Dressing Tips To Increase Boob Size

We’re certainly not fashion experts, but there are a few dressing tips we can give you to make your boobs look bigger. They are all optical illusions, so don’t blame us if your friends get dizzy and see weird things in the spots.

Use patterns – Patterns are your friend. They’ll give the illusion of something going on up top. Make your patterned top a bright color too, as black is always slimming. Is that Dolly Parton we spy?

Horizontal strips – They increase the size of your bust area, pulling eyes across every available millimeter of boobage.

Bottoms – Make sure your bottom half isn’t flared out. Wear something fitted and slim-line, otherwise, your top half looks smaller in comparison.

Waistlines – Wear something fitted around your waistline, and your boobs will pop out. You could time an egg with that hourglass…

Bras for Breast Enlargement

The right bra is a good breast enlargement tool and can make a real difference to your shape.

A well-fitting and supportive bra puts your breasts back into their proper place for an immediate uplift. Many varieties of bra exist; your desired breast shape and size will determine what kind of bra you should look for.

Molded bras create rounded breasts, and padded bras increase breast size. The push-up and squeeze together ‘Wonderbra’, that icon of the 1990s is a well-known breast enhancer that works well.

Bra choices are bewildering. Get yourself measured properly because breasts change regularly with weight gain, age, and pregnancy.

The Right Bra

Finding the right bra can be life-changing. Many women wear the wrong size, simply because they do not know how a bra should fit, or because they have worn a particular size for years. Breast shapes change as women age, and bra-fitting by a trained advisor should take place at least one a year, and certainly before new bras are purchased.

  • How should bra fit?

Firstly the wearer should forget their size, and be measured. Most large department stores offer this service.

When fitting a new bra, the wearer should ensure that the rounded part that conceals and supports the breast (called the cup), should cover nearly all the skin, so there is no over-spill. The hooked back should not ride up during movement, and should remain in place so the band is level around the rib cage. Straps should be lengthened to suit, and they should not dig in. All breast weight should be supported by the back size, not the shoulder straps.

Once fitted with the correct-sized bra, breasts look immeasurably better. They are not necessarily bigger, but without overspill and too tight straps, breasts sit well. This transformation can cure backache and improve posture.

  • Push-up bras

Push-up bras force the breasts closer together, and push them upwards and outwards. This makes the most of smaller breasts without adding volume. The straps of a push-up bra should be wide and flat, otherwise they pull on a woman’s shoulders, potentially leading to backache.

  • Padded Bra

A padded bra adds volume to the breast area, rather than manipulating the breasts themselves. Padded bras have a spongy cup that can add up to a cup size, and give the illusion of a bigger bust.

Some manufacturers produce push-up padded bras which are a good choice for those with very small breasts. A good bra can transform a figure and make it possible to avoid surgery. Although push-up and padded bras are a good option for increasing bust size, they must also fit correctly.

5. Medications

Contraceptive Pill

Medical research indicates that some medications can increase breast size. Although no medicine exists solely to produce bigger breasts, the contraceptive pill lists breast growth as a side effect

The contraceptive pill, or the ‘pill’, is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and is prescribed widely. Contraceptive pills are dispensed by a doctor after a medical examination that ensures suitability, as there are other potential side-effects, such as nausea, weight gain, migraines and decreased libido.

Although the pill is medically proven to increase breast size in some women, a desire for breast growth is not necessarily the right reason to take it. The contraceptive pill is a medication that alters body functions, so taking it should be carefully thought through.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Other medications that can increase breast size are various estrogen therapies, sometimes known as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). HRT is doctor prescribed treatment for menopausal women that ease the symptoms of hot flushing, vaginal dryness, and decreasing libido.

The medication does this by supplementing new estrogens to replace those that have fallen in number with the aging process.

Menopause is a natural loss of fertility. The arrival of new estrogen hormones in a woman’s body can stimulate breast growth, sexual appetite and eradicate vaginal dryness, returning it to a younger state. Therefore is it unlikely that a doctor would prescribe HRT to a woman unhappy with breast size.

6. Breast Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps work on the principle of tissue expansion. The suction force produced by breast pumps pulls blood into the tissues, and claims to gently increase volume. This claimed expansion happens slowly over a period of time.

Vacuum breast pumps come in the form of two domes which are placed over the breasts, and an attached pumping device, which removes air from the domes – pulling breast tissue outwards.

