How To Use a Fleshlight: 11 Classic and Innovative Ways

In the almost 20 years that it has been on the market, people have discovered all kinds of ways of how to use a Fleshlight – both official and unofficial.

This may be the most revolutionary sex toy of our generation, being both discreet and compact.

Finding the top 11 ways to use a Fleshlight was eye-opening, to say the least. There were a lot of options.

fleshlight launch

Fleshlight Launch By Kiiroo

Because they come in so many forms and colors, they lend themselves to imaginative usage and invention. It does not matter what your kink is; Fleshlight has an option to sate just about any fantasy. Seriously.

Using high quality silicone that feels silky- soft to the touch, Fleshlight has designed a sex toy that feels like flesh. Some of the best Fleshlights are modeled after the real vaginas and asses of porn stars, mouths, even alien orifices. The interior textures of the sleeves are even more varied, featuring waves, nubbins, ripples, and constrictions to enhance the sensations.

One particular kit is marketed as a Stamina Training Unit, specifically designed to provide an immense amount of pleasurable stimulus. Regular usage can help men who suffer from premature ejaculation by allowing them to control speed and penetration.

A standard Fleshlight has two pieces: the hard cylindrical case and the soft silicone sleeve. This is the most basic description- and one that does not even touch the surface of what a Fleshlight is, and what fantasies it can manifest.

Fleshlight has pretty much designed the best pocket pussy on the market.

The regular use of a Fleshlight is a fascinating trip down the rabbit hole. The innovative uses are even more so.

The Original Innovation: Classic Fleshlight Uses

1. Standard Fleshlight Play

classic fleshlight

The Classic Fleshlight

Step 1: Prepare Your Sleeve

Getting your Fleshlight properly set up beforehand is essential. Soaking the sleeve in warm water or running warm water through it will heat it and enhance the real, flesh-like feel. Don’t microwave or boil the sleeve- this will damage it. Floating your (closed) bottle of lube in warm water is a good practice

Step 2: Fit The Sleeve Into The Case

The sleeve is designed so that the ‘orifice’ side swells out like the bulb of a flashlight while the ‘tail’ trails into the case, and secured with a firm silicone lip. This ensures the sleeve will stay stable no matter how much enthusiastic thrusting it may encounter.

Step 3: Lube Up

Slick up the sleeve with lube. Because you will penetrate this toy, it will require lubrication down a fair length of it. As a note, the Fleshlight is constructed of high quality silicone- avoid silicone based lubes to prevent damage. There are plenty of high-quality water based lubes available so finding a good one is very easy.

Step 4: Get Comfortable

Some privacy and a comfortable spot (possibly with your favorite porn on hand) come next. This toy is perfectly functional in any position.

Apply some lube to your penis and penetrate the Fleshlight. You adjust speed and angle, the sleeve provides all the stimulation. It’s that simple.

Step 5: Cleanup

Thoroughly rinse out the sleeve in warm water (NO SOAP! It damages the silicone) and let it air dry. Really tricky messes clean up with a bit of isopropyl alcohol. A dusting of cornstarch will restore the soft, skin-like feel until next time.

2. Shower Play With The Fleshlight Mount


The Fleshlight Shower Mount

Step 1: Set The Scene

The Fleshlight Shower Mount is an adaptible, adjustable accessory that uses a strong suction cup to hold your Fleshlight in place. For best results here, make sure your shower wall is clean and smooth.

Water based lube will rinse away, so choose an area where your Fleshlight will be out out of direct spray.

Be careful what you do use for lube here. Oils and conditioners are convenient and incognito, but will ruin silicone. Stick to water based lube, even if you have to reapply more often.

As before, avoid contact with soap. It will damage the sleeve, and can be incredibly painful if you get it in your penis.

Step 2: Install And Adjust The Mount

This rugged shower mount can attach to any flat, smooth surface. From there it can be adjusted for angle with an easy to use wingnut. Your Fleshlight and its case simply slot into the mount, and all your shower fantasies can come true.

Though constructed to fit the standard Fleshlight case, an adapter is available for the Fleshlight Go and Flight models. In any case, the best feature of this accessory is that it makes your Fleshlight completely hands-free.

When practicing Fleshlight use in the shower it is important to ensure you have stable footing to prevent an unfortunate slip. Tub floor grips or mats help with this, as do safety bars installed in the shower wall.

Step 3: Good Clean Fun

Once setup is complete, all that is left is up to your imagination. Using a Fleshlight in the shower has all the benefits of using one in the bedroom, plus super easy clean up. Be sure to store it safely when you’re done.

3. The LaunchPAD

fleshlight launchpad

The Fleshlight Launchpad

Some people love technology. This invention allows you to really love it.

