Use Your Lungs to Last Longer

A few days ago I gave you a super badass fingering technique you can use to last longer. How did you go? Had fun?

Did you use your finger sooo much that became as big as Schwarzenegger’s arm? Geez! You guys push everything to the limit, don’t you?

It’s time for a change! Today is the day you can turn your sex life around! Change your underwear, change your hair color and get ready to change technique!

Today’s tactic is a bit… minimalistic, you don’t need to bring your oily lube, any embarrassing cock ring or a heavy, muscular finger. Leave your hands at home, all you need today is your lungs!

I’m sure you’ve read this a lot of times, people telling you to breathe slowly and to focus on your breath in order to last longer, but listen to Deon: unless you’re used to meditation, yoga and that kind of stuff, you will not be able to keep the attention on your breathing for more than 2.03 seconds. Guaranteed!

Keeping your mind focused on your breathing requires practice and discipline, maybe years of discipline. People who tell you:

Oh, no worries Barry! Just breath slowly and stay focused on your breathing…
have no idea what they’re talking about.

Since I’m taking for granted that you’re not Buddha, a monk or Sai  Baba (if you are I want to know your hairdresser :) ) and have no yoga background, here’s a little trick to make the breathing technique work for you tonight.

Pay attention.

All you have to do is to slowly say to yourself (in your mind or by sms :) ) the word “inhale” when inhaling and “exhale” when exhaling.

Sounds easy?

Try it first. It’s easy now that you’re by yourself, but you’ll notice that it’s not that easy when you’re thrusting your way inside her…

Very important: Say “inhale” and “exhale” in your mind and not aloud!

Say it aloud and she’ll start thinking she’s having sex with Frankestein and you’ll have totally creeped her out…

Slowly repeating the words “inhale” and “exhale” will make all the difference. If done correctly and you actually breathe slowly, your body will relax and become less prone to ejaculate.

And if you manage to keep your attention focused on your breath, your mind will be more in control, therefore you’ll have more power over your excitement and be able to withdraw when necessary.

Note that this is only a temporary “quick fix” measure you can use tonight and doesn’t represent a form of training. If you’re serious about your results, if you really want to transform your sex life and take absolute, total control of your ejaculation once and for all check out my brand new program The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure.

That’s it for today.

I was supposed to finish this post here, but since I know that many of you have been socially conditioned to breathe from their chest and I want my readers to be the best lovers ever, let me finish this email with a brief breathing lesson that I’ve learned from my experience as an actor.

When breathing, most men lift their shoulders up and suck their belly in.

It’s not your fault.

Society has led you to believe that this is the right way for a man to breathe so he looks stronger and bigger.

You weren’t born like that. When you were a baby, your breathing pattern was totally natural and relaxed, your diaphragm used to move gently down, letting (not forcing!) air through your nostrils, and then up again, naturally squeezing the air out.

Growing up, you accumulated some stress and inhibitions that affected your breathing patterns.
Look at yourself in the mirror, breathe and you’ll most probably see that your shoulders go up and down. Lifting your shoulders when breathing is unnatural and not relaxing at all.

Most people will tell you that since you have to use your diaphragm to breathe properly, you need to train yourself to push your tummy out when you inhale, keeping your shoulders low… and push it in when you exhale.

But forcing yourself into this kind of breathing is not going to decrease the tension in your body. Actually, it will usually increase it.

The best exercise that I’ve found in the world and that anyone can do to naturally get in the habit of breathing properly is described below.

I’m gonna call it:

The best exercise that I’ve found in the world and that anyone can do to naturally get in the habit of breathing properly:

1) Lay on your bed in the fetal position. (that means on the side, like if you were a little baby in your mum’s tummy)

Note: when you’re in fetal position it’s virtually impossible for you to breathe incorrectly.

2) Stay in that position and start breathing, breath naturally, don’t try anything esoteric, just breathe and you’ll notice that your shoulders don’t go up but instead your tummy goes in and out when breathing.

That’s the natural breathing in action for you, baby :).

In the fetal position you can only breathe properly. You can’t get it wrong. Now, all you have to do is to try this exercise as much as you can. Patient practice plus your awareness of what’s going on (you are aware that this is the way you are supposed to be breathing) will slowly transform your breathing patterns into natural, relaxing and healthy ones.

And you’ll gain a style of breathing that will give you way more sexual control than 90% of men out there.

For tonight just say to yourself (in your mind!!!) inhale and exhale (and hope for the best :) ), but when you’ve got some spare time, practice the fetal breathing as an investment in your sexual future.

Remember, everything worth learning takes practice and time.

But not to worry.

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You’ll see.
“Coming” soon ;)

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