Electronic and manual vacuum breast pumps are available. The more expensive electronic options include a computer, which applies pressure or removes it as needed. Manual hand held pumps are more basic, but they are cheaper and widely available.

Breast pumps can be time-consuming. Most require the user to wear them for 10 hours a day over a period of several weeks before results are noticeable. For those who work during the day, this may be impossible. An option is to wear them overnight, but many find them too uncomfortable to sleep in.

Manufacturers of breast pumps claim they increase skin elasticity, and improve blood circulation which in turn drains the lymph nodes. They are an option for women unwilling to take pills or use creams. However no medical scientific evidence supports their claims.

Women who are looking to increase their breast size have more choice than ever before. Expensive and risky surgery is not the only option, there are other methods that claim to produce bigger breasts, and it may be wise to try these out before embarking on a surgical procedure.

Whatever the chosen option, all risks and side effects should be thoroughly investigated, and if any doubt remains, a medical practitioner should be consulted.

Just unhappy with your shape?

Sadly, it isn’t just bigger breasts on the wishlist. Many of us influenced by mainstream media are also chasing a bigger booty too. While maintaining that self-confidence can help overcome unhealthy body issues here is the 411 if you’re unhappy with your bums.

How to Get a Bigger Butt as Well

big butt

CC Image Curtesy of Wapster on Flickr

I like big booty and I cannot lie, rapped Sir Mix-A-Lot, and his confession sparked a wave of butt enhancing techniques across the globe. Men and women lust after bigger butts, with Jennifer Lopez taking the craze to new levels with her perfect Latin behind. If you are less than happy with your flat or lumpy cheeks, then here are some bigger butt methods to put you on the Lopez track.

Exercise for Bigger Butts

The dreaded knee-shaking squats are on every personal trainer’s hit list, so you know they’re going to work. If you can invest the energy, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees to 90 degrees and push back up.

It’s hard to begin with, so lean against a wall for support. Do three sets a day, and when you feel stronger place a ball behind your back to make your bigger butt work harder. Eventually, you can free stand and even hold weights!

Try donkey kicks too, where you get on all fours and kick one leg behind. Step ups, and Bridging where you lie down (hurray!) and push your hips up (don’t forget to squeeze!) help too, in fact, any exercise is going to provide some buttock enhancing effects, be it running, swimming, or bouncing on a trampoline – it all helps create a bigger butt, so work it.

A Bigger Butt Diet

Cut down on caffeine and fizzy drinks as this can lead to cellulite. Smoking won’t help rid you of butt cellulite either. Poor circulation caused by these bad habits leave the nasties to sit in your system, ruining your chances of a smooth butt. Try to eat healthily, and drink water to flush away toxins.

Padded Panties For A Bigger Butt

If a diet and exercise overhaul are not your friends, then try a booty lifter. Much like padded bras, padded panties give the illusion of toned and perfectly enhanced butt. Butt bras and butt lifters shape your buttocks and defy gravity. Moreover, they look good on their own! If you want more volume then go for a padded option.

Bum Boost Injections

This surgical procedure can be carried out in two ways. You can have silicone implants inserted into your butt cheeks, much like breast enlargement. The second option involves the removal of existing fat elsewhere on the body to re-injected into the buttocks.

A Brazilian butt lift, which re-injects fat, is really just liposuction, but the removed fat is put back in a better place! This can be an expensive option, as it may need repeated sessions as fat is generally re-absorbed into the body.

Bigger Butt Creams

Maxicurve and IsoSensuals Curve butt creams are said to produce firmer and smoother butts. They claim to work with a combination of natural ingredients that stimulate growth. The technique is much like breast enlargement creams such as Brestrogen which profess to stimulate estrogen and produce growth in the areas they are applied.

As perfect cheeks become number one on all women’s Christmas list, new products will enter the market. If you are planning to have butt improving surgery, then it may be worth trying the less invasive and cheaper natural options first. Whatever your choice, do your research and pay attention to your body.

The Be All and End All

There is no doubt that we all feel parts of our bodies could do with some improvement. If you are feeling down about your appearance, then it is possible to take steps towards changing yourself.

Hopefully, now you are in possession of the facts and potential dangers and can see all the options to consider before going under the knife for bigger bazookas.

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