Step 1: Gather All Your Equipment

The LaunchPAD is an innovative way to use your Fleshlight while accessing your favorite images and videos. So assemble your Fleshlight, make sure you have your have lube on hand, and lock your door. Have a long distance partner? Make Skype into a truly enriching and bonding experience for you both.

Unfortunately, it only works with 3rd and 4th generation iPads and the iPad II (sorry, Android). Check your lighting- occasionally glare can be a problem, but one easily solved.

Step 2: Secure Your Gear

The top of this contraption firmly holds your iPad while allowing access to the home button, volume control, and touch screen. Changing moods, changing sites, or answering that Skype call from someone special- the LaunchPAD allows you to accommodate them all with ease. Careful not to get lube on your screen- it will interfere with your touch screen navigation.

Velcro straps fix your Fleshlight (or Fleshlight Flight) into place underneath the tablet for a no- slip grip you can feel confident about.. This is a great design- it allows you to grab the rugged handgrips on either side of the screen while you pound away. All while watching whatever turns you on best, be it live action, film, or still images.

Step 3: Download Some Content And Get Busy

The LaunchPAD is great for people who love to watch. Because of the angle and orientation of the screen, you can literally insert yourself into a fantasy. Get out the lube and your Wifi, then reach out and touch someone. Always wanted to be a porn star? Have your Skype partner ‘direct’ you, starring in your own adult feature.

There are two main ways to manipulate the LaunchPAD. First, you can work it in both hands. This is great if you like a lot of control and want to prolong your experience. Secondly, you can wedge your LaunchPAD against a bed or other firm surface for missionary fun.

4. Virtual Reality: Kiiroo

Kiiroo onyx

Kiiroo Onyx

Kiiroo consists of a pair of sex toys, a networking/chat forum, and Bluetooth. Fleshlight calls the system ‘teledildonic’, one that allows a reactive sexual experience to be shared by two partners regardless of their physical distance.

Step 1: Get His And Her Toys, And A Little Distance

Bluetooth technology connects the Kiiroo to a central networking and video chat platform. Both the male part (the Onyx) and the female part (the Pearl) are functional sex toys alone. When used in synch, they ‘talk’, transmitting impulses that simulate real penetration.

So log on, make a connection, and get comfy.

No partner? Check out the Fleshlight VStroker instead.

Step 2: Warm Up

Because Kiiroo allows both verbal and physical communication, you and your partner can truly interact. A bit of racy talk is suggested here… or whatever.

Step 3: Give And Take, Bluetooth Style

Water based lube is a necessity for both toys to work their best. Make sure that the inside of the Onyx is well lubricated, as is the shaft of the Pearl. Silicone can feel wonderful, if but dry it can cause some unfortunate rug burn.

When she inserts the vibrator (loaded up with five vibrating speeds), his Onyx contracts sympathetically. Each partner reacts optimally to the other’s reactions, so you can ask for exactly what you want. It’s completely up to you both.

Step 4: Long Distance Afterglow

The Onyx and Pearl are a snap to tidy up. A simple rinse in warm water is sufficient, but the company also produces a handy antibacterial Fleshwash too.

Once your toys are stowed (or maybe before), the chat platform allows you to connect and talk about your amazing remote-yet-intimate experience.

Off The Beaten Path- Innovative Ways to Use Your Fleshlight

Though there are endless official ways of enjoying Fleshlights, people are always pushing the envelope. Though inventive, the uses listed below are tried at your own risk. We do not endorse these activities. Caution and common sense are heartily encouraged.

1. Hot, Hot, Hot! Making Your Fleshlight Warmer

fleshlight blanket

Step 1: Fold Up

An electric blanket with adjustable heat settings is best for this purpose, rather than a standard heating pad. Lay out the blanket and fold it lengthwise several times into a long rectangle about 1” wide. This will concentrate the heating elements more efficiently.

Step 2: Prep Your Sleeve

Remove the Fleshlight sleeve from its case, making sure it is clean and dry. Moisten the inside of it well with water based lube from end to end. Roll it in the electric blanket and tie it firmly but not too tightly.

Step 3: Make Things Hot

Turn your blanket setting on high and check it occasionally. Heat will damage your sleeve, so a little patience and attention will pay off.

Check the result periodically- be sure to test it inside to make sure it is not too hot. Burns are best avoided. When it is ready, turn down the heat slightly.

Step 4: Secure Your Roll And Dive In

Secure the blanket roll on a bed and hold it down with a pillow. Your warmed Fleshlight is now ready for hot doggie- style playtime.

