Fine Tune Your Attention to Stop Premature Ejaculation

First thing’s first
First thing you need to understand is that you can get close to the point of no return or point of ejaculatory inevitability simply by thinking. As I told you in my post about perception and lasting longer, some people can actually get so excited and even come without a sexy lady touching them at all.

This is one of the greatest mistakes you can make. You come quickly but think you can afford to start taking control of your ejaculation only when you’re about to have sex.

And then if someone asks you why you come quickly you would say: “Oh, it’s because I feel very excited and as soon as she touches or licks me I feel very close to coming and then… then I try to do everything possible to stop myself… and then I come”.
You feel kind of surprised by the ejaculation, as if it betrays you, or happens without giving you any notice.

But it did not.

The ejaculation did give you notice, it always does, the problem is that you have no ears to listen.
You must start and take action way before you enter the bedroom. You must take action the moment you feel you’re getting aroused.

Letting the arousal build up in your body and remembering about it only when you’re almost penetrating her is a key strategy to failure.
That’s nonsense. A nonsense a lot of men go through.

I’m sure that if you were like I was, you start getting aroused way before she’s naked with her legs spread in your bed.
Maybe you get aroused in the street when taking her to your door, or when she texts you saying she’s coming to your place tonight.

That’s when you start getting hard and paradoxically, that’s the moment when you need to start to relax. Yes, way before sex.
Your ejaculation process starts when your erection is initiating, and you want to start taking control of this process when it’s a “little cub” and not when it becomes an overwhelming monster!

Be careful of the word “relax”. It’s a big, huge word, one of the most useless words in the human dictionary.
You need to know exactly what to relax and how to relax it. Some of the most critical muscles you need to relax are the muscles in your pelvic floor. But how can you relax these tiny muscles if you can’t even feel if your back or buttocks are relaxed?

Start practicing feeling your big muscles first. It takes patience and practice. But if you start relaxing your back or your thighs or you abdomen you’ll be on the right path.

Your mental approach is even more important at this stage though.
I can give you a lot of practical exercises you can do, and I will, but if you don’t believe in your ability to last longer they’ll hardly work for you.

This is why I feel disgusted when I read people who are supposed to be experts, saying that it’s impossible learn how to last longer in bed or that premature ejaculation is incurable. Of course, if you believe so and go to the bedroom with this mindset you won’t go very far.

I can tell you to relax the muscles at the base of your penis, or to learn how to stimulate your shaft more than your glans (penis head) but that’s not gonna work if you don’t believe and envision yourself being able to last longer first of all.

See, imagine yourself having sex with confidence and ease and learn to recognize the moment when you start getting aroused.
Do you start getting aroused when the porn movie is playing or when you think: “I’m gonna watch that porn now”?
Whenever that moment is, start recognizing it.

I’m about to release a revolutionary book on Ejaculation Control that I’ll promise will make you last longer than you thought possible. It will lead you to mentally and physically master all aspects related to ejaculation, with easy step by step exercises.
You don’t wanna miss it.

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Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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