It should be noted that you can use either end of your Fleshlight sleeve for penetration while doing this- both the official ‘orifice’ and the ‘tail’ end. It is also suggested that because the ‘tail’ end does not get as much use as the ‘orifice’ end, the textures are less worn and more intense. Rough handling can tear your sleeve, so be careful.

2. DIY Super Sucking Fleshlight

fleshlight jar

Step 1: Get A Mason Jar

In order to create a super air tight Fleshlight mod, you need a container that can withstand the pressure involved. A two pint mason jar is the perfect size, with a 2”- 2.5” wide mouth. Glass is preferred here, as it will not collapse under pressure- just be careful not to drop it.

Step 2: Insert Your Fleshlight Sleeve

Fit your Fleshlight sleeve into the jar as you would in its case. It should sit firmly in the neck of the jar, not loose or wedged in. Take a hollow pen tube- from a ballpoint pen- or a sturdy straw and stick it in between the jar lip and the Fleshlight.

Step 3: Insert Your Penis

Grease up your cock and the sleeve before starting. Once you are ready, insert your penis into the Fleshlight sleeve like normal. Thrust slowly and deeply to achieve full penetration. Gently pull the pen out. This allows the jar and sleeve to form a tight seal.

Done correctly, this changes the feel from slick penetration to an incredibly intense blow job. The farther you pull out, the more powerful a vacuum is created; the more you thrust in, the more it releases. If the suction proves to be too strong, the seal can be broken by sticking a finger between jar and sleeve.

Cleanup is especially easy here. Your sleeve gets rinsed as normal, and your jar goes through the dishwasher.

Some caution is encouraged here to prevent injury. Both the vacuum and the potential for broken glass can be dangerous if careless.

3. Good, Good Vibrations

fleshlight bullet

While Fleshlight offers its own vibrating version, it is easy to make any sleeve into a vibrating sleeve. Or even a rotating one.

Step 1: Choose

A standard Fleshlight sleeve has eight flaps around the ‘neck’. These are used to keep the sleeve in place but can be tweaked to hold bullet vibrators.

As this actually physically modifies (and potentially damages) your sleeve, it is suggested you start with an older one.

Step 2: Make The Pockets

Eight flaps can be paired up to form four bullet pockets. Super glue is suggested, but other connecting methods like stitching work.

Run a thin line of glue down the outer edge of one flap. Press this into the edge of a neighboring flap to form a tube. Repeat this three more times, resulting in four long, cylindrical pockets. Make sure you do not spill any glue- this would be a messy way to ruin a good thing.

Step 3: Slot Bullet Vibrators In

Bullet vibrators can be had for reasonable prices just about everywhere. Power, size, and speed vary- but the perfect design for you is out there.

Depending on how much vibration you enjoy, you can insert just one or all four bullets into the pockets.

Step 4: Set Up Your Case And Get Ready

It should be noted that four bullet vibrators in a Fleshlight case are going to be anything but subtle, so secure some privacy before test driving this one.

Insert your sleeve into its case and lube it up. Lay back (or whatever) and slowly thrust into the slickest, most quivering Fleshlight ever.

4. Socker Boppers And Fleshlights

fleshlight socker bopper

Step 1: Get Yourself Some Inflatable Boxing Gloves

Socker boppers are inflatable boxing gloves meant to be used as a children’s toy. They come in sets of two, meant to be used by a pair of kids so they can very gently beat each other up. Each has a deep pocket designed to fit over a small child’s hand and forearm to protect both the puncher and the punched. Luckily, this opening is also very closely sized (both depth and diameter) to the Fleshlight case.

Blow up your Socker Bopper and make sure it is well sealed. They are meant to withstand a certain amount of pummeling, but it is best to observe the details regardless.This resilience is one of the reasons why they make an excellent choice for a Fleshlight modification.

Step 2: Prepare Your Fleshlight For Battle

This includes all the standard drills for ensuring a good time. Set your scene and plan beforehand, because needing to stop for a towel or a new bottle of lube breaks the mood. Make sure your Fleshlight sleeve and your lubricant are properly warmed and that it is well secured inside its case. Slick up the sleeve inside and around the orifice with lube, as well as your penis.

Step 3: Slide Your Fleshlight Into The Socker Bopper

Set your inflated Socker Bopper on whatever firm surface you want to get freaky with, like the bed or the floor. Slot the case of your Fleshlight into the hole, where it should fit perfectly.

From here, you get to enjoy riding your Fleshlight hard while still enjoying the give of the inflatable toy. Doggie style and missionary positions work well here, due to the fact that you can actually get on top to thrust as vigorously as you please.

Step 4: Deflate And Stow Away Your Toys

The big advantage with this option is that Socker Boppers are perfectly innocent toys that would raise no suspicions whatsoever. Many adults still like to use them for their intended purpose of ineffective boxing and irritating their younger siblings.

5. Nice Shoes…

fleshlight shoe

Properly securing your Fleshlight seems to be a common problem among aficionados. One of the simplest ways to rig a (mostly) hands- free system involves an ordinary sneaker.

Step 1: Get A Sneaker

Really, any low profile shoe with good grip and laces would work here- but everyone has a pair of sneakers in their home. Loosen the laces well and place it on the floor. It helps greatly to have an open space cleared out to accommodate your antics. Accidentally kneeling on something unexpected and painful will delay your enjoyment.

Step 2: Get Your Fleshlight

Make sure your Fleshlight is ready for use: clean, properly set in its case, and coated generously inside with lube. Shove the case, business side out, into your sneaker and tighten the laces around it firmly.

Your should be able to shake the sneaker lightly and not have your Fleshlight come loose. A little motion is unavoidable…lots is potentially dangerous to sensitive bits of anatomy.

Step 3: Get Your Sneak On

The sneaker method is ideal if you want to pursue some enthusiastic missionary position thrusting. On the floor, propped at a low and stable angle, your Fleshlight can withstand some reasonably enthusiastic thumping.

Kneel in front of your sneaker/ Fleshlight and lean forward to penetrate it carefully. Watch to see if the sneaker is going to slip on the floor or if it becomes loose in its lacings. Either can result in a painful (avoidable) injury.

Slowly experiment with amplitude and power of your thrusts. With a little practice you will discover a ‘sweet spot’ that allows hands- free pumping at a delicious new angle.

6. Riding Bareback: Caseless Fleshlight Play

fleshlight bare sleeve

Step 1: Lose The Case

Fleshlights come in so many forms and textures already; however, any given sleeve can become a whole new experience when used on its own. The downside is a loss of the adjustable suction that is the hallmark of the case. The upside is more sensitivity and reactivity to the interior texture of a sleeve.

When using a bareback sleeve it is recommended to powder the whole outside with cornstarch to improve the feel and to prevent sticking.

Step 2: Get Your Lube Out

Warm up your lube first. Because there is no case here, it is suggested that you have extra towels on hand for runoff mess. Lubricate your sleeve thoroughly from end to end, as well as yourself.

Step 3: Choose Wisely

Pick and end to start with- just because one end is the officially sanctioned orifice does not mean the other end is not functional. Penetrate it and slide the sleeve up your penis as far as desired. Where the silicone is very elastic it is possible to stretch the Fleshlight all the way over your scrotum for a particularly thorough stimulation. This is not for everyone, so experiment with care. Excessive stretching can damage your sleeve if due caution is not exercised, so be careful.

One great advantage of case- free use is that like manual masturbation you can adjust the pressure minutely. By squeezing carefully while sliding into the sleeve you can produce an incredibly organic orgasmic effect.

Case free use also gives you the option to pause partway through and sample the textures on the other end of the Fleshlight sleeve. Being less worn, the trailing end can have intensely different and new feeling textures.

Step 4: Cleanup

Rinse out your sleeve and air dry it as usual. Check for any tears that would indicate excessively rough usage, and store as desired.

7. Doggie Style Mattress Mod

fleshlight mattress

Step 1: Cushions For Pushing

This is a twist on sandwiching your Fleshlight between the top of your bed and a pile of pillows. This technique lets you enjoy easy hands free penetration and the ability to cut loose (within reason). You need a standard bed setup with a boxspring and a mattress. This is not suggested if you have a bed on casters unless you like to chase your prey.

Step 2: Make Your Bed

Set up your Fleshlight according to your preferences of warmth and lubrication. Lift up your mattress slightly and stuff your Fleshlight into the space, then let it back down. YOu should see the silicone orifice end protruding slightly. Adjust this til it pokes out as much as you want. This will vary depending on your height, how much you want to bend for ward, and the size of your bed.

Any trailing blankets or sheets should be folded out of the way so you can see where the bedspring and mattress meet, with the wet and ready Fleshlight sticking out just so.

Step 3: Step Up

One of the big advantages of using the mattress method is that it gives you a convenient and safe place to put your porn, be it a tablet or a magazine, while you enjoy yourself.

Try out your Fleshlight, using some caution at first. Adjust everything as necessary, take a firm grip of your bed, and pound away. With a nice, heavy piece of furniture you can thrust as hard as you want and not have to worry about you, your Fleshlight, or your bed moving unexpectedly.

This can also be used on couches or with official Fleshlight mounts.

If these alternative uses were not enough and you’re really looking to integrate your Fleshlight in your every day life, check out this article.

If instead you’re looking for a way to create your own pocket pussy. Check out our super popular guide how to make a pocket pussy.

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